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In medical practice is widespread preparation "Cavinton", reviews of which indicate its high efficiency in a range of clinical pictures. First of all, let us specify that the drug significantly stimulates the cerebral circulation, but also actively contributes to the solution of common problems when deterioration of vision or hearing. Treating this drug is of vegetable origin, which is already significantly expanding its age audience.

Let us Characterize in more detail the effect of Cavinton in the sick body. The active impact of its components significantly reduces the resistance to blood flow of cerebral vessels, causing the blood flow to the affected area to normal. However, this is not all the possibilities of the preparation "Cavinton", which reviews only confirm his efficiency in the body. So, the blood after systematic ingestion alters its consistency, that is, it becomes less viscous and the red blood cells are endowed with greater plasticity.

Based on these effects, we can conclude that this drug improves microcirculation. In addition, the components provide access to the brain cells, which actively penetrates the glucose and oxygen. As a result, there has been a change for the better anaerobic, that is, energy metabolism.

We can say the following: "Cavinton Forte" reviews, which in large numbers can be found on various medical forums that has an effect on the brain and on the normal processes. It is therefore advisable to use this medication for acute and chronic malnutrition of the brain, in the pathology of the eye, accompanied by insufficient blood supply, and to slow irreversible processes sclerotic origin. The appropriate use of Cavinton thrombosis, trauma, and the presence of hearing problems as the result of the pathogenic effects of the environment.


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Thanks to its natural composition, allowed "Cavinton" children. The feedback parents provide a very real picture of its functioning in the sick child's body, however, such treatment must be regulated exclusively by a leading pediatrician, this is especially true of the nuances of reception and the daily dosage.

Notice that, like all other medicines, has its limitations and "Cavinton". Reviews of a negative character, most often associated with this. For a start, should be reminded of the incompatibility of the body with separate components of the drug. So, the patient can worsen allergies, severe skin rash, swelling, and itching that is an important reason for the abolition of such treatment or replacement of the circuit. Anyway, welcome Cavinton will need to stop.

It is Also important to remember that under the influence of this drug tone and pressure vessels is significantly reduced, which taken into consideration when selecting productive treatment. Not recommended "Cavinton" of heart diseases, as well as during lactation and pregnancy.

Of the side effects, you should allocate the jump in blood pressure and various cardiac disorders that require immediate medical intervention.

Very often on the "parent" forums facility discussions is Cavinton, which reviews meticulous parents the most favorable. Moreover, they accurately are convinced that to find a worthy replacement drug is simply impossible.

However, it does not say, but it is advisable to examine the opinions of experts regarding the effectiveness of the drug Cavinton. The doctors indicate that the drug has a powerful directional effect, but to apply it without medical permission is strictly prohibited. In addition, you should take into account the fact that it helps to cope with the symptoms, but can not eliminate the root cause that triggered the imbalance in brain blood supply.

"Cavinton" is not considered a toxic drug, however, in each clinical case, individually perceived by a sick body.

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