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Many women dream about beautiful curls. Now in order to get the perfect curls you need to go to a salon because it appeared on the market one of a kind machine to create curls MiraCurl BaByliss Pro. Thanks to her dream becomes a reality at an affordable price. With this innovation now you can save your time and money in the future. BaByliss Pro help on any holiday or important event to look at 100%, to please yourself and delight others.

machine to create curls miracurl babyliss proDue to the numerous functions the machine to create curls MiraCurl Babyliss Pro quite easy to use. And selecting the desired time and temperature, you can create curls desired look and shape.

Functionality perfect Curling

Temperature control provides three modes of operation (190, 210, 230 °). The range allows you to cheat as thin and weak hair, so thick.

babyliss proTiming allows you to adjust the residence time of the strands in the ceramic chamber. The longer I am in the camera hair, the more expressive will curl. In 8 seconds you can achieve soft waves, after 10 seconds, you can get easy curls and for more curls cool take up to 12 seconds.

Curling irons have the silent function works. Selecting it, will have control over the duration of Curling.

The Machine to create curls MiraCurl BaByliss Pro is also equipped with an adjustable direction of laying, which allows you to create the desired shape and volume of the curls.

Chic curls just quickly and permanently

babyliss pro miracurlJust three stages and a perfect score there! So, let's begin.

Stage 1. Wash, dry and well-comb hair. To choose the direction of the curl, setting temperature and time. Separate a small strand of hair (3-5 cm), place it in the BaByliss Pro MiraCurl, departing from the roots 4 see a Strand of hair need to keep tight and maintain it exactly in the center of the plates. The machine should be positioned so that the visible ceramic part of the chamber was directed to the head. This will help a special mark on the body of the device.

Stage 2. Close the handles of Curling irons, hair is automatically sent to a special chamber for stacking. If this feature is enabled, followed by a slow audible warnings, their number depends on the laying time: 3 signal – duration 8 seconds, 4 signal – the duration of 10 seconds, 5 signals – duration 12 seconds. The stacking process can be considered completed, when you hear 4 rapid audible warnings.

Stage 3. Open stick Curling. This will allow you to release the curl. Then you can retrieve the machine. It is important to know that if you remove the Tong handles with closed, the lock will direct.

And now, you can enjoy luxurious curls. The result lasts for a long time, hair can be further secured with nail Polish.

Useful facts

The Machine to create curls MiraCurl BaByliss Pro made of glossy plastic, complemented by a rotating wire. If the device in one hour is offline, it will automatically turn off.

The kit includes a special device which you can use to clean the chamber for styling curls. This should be done regularly to avoid the formation of deposits and accumulation of residues of the applied means on the inner walls of the chamber.

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