Registration of sale of land: procedures and rules


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The Right of property is a fundamental one, enshrined in our Constitution. Applicable laws the procedure for the possession, purchase, transfer and other actions with real estate and land plots. Documenting the purchase and sale of land - a necessary condition for the vesting of ownership and confirmation of their rights.

Countryside construction in our country is gaining more momentum. For the construction of the house required land that can be obtained possession of in different ways. Every citizen, according to the legislation of our country, has the right to receive land from the state. However, the location they are rarely can make even the most undemanding of the applicant. Another option – purchasing, offers a lot - and from individuals and from organizations.

making the sale and purchase of land

The Procedure for conducting such transactions is defined by the Land Code. They also provided a list of required documents. The main legal act is notarized contract on land purchase. The relevant Ministry developed form of this document. Standard contract for the sale of the land can be found online on specialized websites or in any notary office.

The conduct of land transactions

The sequence of actions of the buyer about this: search and selection of the object, qualify, diligence, valuation, drafting and signing of the contract and its registration by the authorized body. As can be seen from the scheme, registration of sale of land – one of the most important stages of this process.


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a typical contract of sale of land

The Contract is developed by the notary on the basis of provided documents. Then it is submitted to the parties for review and study. Errors, inaccuracies and correct invalid, because it can lead to difficulties in registration of rights to land. Practice shows that the involvement of professional lawyers for such matters is justified and allows to avoid problems in the future.

List of documents for registration of the contract

During the preparatory phase, it is first necessary to establish the ownership of the acquired land. As a supporting document can be submitted with the appropriate certification, the state act, the deed of gift and the like. In the case of representation of the interests of the owner of the third party issued a power of attorney. All documents for purchase and sale of land transferred to the notary.

The identity of the buyer and seller shall be determined on passports or equivalent documents. Valuation of land is done by the relevant specialists. They prepare a statement indicating the price which is the calculation of the state fee. Registration of sale of land is carried out with the personal participation of the parties or their representatives.

Sign the contract and certificates

Transactions with land plots or real estate subject to registration at the notary at the place of their location. Find out office address in regional Department of the Ministry of justice. During the procedure of signing the documents, the notary establishes the identity of the seller and buyer and their capacity. The contract is read aloud, if necessary, is the explanation of its provisions.

documents for the sale and purchase of land

The Parties then put their signatures confirming their intentions on the transaction. The procedure for signing is as follows: first the seller, then the buyer. The certification produced by the notary, registration of the corresponding record on the document and application of the official seal. The journal is a record about the performed action.

The Contract is made and signed in two copies, they are transferred to the hands of the parties-the seller and therefore buyer. In Affairs of the notary remains a certified photocopy them. Information about the transaction recorded in the public registry, which serves as the basis for checks of the status of the site.

Timely and legally competent registration of the sale of the land serves as confirmation of your rights and the guarantee of the inviolability of property.

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