Upland uterus. The use and indications.


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Nature has taken care of the man, so endowed us with many herbs that can be applied to almost any ailment. Both men and women can have given the benefits, of course, doing it wisely, in order to use the power of mother nature for the benefit of their health.

If we talk about women's health, it needs special care, because the woman has additional function is procreation.
And here need a lot of herbs, even so-called gynecological fees that are sold in any drugstore. But among the variety stands out upland uterus, the application of which we now consider. It is believed that there are two particularly useful for women herbs, along with the one that we mentioned above. This sage and red brush.

So, upland uterus, the instructions for use. Most often this truly magical herb used in the form of alcoholic tinctures. But if a woman does not drink alcohol for any reason, it is possible to drink and regular teas. You can combine its use with other herbs, and you can drink it. 
Remember that upland uterus, the application of which we describe in this article refers exclusively to folk medicine, not official, therefore the point of view of the representatives of the medicine may be very different. Some gynaecologists believe it's an important constitute in the treatment of infertility, others on the contrary are sceptical or even wary. Traditional medicine gives no warranty and, of course, can not compete with drugs that the doctor prescribes.


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The Grass it is important to take so as not to harm your body. If you are in doubt, then you can watch it online on specialized sites. Upland uterus how to take - that's the most common request in the search engines. But if you do not appeal to the homeopath, and the sites then check out where those resources get their information. Remember, we said at the beginning of the article, that force of nature should be used for good and not harm.

The Healing upland uterus the use its found in all spheres - it is used not only to stimulate ovulation and the onset of the long-awaited pregnancy, but also for the prevention of infertility and to strengthen the forces of organism, increase of immunity. Even if you are not going to become a mother soon, drink infusion of upland uterus every year. The course is approximately 4 weeks.
Make it possible and necessary to food, somewhere for half an hour. Although some say that on an empty stomach to take this herb is not so easy, because there is heaviness and burning. Maybe so. Here we are dealing with individual characteristics of the organism. If on an empty stomach make you not want to, then drink decoction or infusion after meals. Only not immediately but after, say, 30 minutes. Yes, the effect in this case is somewhat reduced, but it's still going.

And more. Upland uterus, which is very delicate process, does not tolerate birth control hormones. They are incompatible, because the hormones are almost completely neutralize its effect.

Furthermore, due to the individual characteristics of the organism, referred to above, it is possible to be allergic to this herb. Therefore do a pilot test and if you do not feel irritation in the stomach and skin  of itching, you can move on to the main course.

One tablespoon of herbs pour hot water (a glass), but not boiling water, which can destroy the useful minerals. Optimum temperature is 80 degrees. Then allow the grass to stand for several hours and can be safely taken internally.

The same can be said about alcoholic tincture. Better to use rubbing alcohol. Half liters use 50 grams of the herb. Similarly, let stand for a few hours and take a few drops before meals. Accurate dosage it is best to discuss with a herbalist or a homeopath. Be healthy!

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