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The evil eye, cause of which will be described in this article is the phenomenon is real. Yes, many don't believe in it, because I think something supernatural, fantastic. They can understand, as not everyone is willing to believe in what you do not understand. To believe it is necessary at least in order to know how to avoid it. Curses are real and strong.

Signs of damage and the evil eye are similar in many ways (many of them even identified), but the difference between them there. What is the evil eye? It ‘blight of the eye”. The question in this case is not about some terrible curses, which sends several generations of man, and of those who in most cases are fleeting. The essence of them, as a rule, is that the person starts to feel worse, loses something or fails. The consequences can be more serious.

The evil eye, the symptoms of which are easy to remember, is a strong negative emotion. This refers to the emotion that is able to change the state of a person, his aura, and so on. Agree, often all is not as it should without any reason. Not everyone will guess, that to understand the deterioration is a sign of the evil eye.

The First mention of the evil eye date back to the sixteenth century. Then were distributed the prayer, you can help protect yourself and your family from this unpleasant phenomenon. Besides praying, we picked up various kinds of charms against the evil eye. Our ancestors believed in them, believed that more reliable equipment.

It is not known how people understand all the negative power of the evil eye, but what they were trying to protect him in the time efficient so far.

The evil eye, the symptoms of which numerous, in most cases, appear immediately. Only occasionally before the onset of the effects should take some time.

In General, to jinx anyone can. Just some, it turns out more often and others only rarely (e.g., only during strong emotional arousal). The people who actually have the ability evil eye, but also understand it can be a greater threat to society.


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The evil eye can make a person drowsy, sluggish, it will constantly feel tired. This is probably the most common and visible signs, to watch them often enough. The evil eye, signs of which we are considering, makes people anxious, constantly meddling, whiny. People in his reason, cease to experience joy, become withdrawn, uncommunicative, tend to go somewhere where there is none. People always feel uncomfortable. Note that, the discomfort may occur not only in society but also with himself.

A Sign of the evil eye - binge. The man starts drinking and can't stop. Many can not even explain the reason once again began to drink. The bout caused by the evil eye, it is difficult to stop.

The evil eye forces the person to take it out on loved ones. It's not about simple aggression, which is often uncertain, and that which is aimed at the most expensive (e.g., family members).

The evil eye, the symptoms of which are unpleasant, can make a person morbid. He will then get sick, then recover for unknown reasons. This condition can last long enough.

Because of this curse the person can lose the case, which is believed to advance winning. And, as a rule, everything breaks down because of some little things, which can neither calculate nor predict. Most often the evil eye is becoming a cause of one failure, but may entail a number of troubles, after which it will be difficult to recover.

The evil eye, signs of which need to know can cause the cursed person will turn away his loved ones. To explain their behavior, they will not.

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