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31st week of pregnancy – a lot or a little? Rather a lot! Through 5-9 weeks your baby will be born. Why so hesitant timing? Many children are born a couple of weeks before the deadline, while being full term – their weight is in the normal range, all the organs are working fully. So to leave it is better to prepare in advance. Mom in the 31st week of pregnancy I am on maternity leave – there is a lot of free time and have the opportunity to focus on purchasing things for the baby, preparing the room. The body is also being prepared.

Training bout

The Uterus is growing rapidly and its bottom is approximately 11 cm above the navel. What happens on the 31st week of pregnancy? At this time, can already begin the training bout. Paroxysmal muscle contractions occur suddenly and do not differ with regularity. The main difference of birth pangs from the training that my cervix is ripening. How can you understand if it happened on their feelings?

When training fights tension often localized in one place – the right or left, can be felt in the lower or upper part of the uterus. Stomach bulges and takes on a more pointed form. The important thing is that pain in these fights there, although the physical discomfort you may experience.

Between these sensations are not equal, cuts usually not more than 6 per hour and they do not tend to frequent.

The Changing body of a pregnant

What happens to mom in the 31st week of pregnancy? Women usually gain weight, increases not only the belly, but the chest – she's preparing for a feeding. In the 31st week of pregnancy, rate of weight gain will be from 9 to 13 kg. These figures should not scare. Only 3-4 kg of this falls on the fat deposits, too, are not useless load – they protect the pregnant belly from cold and injuries. The rest is the amount of weight of baby, amniotic fluid, placenta, uterus, increased blood volume, breast, extra fluids. Almost half the weight will go during childbirth – along with new-born baby out of the water and the placenta. The blood volume and the uterus will soon be back to normal.


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30-31 weeks pregnant belly girth reaches 85-95 see the Abdomen is usually clearly visible, although not yet reached maximum size. In multiple pregnancies the abdomen is very large, and weight women may exceed the standards set for pregnancy with one fetus.

pregnant woman at different stages

However, increasing the load on the spine can cause the exacerbation of such diseases as osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia.

The release of the hormone relaxin does wonders for the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis – they become more flexible and extensible, to facilitate the passage of the baby through the birth canal. Gait for this can be a “duck”. This is a temporary phenomenon should not confuse the mother. It happens to almost all pregnant women and after birth passes.

But many pregnant women delight thick and silky hair-is also the result of hormones.

From the breast may begin to stand out colostrum-a thick salty liquid, which will be the first nutrient to an infant.

Feeling pregnant

By this time, it is important to understand how labour starts, to be alert in case of risk of preterm birth. Children born in the 31st week of pregnancy, survive, but still are considered to be premature and have a lot of health problems. Therefore, when alarming symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor. If you do it in time, maybe pregnancy will be able to extend. What you need to pay attention? Pain and heaviness in the lower abdomen or in the lumbar region, a thick mucus, which can indicate a discharge of mucus plug and especially the outpouring of water. In such cases, doctors determine a woman lies to save or have to deliver the baby.

What happens on the 31st week of pregnancy in a woman's body? Changes in the body, an enlarged uterus and the older the fetus can cause discomfort in a pregnant woman. First, the uterus displaces all the abdominal organs up and they can squeezed. Compression of the stomach and esophagus, as well as the influence of hormones can lead to heartburn. The capacity of the stomach is reduced, its overflow may cause a feeling of fullness in the stomach, so eat to fractional-in small portions. As snacks between meals it is better to eat fruits and vegetables.

Another common problem in the 31st week of pregnancy - lower back pain. Body weight women are not just uniformly grown, and concentrated in the abdomen. Therefore, the center of gravity of the body shifts forward. Lumbar lordosis – completely physiological deflection of the spine in the lower back – deepens, and the load on the muscles of the back increases.

pregnant belly

Another cause of discomfort can be active fetal movements. The muscle mass of the baby has increased, and therefore the shocks can be more severe.

Pregnant Also sometimes experience calf cramps. They are caused by calcium deficiency and excess phosphorus.

A Woman can chase the drowsiness and lethargy. The reasons for this – low pressure and hemoglobin.

Fetal Development

What happens to the baby during the 31st week of pregnancy?First it is muscle development and weight gain. Its growth is somewhat slower. You notice how fragile premature and look how much more sturdy look born in the period. Because the weight of the fetus at 7 months is only 1600-1800 g, and the growth is already close to that at birth and is 40-42.

The Fetus at the 31st week of pregnancy becomes more rounded. The increase in the fat smooths out the wrinkles in the skin of the baby. The cheeks become puffy. In the future, the newborn subcutaneous fat to provide thermal regulation.

On the skin of the fruit left very little of the original grease. It is still present, but its quantity is reduced, at the time of birth it will be quite small. Lanugo-thin fluff that covers the body of the baby, too will fall to the moment of birth.

Operation and development of the organs

31st week of pregnancy, brain development is in full swing. Continue the process of formation of fissures and convolutions, the differentiation centres of the cortex. Fetal brain weighs nearly a quarter of the brain mass of an adult.

Baby senses are actively working and improving. For example, it activates the sense of smell. Therefore, the fetus is not indifferent to the composition of amniotic fluid. The taste and smell of this liquid is dependent on maternal nutrition. This means that garlic or spicy, fragrant spices in the diet of women can cause the fetus to present the indignation that he expresses dragongem legs and whole body.

