Earthquake in Altai in August 2016: consequences, forecasts


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The Altai Territory is quite heterogeneous in its geological stroenie, which is manifested in high seismic activity in the region. The first mention of earthquakes in the Altai, documented, belong to the XVIII century. Contemporary seismic activity is characterized by the probability of occurrence of earthquakes within 8 points.

earthquake in the Altai

The Concept of “earthquake” and causes

Any natural phenomenon attracts attention not so much due to poor knowledge, how many because of their unpredictability. An earthquake is a series of tremors occurring due to shifts of the lithospheric plates. In addition, this phenomenon may occur as a consequence of a careless man's relationship to nature, that is, from nuclear explosions or the collapse of mines.

Often earthquakes occur on the ocean floor, and this allows you to avoid large catastrophic consequences for the densely populated cities.

Some tremors can be felt only by instruments; others sometimes cause monstrous damage to the cities and even countries, taking with them a huge number of human lives.

Measuring the energy and intensity of seismic vibrations

To find out the quantity of energy released underground vibrations, you must use the Richter scale. It is a classification of the earthquakes by magnitudes that are determined in arbitrary units from 1 to 9.5. Data on the fluctuations obtained by using the seismograph, registered the changes in the tectonic and lithospheric plates.


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earthquake in the Altai

The Intensity of earthquake is measured on a scale of Mercalli and can range from 1 to 12 points. This means that all the aftershocks can be divided into 12 groups, each of which is characterized by the strength of manifestation of the destruction, for example:

  • Weak shocks;
  • Moderate aftershocks;
  • Strong, and so on.

Do Not confuse the measurement of the energy and intensity of earthquakes. The energy becomes known immediately after receiving the seismogram and helps to determine the location of the focus of seismic vibrations, and the intensity represents the ratio of the magnitude and activity of aftershocks.

Seismic region in Russia

Earthquakes occur daily in many parts of the worldwide. Russia in this plan was a bit more lucky: its territory is mostly located on a single tectonic plate. However, in areas such as the North Caucasus and the Kamchatka Peninsula, clearly indicated the plate boundary, with the consequence that these regions may be subject to some aftershocks.

At the same time the most dangerous and seismically unstable areas recognized by the Altai, Eastern Siberia and Yakutia. The possible intensity of earthquakes is on average 4-6 points.

earthquake in the Altai forecast

Altai: features and legends

Some times the Altai territory was relatively stable in the seismic plan. However, historical documents from 1761 report on the incident of immense power: the magnitude of oscillation was 8, and intensity – about 11 points on a modern scale. In addition, were discovered traces of ancient changes of the tectonic plates. In ancient times local residents were surrounded by a haze of mystery to almost any natural phenomenon. In the book of A. A. Nikonov “Earthquake… (the Past, present and forecast)" earthquake in the Altai Republic was perceived as a “reckless movement of monsters living beneath the earth”. Another legend existed in pagan times. It's about a woman who violated the ban on presence at the sacrifice and caused the dissolution of the Union of God with amphibians. The anger of this God was so great that the mountain on which he lived the God, "shook to the ground”.

As can be seen from the aforementioned legends, the earthquake in the Altai mountains were perceived in antiquity as a manifestation of the discontent of the celestials.

EMERCOM of Russia for the Altai territory

Twentieth century

An Earthquake in the Altai is not an extremely rare event. Just not always noticeable to people, most tremors are recorded only by instruments.

If we consider the period of the XX century, you'll find information about strong aftershocks. Scientific articles mention the phenomenon of Casalasco earthquake. In the Altai this incident is not the only one. In addition it provides many other seismic vibrations, with a smaller magnitude.

We must Not forget about the most powerful known earthquakes in the historical period. It happened in 1965, and its intensity was 7 points. It happened a seismic event near the town of Stone. The tremors were accompanied by a rumble, and the whole Kamenskiy rayon was subjected to considerable damage.

earthquake in mountain Altai

Phenomena of our time

The XXI century is already remembered by the residents of the Altai territory. In 2003, there was a strong earthquake. In Altai it is known as Choo. Its magnitude was 7.3, and the intensity at the epicenter – 9 points. The consequences of suchseismic shock was landslides, taluses and rockfalls. Moreover, throughout the Chui steppe appeared the so-called mud volcanoes. Truly impressive was the landslide 1 km wide, descended on the right Bank of the river Culture. There are opinions that this is not the most striking, that is capable of an earthquake.

In the Altai region in August 2016 people with fear waiting for the promised underground vibrations. According to forecasts were the aftershocks with magnitudes up to 5.0 during the first decade of August. EMERCOM of Russia for the Altai territory have this information on its official website. Indeed, the earthquake in the Altai region in August 2016 (09.08.2016) really happened. And not one, but three, and in one day. 225 km South-East from Gorno-Altaysk early in the morning was was the first vibrations of the earthquake on Altai. The forecast began to come true. A day with a difference per minute was recorded two tremors at 149 km to the South and 87 km North-East of Gorno-Altaysk, respectively.

earthquake in the Altai region in August 2016

As it turned out, the quake occurred due to the proximity of the source of seismic activity. In this region for more than 10 years, the process of mountain building.

2017: what can we expect from inhabitants of Altai?

An Earthquake in the Altai region in August 2016 is still the strongest since 2003. But according to scientists, activity of seismic vibrations increases, and it can make Altai Krai dangerous to stay. Given the peculiarities of the tectonic structure of this region can be assumed that the ground vibrations with a magnitude of up to 5.0 – is not the limit. Therefore, the inhabitants of the Altai are encouraged to secure their homes and in the event of an earthquake do not panic.

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