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So, behind the prolonged holidays full of delicious food tables, excesses in food, which each of us from time to time allows itself. The predictable negative consequences of such cases are most often recruited extra pounds, which are known to lose much harder than gaining. And if you have a fast metabolism, you are very lucky – the pounds will dissolve in the air, they ran away. But if your Achilles heel – a slow metabolism and, consequently, excess body weight with which you struggle hard, you have to try.

Most of the experts in order to get rid of such “holiday” pounds suggest fasting fast diet. The Express diet is to reduce the weight by about five pounds and is ideal for those who want to bring their weight to normal. This diet lasts three days in which to stick to a certain diet.

Due to a fast weight loss? The fact that this Express diet for 3 days is designed to use fiber-rich foods. Fiber stimulates the intestine, allowing excretion of a large number of proteins and liquid. By the way, the diet includes the use of liquid in large amounts, dulls the sense of hunger.

About menu, which involves a quick diet is different for each of the three days.

The first Day is designed to cleanse the body to the maximum. On this day, only allowed to drink fresh juices from vegetables of fruits in any case not adding sugar, milk or other additives. Allowed the mixture of juices, as if leading to the creation of different juice cocktails. In total, the first day will have to drink a half liter of fluid, and it will be better if it's green tea or plain sparkling water.


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The Second day is called the milky day. In this day allowed to eat exclusively dairy products, while paying attention to their fat content. The approximate amounts of food can be, for example, the following: a pound of cheese has the least high percentage of fat and half a liter of nonfat yogurt. The frequency of meals should be at least five or six times a day. Liquid you can drink as much as you like, while remembering that the best assimilation - of green tea. Unlike black, it does not contain caffeine.

On the third day Express diet involves the consumption of fresh vegetables, rather of salads from them. The volume is limited – in the day you can eat no more than one and a half pounds of salad from cabbage, any leafy vegetable having a green color, and various types of greenery. Season the salad only with vegetable oil is best-olive.

This diet includes a quick diet. 3 days – and your figure will return to normal, because results of this technique really significant. Out of a fasting diet is gradually, preferably within two or three weeks, adding to the products menu, not all at once and those that want to, but slowly, gradually, and very low-calorie.

For those who want to significantly lose weight, quick diet will also work. First, it allow a good start, throwing off several pounds in three days. And secondly, it will prepare the body for the tests, which can expect it in the future – more gentle and soft diets, which, among other things, will seem very light after the Express diet. And some use this diet as fasting during the weight-loss rate.

In any case, remember you need one thing: a quick diet does not apply to those where you can sit for a long time. Because of the limited diet the body does not receive part of the necessary substances, and therefore more than three (maximum four) days observe a diet is not recommended.

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