Possible discharge after hysteroscopy?


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Hysteroscopy – examination of the uterine cavity with the help of special optical equipment. Today this method is used in gynecology not only for diagnosis, but also treat certain abnormalities of the uterus. After hearing about hysteroscopy, women are scared, they have a lot of questions. For example, if it hurts? How long have to stay in hospital and whether discharge after hysteroscopy? It is actually not so bad.


As of the uterine lining, you can define a disease, but to examine her eye, of course, will not work. Here comes to the aid of the hysteroscope-the device, which is a tube with a camera on the end introduced into the uterine cavity for inspection. The image can be displayed on the screen of the monitor or TV.

Over time, more and more new models of this device that allow to increase the image and more accurate diagnosis.

The Method is used not only for diagnosis but also for treatment. For example, special models allow the hysteroscope into the uterus with surgical instruments under direct vision to remove polyps and other lesions.

For a more detailed consideration (the stretching of the walls of the uterus) inside it introduces the gas or liquid.

When used as a hysteroscopy?

This method helps to identify uterine fibroids, polyps, adenomyosis (endometriosis of the uterus). He defines the state of the inner layer of the uterus during the menstruation, disorders of various origins. Moreover, hysteroscopy is performed in cases of suspected perforation, cervical cancer and to clarify the issue of IUDs.


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It is considered Appropriate to conduct histeroscopia after hormone treatment and infertility.

Of Course, there are some contraindications to the procedure: excessive bleeding, acute inflammatory processes of genital organs, stenosis of the cervix and pregnancy.

If the purpose of the procedure is the determination of any formation in the uterine cavity, it is held on 6-9 days after the onset of menstruation, at the same time, it is possible to carry out surgical hysteroscopy (removal of structures), and to evaluate the state of endometrium hysteroscopy is assigned after ovulation.

How is the procedure?

Before hysteroscopy treatment of external genitals with a disinfectant solution. Then with the help of mirrors is access to the cervix, which is processed with alcohol. After that, the cervical canal extend and deliver liquid (or gas), then enter the hysteroscope and conduct the inspection.

Hysteroscopy does not require hospitalization. If it was done with the purpose of treatment, the woman can leave under observation for a day.

Should you be afraid of pain?

The pain Threshold all women are different, but anesthesia or analgesia, this procedure is not required, although possible discomfort.

Possible discharge after hysteroscopy

Due To the fact that during the procedure there is contact of the device with the mucosa, there may be some damage. You can see a slight discharge after hysteroscopy. A few days may disturb sukrovichnye marks on the linen, but it should go.

If the procedure was performed for diagnostic purposes, menstruation occurs after hysteroscopy at the usual time. In the case of a further curettage is the day of the procedure is considered the first day of menstruation.

Due To the fact that the method is non-traumatic, complications occur rarely, but they are still there. These include inflammation, damage to the cervix and bleeding after the hysteroscopy.

If sukrovichnye discharge does not pass after a few days, you can do an ultrasound. And profuse discharge after hysteroscopy require immediate access to a doctor.

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