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Cartoons about princesses like not only girls, but women. Let's look at the picture to see the small children.

“the Swan Princess”

The Main character - the king William. He rules his Kingdom. It was good, but the king has no children. But everything changes when heaven sent him a daughter Odette.

In the nearby settlement the Queen is born the firstborn son Derek. Happy parents are very happy, they try to visit each other frequently to their kids hung out more, talked. In the future they plan to marry them. But against their intentions were made by the evil wizard. He has kidnapped the Princess and turned her into a Swan.

“the Princess and the frog”

Describing the cartoons about Disney princesses, will talk about “the Princess and the frog". Appeared on the screen picture in 2009. The main character – black girl Tiana, she works as a waitress, lives in the French quarter.

cartoons about disney princessesUnexpectedly, she meets a Prince, and in that moment, when she was the carnival Princess costume. Only the guy was in the guise of a frog. It made him a magician of voodoo. The girl took pity on the guy, kissed him. But as she was not a real Princess, also become a frog. Now they both go through the swamp to the witch's ODI. They hope that she will find a way to help them, so they turned into people.

“Snow white and the seven dwarfs”

Continuing to describe the cartoons about princesses, will talk about “Snow white and the seven dwarfs”.

cartoons about princessesReleased film in 1937. In the based on the brothers Grimm fairy tale. The main character – Snow white. Now the girl has to live with his father, stepmother, because her mother died. The stepmother is a witch. The woman likes to enjoy yourself more than anything she does. She forces her stepdaughter to do all things. One day Snow white met the Prince, fell in love. After that, the stepmother ceased to be the most beautiful woman in the world. The woman orders the woodsman to take Snow white into the forest and cut out her heart. The man took pity on the girl, let her go, before that telling about the insidious plans of the stepmother. After that, the girl falls into a strange house, which is home to seven people.


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“the Princess and the pea”

If you are interested in cartoons about princesses, then pay attention to this. He filmed in 2002 jointly by the animators, US and Hungary. The main character – Prince Rollo. He has traveled many lands in search of his ladylove. But one day he meets a lovely shepherdess. It seems to be a dream come true. At this time his friend, the Raven Sebastian, trying to unravel the mystery of a pea.


What is the kids to watch cartoons about princesses? For example, “Shrek" (Shrek). It was established in 2001 in America. The main character – Shrek who likes to be alone. He lives in the swamp. And then one day it was hooked all heroes who had been Lord Farquaad. Shrek doesn't like to accept. His companion becomes talkative donkey.

the Swan PrincessLord, listening to Shrek, says it will take all the characters from his swamp if he will save and lead him to the Princess, guarded by a fire breathing dragon. After that the friends start a fun adventure. They are waiting for a fight, the robbers and, of course, a beautiful Princess. When friends are almost all the obstacles in front of them a dragon appears, who turns out to be a girl. This baby is first thoroughly protects the Princess, but after winning, it turns out that she falls in love with a chatty donkey. Such feelings, of course, it originally afraid of.

Wrapping up

Now you know interesting cartoons about princesses. These pictures can watch the kids at night and in the morning. Because their stories are very good. In these cartoons are always good of course triumphs over evil.

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