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Viktor Avilov – a talented actor, the existence of which the audience learned thanks to the drama “the Prisoner of Zenda”. In this mini-series he turned to the unfortunate count of Monte Cristo, who returns from the dead in order to settle with the enemy. The image of the famous vengeance of Edmond Dantes in his performance was vivid and mystical. Since then, Viktor has a reputation of the actor who played the characters, over which dominates the rock. What else can you tell me about him?

Victor Avilov: the beginning

The performer of the role of the count of Monte Cristo was born in Moscow, was a joyful event in August 1953. Victor Avilov was born in a family of workers, among his relatives were not movie stars. In childhood Victor and had no idea that would connect their lives with the acting profession. He grew up to be a terrible bully, constantly frustrated the mother and father with their antics. To learn the guy didn't like, so he often missed school lessons.

Victor Avilov

After high school, Viktor Avilov enrolled in the Moscow industrial College, then was drafted into the army. During the service the young man learned to drive, got my license. When the state debt was given, the young man began to search for her life purpose. He changed several jobs, he worked as a chauffeur, editor, technician, salesman. Nothing fascinated him seriously.


Viktor Avilov could not be an actor if he hadn't pushed for this solution mate Valery Alekovich. This man dreamed of creating a theatre, his passion was passed on to the future executor of a role of count Monte Cristo. In the end, was established a drama Studio in the South-West, to the troupe and joined Viktor.


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Viktor Avilov biography

Viktor Avilov – an actor, later began acting in films. For the first time he managed to attract the interest of the public with theatrical roles. For Belyakovich aspiring artist became a kind of calling card, he exploited his unusual appearance. ‘a Midsummer night's Dream”, “ours”, “bottom” - Avilov was involved in many performances, which went on a scene of Theatre in the South West. In different years he created the images of Caligula, Voland, Khlestakov, hamlet.

The actor Especially enjoyed participating in controversial performances, thanks to his perseverance on the court audience was presented the performances of «What happened at the zoo” and “Rhino”. Victor always categorically opposed the division of roles on the major and minor. He put soul in each of his hero.


When first turned on the set, Victor Avilov? His biography testifies to the fact that it happened in 1987. The actor made his debut in the musical “the grass barefoot”, played a cameo role. Then he played Platon Andreevich in the mystical drama “Master Decorator" embodied the image of a French reporter Frank in the mini-series “Great game”.

Viktor Avilov actor

Fame came to the artist through the drama “the Prisoner of Zenda”. Bright appearance and talent – qualities that Avilov won the main role in this picture. The count of Monte Cristo in his performance has turned the mysterious, restrained and aristocratic. The actor tried to imitate Jean Marais, who played Edmond Dantes before him, he managed to create a unique image.

Thanks to “the Prisoner of Zenda" became a popular actor Victor Avilov, a photo of which you can see in the article. “Civil bet”, “Love of neighbor”, “Safari 6’, ‘Masquerade’, ‘Dancing ghosts”, “Palmist”, “St. Petersburg mysteries” - in all these films and television series he starred. Special mention deserves the TV show “the Musketeers 20 years later”, in which Victor played the role of his son. The son of Milady, who is trying to avenge the killers of his mother, Avilov has played great. The eyes of a character literally burned with hatred of the Musketeers.

Personal life

Victor was married three times. Marrying his first wife Larissa he thought was a mistake of youth, this Alliance did not last long. Second wife Galina, also an actress, gave birth to two daughters Avilova. After several years of marriage he divorced her, what later regretted.

Viktor Avilov photo

With the third wife and star of “the Prisoner of Zenda" was found in Odessa. Victor starred in the next movie, and she performed the duties of assistant Director. The girl was married to a sailor who almost never came home. The actor was not difficult to convince her to get a divorce.


Viktor Avilov died in August 2004. The cause of his premature death was liver cancer.

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