The story of the creation of "Dead souls" N. Gogol


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You could say that the poem "Dead souls" was a matter of life N. V. Gogol. After twenty-three years of his writing biographies of seventeen years, he gave up the work on this piece.

History of «Dead souls" is inextricably linked with the name of Pushkin. In “the Author's confession” Gogol remembered that Alexander has repeatedly encouraged him to compose large scale works. Decisive was the story of the poet about the case they heard in Chisinau during his exile. He always remembered him, but told Nikolai Vasilyevich only after a decade and a half after the incident. So, «Dead souls" is based on the real adventures of the adventurer, who was buying dead serfs from landowners in order to lay them, like living, to the Guardian Council to obtain a considerable loan.

In fact, in real life, the fiction of the main character of the poem Chichikov met not so rare. In those years, a fraud of this kind was even prevalent. It is possible that in the mirgorodskogo County had a case with the purchase of the dead. One thing is clear: history «Dead souls" is not one event, but several, which the writer skillfully compiled.

Chichikov Adventure story is the core of the work. The tiny details seem credible, as taken from real life. The feasibility of such ventures was caused by the fact that until the early 18th century peasants believed in the country without exception, and in the yards. Only in 1718, a decree was issued to conduct a census poll, which tax began to be levied on all male serfs, starting with babies. Their number is recalculated every fifteen years. If some peasants were dead, ran away or were given to recruits, the landlord had to pay them for taxes until the next census or to divide them among the remaining workers. Naturally, any owner wants to get rid of the so-called dead souls, and easily caught in the net of an adventurer.


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These were real preconditions for writing the work.

History of the poem "Dead souls" of the paper begins in 1835. Gogol began to work on it a little earlier than “Comptroller”. However, it first its not too carried away, because after writing three chapters, he returned to Comedy. And only after completing it and returning from abroad, Nikolai took «Dead souls" seriously.

With each step, with each written word a new work seemed all the grander and bigger. Gogol re-remaking the first Chapter, and generally many times rewrites finished pages. Three years in Rome he leads the life of a recluse, only allowing himself to undergo treatment in Germany, and rest in Paris or in Geneva. In 1839, Gogol is forced to leave Italy for eight long months, and with it, and work on a poem. On his return to Rome he continued to work on it and during the year completed it. To the writer it remains only to Polish the essay. Gogol «Dead souls" taken to Russia in 1841 with the intention to print them.

In Moscow, the result of his six-year labour took over consideration of the censorship Committee, whose members have expressed hostility towards him. Then Gogol took my manuscript and turned to the stage, just staying in Moscow, asking to take the product with him to Petersburg and help him go through censorship. The critic agreed to assist.

Censorship in St. Petersburg was less severe and after a long procrastination still allowed the book to print. But with some conditions: to amend the title of the poem, “the Story about captain Kopeikin” and in thirty-six questionable places.

The long-Suffering work finally was published in the spring of 1842. This is a brief history of the creation of «Dead souls”.

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