Pupils still distinguish only light and dark. Color vision will come after the birth. In response to a bright light aimed at belly, the baby squints. The stretched tissue of the abdomen let the light inside and the uterus cannot be called a very dark place. Children born in this period often have eye problems, so-called retinopathy of prematurity. There are several assumptions. One of them connects eye problems from too early contact with air, the other – too bright for an untrained retinal light.

31 weeks pregnant

In the hair and the iris of the child continues to accumulate pigment. But iris behind the hair in this process, so the hair color at birth may be different, but the eyes are often light blue at all, and to 6 months to change the color.

The Internal organs have already been formed, they are gaining ground, and some of them come into operation. For example, the pancreas secretes insulin, and liver-bile.

Your baby's Teeth are covered with enamel. Despite the fact that up to 6 months they still will not be visible, the fetus has the beginnings of not only baby teeth but permanent. A woman's diet influences on their formation.

Motor activity of the baby starts to decrease, because he is already cramped in the womb. Usually, the fetus acquires the position, which he will have at birth. In most cases, it's a compound presentation-when the baby is head down, head up towards the exit of the birth canal. But sometimes breech when the fetus is head up. It is also not terrible, and many of these children are born with legs and buttocks forward. But if birth complications occur, it is necessary to resort to caesarean section.

Power in the 31st week of pregnancy

Food pregnant, as before, should be useful and varied. Calorie you have to gradually reduce, because the weight gain can go especially intensively. The diet should include all kinds of products-fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, meat, dairy products, eggs, fish. You need to avoid fried, smoked. In 3 trimester of pregnancy salt intake should be reduced in contrast to the beginning of pregnancy, when many people want salty and this is acceptable. Now the excess salt can lead to preeclampsia-toxemia of late, which is much more dangerous early, and can become the reason a woman is placed on preservation. This is a disease that traps some women in 31-32 week of pregnancy, is characterized by increased pressure, edema and the appearance of protein in the urine. Hard to digest, can be a heavy food like mushrooms. After all, protein chitin, which is rich in mushrooms – a material composed of the shells of insects.

With great caution we have to treat spices. Particularly dangerous is a familiar for our taste Bay leaf. Substances in its composition affect the hormonal balance. Outside of pregnancy this action will be useful – tonic, improves mental performance. But during pregnancy the same can provoke a premature birth.

It is Important to the best use of allergenic products. Some of them can give up entirely, some – is the extent, not reaching fanaticism.

There should be small portions. And stomach pressed against the uterus, no longer hold, and the extra weight will not. Also, do not need too late for dinner. This applies not only care about the figure. If you eat before bed, food will not have time to leave the stomach before was taken in the supine position. This often leads to heartburn – in a horizontal position the acid remnants of food easier enters the esophagus and irritates its walls.

healthy food

It is Not always possible to obtain all the necessary substances from food, so often doctors recommend pregnant women to take vitamin D with calcium – they are often in short supply and poorly absorbed. But taking vitamins withoutdoctor's recommendation is not necessary.

Physical activity

The majority of women going on maternity leave decreases the activity. However, the mode change can be used for regular walks in the fresh air. Supplement can be exercises for pregnant women, yoga, Kegel exercises for the pelvic floor, swimming.

yoga for pregnancy

Exercises to 31-32 weeks of pregnancy can be already focused on preparing for childbirth, for example, development of proper breathing. Overdoing it in sports is not necessary. Avoid traumatic activities. When severe fatigue, dizziness and the slightest discomfort in the abdominal exercises should be discontinued.

However, it is a passive way of life – is not the best option. Not only that, it will lead to excess weight, and threatens to swelling and blood pressure disorders. Weakened the woman's body will find it difficult to cope with childbirth, after childbirth – a great exertion. To treat yourself you need to carefully, the pregnancy itself is also a load – and the increased body weight and enhanced functioning of internal organs to eliminate toxins and supply the baby with nutrients.

The Dream

In the 3rd trimester frequent sleep disturbances in pregnant women. First, it may be due to the influence of hormones, then the belly becomes so large that it does not take a comfortable position. Already from the 28th week to sleep is not back is not recommended. Heavy abdomen compresses the inferior Vena cava. The mother felt dizziness, shortness of breath, lethargy, and the fetus may suffer from lack of oxygen. So you need to choose the position. Lack of sleep can compensate for a NAP, after all this time. Also to improve the quality of sleep can evening walks and airing out of room.

pregnant lying


As already mentioned, one of the possible complications could be preeclampsia. It can move in a more dangerous condition-preeclampsia and eclampsia. In such cases, carry out artificial delivery, irrespective of the period to save the life of mother and child.

One of the dangers can be leakage of amniotic fluid. To make sure that everything is in order, you can buy in a drugstore special test. The test strip helps to determine the amniotic fluid. In the case of a positive result will have to go to the hospital.

Preterm birth

If you experience regular contractions also need to be urgently hospitalized. If labor fails to prevent, don't panic. The child was born in the 31st week of pregnancy is considered premature, but almost everyone survives, and 85% to be healthy and live a full life. If the child was born at this period, it can live outside the mother's body because he had already formed and started to work on all the organs. However, they do not work in full force, so the baby requires medical attention. These children pass through a difficult period of nursing.

premature baby

Later, they may lag behind others in body weight, growth, rate needs. In assessing the development of the child cannot be guided by the standards for full-term infants. Premature “catch up” peers in a year or two, and in severe cases three years. However, when you practice with your child to ensure that the psycho-physical development, it will practically meet all the standards though and despite the smaller size of the body will sit, walk, talk in the right age.

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