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Certificate of origin is the document which proves that the item was produced within a certain country, and issued by the competent authority. In this case, if the criteria for issuing this document are different from those that apply in the territory of Russia, to implement it there should be applied the criteria used.

The document known as the certificate of ST-1. What it is, learn from the article.

certificate St 1 what is it

General information

Is that the document is properly executed:

  • It has erasures;
  • Corrections which are not duly certified;
  • Lack of seals and signatures, information that can identify the particular goods;
  • The country is ambiguous;
  • Clarified that the information in it is inaccurate;
  • Other inconsistencies.

In such cases, the customs authority has the right to appeal to the authorities of the country where the certificate of origin issued in order to ascertain the missing information. He also has the right to carry out spot checks with the assistance of the competent authorities of the country where it was produced. But its implementation does not preclude the release of goods. Because they are made on the basis of the document issued in your state. A present certificate along with other documents to customs, including Declaration.


If countries use the scheme of preference, permitting the paper they have issued form “And”. If they are parties to the Agreement on the establishment of a free trade area, confirms the origin of goods certificate form ST-1.

certificate of origin

In the first case the customs authority to provide tariff preferences, but only if under Rules in the relevant boxes filled with certificates. Otherwise, use:

  • To test results the most-favoured-nation (MFN);
  • To obtain the verification rates of customs duties increased twice;
  • Begins to apply the preferential treatment, if the certificate of origin of goods in the proper form.

Requirements for completing the certificate of “And”

This form is used when goods from Europe or any other country imported into the territory of developed European countries. The form has a degree of protection in the form of a grid or color field. Notes are written on reverse side of document in any language. But they may be absent. It is filled in on a typewriter or computer. Blots and erasures are not valid.


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Goods from Europe in a single certificate can be of several types. If the place when filling is empty, then negate it to prevent the filling of other information. All corrections are made by crossing out mistakes and making instead of them the desired data. Also, there is the signature and the seal.

CT-1 Certificate: what is it?


To confirm the country of origin, you must provide the corresponding certificate or Declaration.

The Latter is a statement that makes the manufacturer, the seller or the carrier. It is granted on the invoice or other document relating to the goods. A separate document needed for each party when a delivery from one sender to one recipient.

If the export of goods from countries that are party to the Agreement, the issuance of certificates ST-1 is made on the basis of domestic law, acting in it. A4 form needs to have protection degree and is manufactured using a method of printing. It is valid for a year starting from the day received.

CIS has the new form ST-1, where there is a 13 count, which include “the Criteria of origin”. These documents are also accepted by the customs authority for the goods released to one of the countries of the CIS.

How to fill out a CT-1 certificate?

What is it? If you look at paragraph 12 of the Rules of determination of origin of goods, and there you can find a number of requirements, according to which fill the document. Learn them.

certificate form St 1

Paragraph 1 must contain the name and address of the sender. Information to cheat with the certificate of registration of a legal entity. It may be that the sender is one person, and the exporter — others. Then this information needs to be recorded with names and addresses of both.

Paragraph 2 contains data on the name and the address of the recipient. At the same time it can be one person, and importer — others. Then this is indicated in the graph with the names and addresses of both.

Paragraph 3 describes the route and the vehicle.

In paragraph 4, shall indicate the authorization document, its form and of the country, one of which gave him and other that you want.

Paragraph 5, for service marks. Here make the information regulatory authorities. For example, if it is necessary to note that the document is a duplicate issued in lieu of certificate.

In paragraph 6, you need to write the item number.

Item 7 — the number and nature of the package.

In paragraph 8 the product described. Here is the commercial name and all data onthe basis of which it can be identified. If the front side of the space is insufficient, use additional sheet to be filled in the manner prescribed by the Rules. The reverse side of the document is not populated.

certificate of origin form St 1

Item 9 is called “the Criterion of origin”. Adopted here the following designations: “P” means the production in countries that are party to the Agreement; “D” is a product that is treated or processed, then you need to specify the code of the final product according to the FEACN of the CIS countries (four digits).

Item 10 contains information about the weight in kilograms gross — net. In addition to weights, you can specify the number of items.

Item 11 contains the date and number of invoice with other information about this document.

Item 12 is filled by the authorized body, where enter the name, address, certify the information contained in the document and sign it.

In paragraph 13 write about the Declaration of the applicant with indication of country where manufactured or processed product, date. The applicant signs a document indicating their initials or the initials of the representative.

Form ST-1 when completing a physical entity

certificate St 1 sample

In the case of filling a natural person has the features of a certificate of origin. Form ST-1 remains the same. But some items are left untouched.

  1. Item 1 is filled with the address of the shipper and his / her name.
  2. Item 2 — details of the consignee.
  3. Item 5 and item 11 may be left blank if information is not available.
  4. In paragraph 13, the shipper signs a document and indicates the date.


Indication of how to issue the certificate of ST-1, the sample develops and maintains the special authorized body of the country which is a party to the Agreement.

If the document is damaged or lost, the duplicate is given. Then, as stated above, in paragraph 12 shall bear the date when it is issued, and in paragraph 5 write “Duplicate”. Also indicate the number and date of issuance of the original document. The validity of the duplicate equal to the term of the original.

Item 5

Sometimes a permit is issued after the shipment of the goods. The basis is a written statement of the customer. Then in paragraph 5 shall be “Issued subsequently”.

If the previous certificate had been revoked, paragraph 5 write: “Issued in lieu of certificate” with the date of the previous one. When using the cumulative principle of writing “the Accumulation of the CIS” and put the numbers of papers and countries where they were issued.

Results and providing document

Give three copies of the certificate, of which only one is original. It should be no erasures. And if you make the repair, then first, incorrect information is crossed out, then enter true and signed and stamped.

certificate St 1

Original certificate provide for customs clearance, along with all other necessary documents.

Cases where the certificate is allowed to submit a Declaration of origin of the goods or even documents are not mandatory, are determined by the domestic law of the country in which the product is imported, that is the Russian Federation.

From the article we learned a lot about the CT-1 certificate: what it is, the requirements for completing it and some of the features. So getting your hands on the document and verify that all items have been completed properly you will now have more confidence that at customs of problems with the product arise.

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