Make devil costume for girls with their hands


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Red dress is slinky, menacing Trident, small horns and makeup – there is no doubt that it is suit devils. Dressed in it the girl looks feminine, mysterious and challenging, so this particular outfit is very popular. Women love to wear it because men can't take from them the sight.

Devil Costume

The Main part of the costume – red color, which is a symbol of Hellfire. It combines perfectly with black which is the color of evil and dark forces.

Costume devil Halloween costume

Not Necessarily to go to the store for a bright outfit, for starters, you can explore your closet. In it there are certainly some things red. You can pick up a full skirt with podobnikar with a tight top or corset. If there is anything suitable, then you can sew clothes, having found a suitable pattern. To make a costume of devils with his hands is not so difficult if you use all your skills and imagination.

Essential attributes inherent in the devil

You Can wear anything, be it pants, skirt or dress, but if the outfit are the horns, tail and Trident, then no one will doubt that this is a devil's outfit.

To Make all the attributes of the suit will be a force each, who knows how to hold a needle and thread. From a piece of black or red fabric can make a devil's cloak. Matter you just need to stitch manually or sheathing edges. To become like a cloak in one end to insert a string or ribbon to tie around the neck.

You Can go a bit further and make a Cape with a collar. In this case, the tape need not to miss on the edge and at a distance of about 20 cm from it. During Assembly of the fabric produces a kind of collar, and if you use the dense matter, it will be more stable.


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the devils Costume with your own hands

Creating a costume of a devil on Halloween, be sure to take care of horns. They, of course, you can buy in the store, but you can save money by making the attribute yourself. The easiest option – is roll small cones of foil, wrap them with masking tape and leather (leatherette). They need to attach to the Hoop or studs.

Next, you should engage in the manufacture of the tail. It is based on is made from wire, wrapped with polyester batting and thread, giving the tail the desired shape. Next you should make a cover of red fabric (faux leather or fur). The finished cover put on Foundation and make a loop, so that it can be attach to belt or clothes.

Makeup for a devil on Halloween

A costume of a devil is unthinkable without the bright calling make-up. Carnival makeup can be changed depending on what the devil: sassy, terrifying or cute.

To create this makeup you need to prepare a black eyebrow pencil and eyeliner, glitter eye shadow gold color, bright red lip gloss and mascara, false eyelashes will also.

the Costume of devils

This make-up is different beady eyes on it and you need to focus. Eyebrows emit a black color. You need to select eye shadows and accentuate them with eyeliner, creating a form "cat eyes". The shade should be applied under the eyebrows. Highlight cheekbones with blush. In the end you need to put eyelashes several layers of mascara or apply false, lipstick scarlet color.

Devil Costume for girls

All children without exception love the costumed holidays and love to transform into different characters.

the devils Costume for girls

Essentially children's way the devil will not be much different from the adult. All the same red color, horns, tail and Trident, only the outfit will be discreet and modest.

Creating these clothes, you need to consider just what children's costume in the first place should be comfortable and not restrict movement. Also, it should not have sharp items (protruding wire, etc.).

There are many images that you can use to create an outfit for Halloween. However, choosing the costume is the devil, you need to be aware that the costume should be comfortable. And this can be achieved only if it will match the inner world of its owner. Suit have right to beat. Don't be afraid to show their female charm and magic. Create your own unique way, become bright devil that will impress everyone at the party with her dazzling beauty.

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