On the skin the spot with a red rim: possible causes and treatment


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The condition of the skin as a mirror displays the General state of the body. Among the symptoms of many diseases are various skin manifestations, and it allows time to notice the problem and quickly cure. For example, if you have a skin spot with a red rim, it requires a mandatory visit to the dermatologist. The fact that this symptom is characteristic of a number of diseases that require different treatments, and the longer you delay the visit to the hospital, the harder it will be to fix the problem.

on the skin the spot with a red rim

Possible causes

That Appears on the skin the spot with a red rim is a characteristic sign of disease, and in most cases the infection is diagnosed in any type of fungus.

Here are the most common causes of skin lesions in the form of spots with pink or red piping:

  • Fungal;
  • Infectious and viral;
  • Allergic;
  • Endocrine and other.

It Should be noted that in different people the symptoms of the same disease may be stronger or weaker expressed. For example, psoriasis may begin as a fairly pronounced spots with a clear border in a contrasting color, but it quickly takes on a characteristic additional characteristics. The affected surface of the skin begins to peel off powdery flakes, something reminiscent of oatmeal.

Observation of the skin condition

If the reason for the visit to the dermatologist was introduced on the skin the spot with a red rim, you should carefully watch the accompanying symptoms. You may have noticed that there are new spots, skin started to peel, has recorded the marks constantly grow, itch or change color. How does the skin within the spot, to see whether there is a deeper or inflamed, weeping surface. If there is a spot in the scalp, it does not fall out if your hair? These are all important additions that will help to make a correct diagnosis.


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spot on the skin with a red rim scratched

Fungal diseases

Often fungal diseases of the skin called a common word "ringworm", but this is not true. For example, pityriasis rosea refers to inflammatory diseases presumably of viral origin, though the causative agent has not yet been identified, and its similarity with the same ringworm very little. Untrained eye will not detect much of a difference, but that fungal diseases are characterized by a clear boundary — on the skin the spot with a red rim, and the shape of the formations are round or oval.

Important caveat: the defeat of by a fungus you may notice that after washing there is a lot of new spots. This is easily explained: the disease agent is not washed off with soap and water, and just apply on the still untouched areas of the skin. Therefore, at the beginning of treatment is not recommended to bathe or shower, so as not to aggravate the situation.

Multi-Colored, cutting, or oral lichen planus — all these diseases are caused by fungi. In most cases, doctors prescribe a comprehensive treatment that combines external funds in the form of ointments or sprays, and pills antifungal drugs for systemic effects. "Lamisil", "Clotrimazole", "fluconazole" and similar funds.

round spot on the skin with a red rim

Viral diseases

Some viral diseases have such an expressive symptom of skin rashes. For example, familiar to all cold sores from time to time manifests itself in the form of grouped vesicles filled with clear fluid, which soon becomes cloudy and thick. However, a pronounced red border with a relatively pale middle is a skin manifestation has not.

Often a bright spot with a red rim appears on the skin after the tick bite. It is a sign of infection with the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi, which cause Lyme disease. So-called Lyme borreliosis. To recognize such a simple bite, it is similar to the schematic target. Red and bright circles can be interleaved, and the place of a sting there is a pronounced red spot, the middle of “target”.

Only special tests can determine which reason caused the skin manifestations. Anti-fungal drugs are ineffective in treatment of viral and bacterial infections. So before you buy over the counter ointment on the advice of the seller, better still to find out from a dermatologist what the causative agent was guilty.

pink spot with a red rim on the skin

Allergic reactions

Urticaria-a skin reaction to any allergen. This reaction is individual, but if the stain is on the skin with a red rim is scratched, it can actually be a common Allergy. Often the stain is not pronounced rounded shape, and more vague, can be placed anywhere, it depends on the substance that caused the reaction. Different allergens response may appear on different skin areas, with a pronounced rim is quite rare, but such symptomatology is not excluded.

Why you need to go to a dermatologist?

A Visual self-diagnostic is quite unreliable, can be fooled and taken for a long and hopeless treatment symptoms. Sometimes you can accidentally guess, and then the treatment will work, but that we should hold a lottery of their own health?

For the diagnosis of fungal diseases, for example, conducted a comprehensive examination of a scraping under the microscope, and also check the material in the rays of a fluorescent lamp with filter wood. In severe cases, sowed the culture of the fungus obtained by scraping, artificial culture environment — it allows a high degree of accuracy to determine the type of pathogen and to find effective treatment.

Yes, at first glance, a white spot with a red rim on the skin resembles some species of lichen, sometimes so look young psoriatic plaques. But the final diagnosis with the selection of medicines must be done by the specialist in dermatology.

Traditional medicine Recipes

If you have a round spot on the skin with a red rim, in this case, traditional medicine recommends the use of natural remedies. When ringworm spots plentifully moisten with vodka, infused with crushed garlic. In different combinations of alcohol and garlic is used to treat any skin manifestations.

Natural birch tar is part of many medicines. Lubricate plaque of lichen can how to clean tar and mix with egg white. The same tool is used in weeping eczema, which is sometimes mistaken for ringworm. But the nicotine resin from the tube of the smoker, which is also called healing, in fact, can only cause severe allergic complications. The reputation of the drug resin received exclusively from the external similarity with the tar.

Medicinal herbs are recommended lotions of the decoction or infusion of succession, pharmacy chamomile, calendula. You can use fresh juice cranberry, garlic, celandine, buckthorn oil.

a bright spot with a red rim on the skin

Pharmaceutical products

If you consider that many folk remedies have a pungent smell or stain clothes, it makes sense to refer to pharmaceutical drugs specifically designed against dermatological diseases. If the doctor confirmed that pink spot with a red rim on the skin is actually the result of fungal attack, it is better to give preference to antifungal drugs.

The Ointment or spray “lamisil” is fairly fast, very good for almost all types of lichen. Traditional ‘Clotrimazole” work better at the initial stage of the disease. If the situation is running, the system assigned a treatment, when in parallel with external funds, it is necessary to take antifungal drugs in tablets. In some cases, it is recommended to combine the “Fluconazole” or “Clotrimazole” with medications that will reduce the risk of a depressive effect on the liver.

Red spots infectious nature are treated with antibiotics, but if they are caused by a virus, there shall be antiviral drugs for systemic use. Allergic reactions are primarily a symptom, so antihistamines that affect the very painful condition, are necessary, but not sufficient tool. The first thing to eliminate contact with the allergen. Finally, if you find the endocrine cause of skin reactions, it is necessary to treat the root cause rather than focusing on cosmetic issues.

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