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How many types of aliens there in space? Presumably, a great many. It would be naive to believe that humanity is the only race in the infinity of space. Our universe holds many mysteries. We can't know how alien lives in it, but we can talk about how many species of aliens known to date, ufologists, and what the characteristics of each of them. This is what we will cover today.

Let's Start from afar - refer to this science as logic. One of the popular jobs in this discipline is: "Determine the type of the concept of volume". Alien is an uncertain concept. What does it mean?

As is known, all notions of volume are divided into indeterminate, empty, universal and the singular. Single – those containing only one element (A. S. Pushkin, Moscow). General – those that include two or more elements ("river", "planet"). The volume of empty concepts is the empty set. In other words, it does not include any subject from universe of discourse ("perpetual motion", "water"). And finally, vague concepts-such, which to date is not installed. It belongs to them and "alien". As you can see, it is impossible to set clear boundaries we are interested in the concept.

Our information about how many types of aliens exist, based on information received from the contactees, who claimed that they were able to go on a space ship or talk to aliens. In addition, data on them were collected from mediums who have established channels to communicate with them through channeling.

There is a special science - exobiology happens to be, which gives us more accurate information about the different types of aliens. Ufologists the stories of the witnesses and the results of the research concluded that there are several races of aliens, which differ from each other by their appearance. The aliens have a completely different appearance, each race is determined by its character and unique features.


These amazing humanoids in appearance resemble insects. Insectoids-specific, extremely rare race of aliens. They are characterized by large and convex compound eyes. The extremities of these aliens have a bizarre form. They are sharp, and resemble claws or tentacles.


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types of aliens

Insectoids have incredible features that allow them to carry out space travel at high speeds. The aliens of this species can withstand large accelerations (up to 40 g). The gravitational overloads they can easily withstand tremendous pressure.

Tsiolkovsky determined the characteristics of insects. He personally studied cockroaches, conducted tests on them. This scientist was one of the first have determined that the insects are able to carry huge acceleration and large changes in gravity much better than mammals and animals. Not only when braking or fast flying space ship leads to intensive stress. In the case of sharp changes of direction of the ship celebrated an incredible load. Only the alien ship is able to stay at full speed, and, frozen for a moment, instantly change your course by 90°.

Three-toed giants

These aliens have often been seen in Lower Saxony (Germany). Distinctive features of this race is as follows:

  • Large increase (from two to three meters);
  • Large luminous eyes, resembling car headlights, as well as a huge head;
  • Blurred external features, ears and nose are not allocated;
  • The representatives of this race the skin is special, with a light-blue hue;
  • The limbs of humanoids are very impressive: awkward long hair, more head size, just three fingers.

Ufologists found that the representatives of this race are of the male gender. It was also observed that these giant Cyclops never appear alone. An entourage of midgets (of course, also of cosmic origin) is sure to accompany them.


Reptoid – very interesting creatures. This species of aliens are called so because their skin is scaly. In addition, reptoid cold blooded, like amphibians. They have a lumpy torso, the extremities of these aliens were seen long claws. Yellow and green tints that glow, their eyes are frightening. In the mouth area and nose they have a trunk resembling a blunt process, giving these creatures like dragons, almost human appearance.

types of aliens photo

Some argue that the reptoid characterized by a tendency to aggression and sexual violence against representatives of the human race. Contactees even liken these aliens Satan and his army. It is believed that the aliens of this kind – representatives of the dark forces of the Universe relating to the demonic field. According to some information, any mention of the name of Christ causes a negative reaction from the reptoid. There is even a suggestion that a representative of this race is the prototype of the biblical serpent who tempted in the times of Adam and eve. Some believe that the reptoid have a very powerful energy, however they are extremely kind and sensitive creatures. But more common still is the belief about their hostilityhumanity.


Space dwarfs, unlike the reptoids are peaceful creatures. Generally they accompany other humanoids, more frightening. Yet there have been cases of individual visits to Earth of space midgets.

Briefly describe the appearance of the aliens of this type. The growth of these creatures is about a meter, they have short legs with hooves. The forelegs are long, the dwarfs, they have three fingers. The hands of space midgets very thin. They dangle and hang to the ground. However, this does not prevent the dwarves to move quickly, and also to escape from the persecution of the curious.

Thus, the appearance of space midgets funny enough. With regard to the nature, he they are friendly. Dwarfs usually dressed in silver spacesuits. A thin film which covers the nose, mouth and ears like a mask, there is on their face. It seems that the dwarfs hide from us his appearance, leaving open only the eyes.

determine the type of the concept of volume

Maybe some people saw space aliens, and the inhabitants of the Earth in carnival masks and costumes? This question should be answered in the negative. After all, people with such features of appearance, such a specific anatomical data simply does not exist on our planet. And why would make a carnival procession in Lower Saxony, a rather deserted place?

Synthetic workers

This alien race has its own specific features. Their representatives are believed to be even capable of telepathy. The growth of these creatures is about 1.1 m. Their intelligence is compared to that of a swarm of bees. The representatives of this race were seen mostly aboard their space ships and in underground bases created by these aliens.

Gray humanoids

The Growth of gray humanoids also small. He is from 0.9 to 1.2 m. Representatives of this race mean plain. They differ lean body, their limbs are underdeveloped. Fingers grey humanoid is very thin, on the tips of them has sticky suction cups or sharp claws. The classic image of the representatives of this race are the following: huge head (bald), grey skin, and blurred facial features, slightly protruding nose, the lip line is poorly defined.

what types of aliens

The Evidence about the gray aliens were received mostly from Americans. In July of 1947 in new Mexico (Roswell) was the famous crash of an alien spaceship. The remains of gray humanoids (pictured above) found then on the scene. Scientists conducted autopsies of the bodies and found that the structure of the internal organs of these aliens is truly amazing. They have no outlets and digestive system, and instead of blood was an unknown substance. The liver and heart pathology was also not found – perhaps the humanoids lacked these organs. As for the brain, its nerve tissue was significantly different from the human. There was no gray matter, but the brain was well formed, had good structure.

Texas was also fixed crash alien ships, on Board of which were found the bodies of gray aliens. In 1947 in the United States, the visits of these creatures was very common. The impression that this country chose for their research, the aliens. The U.S. government was seriously concerned about frequent visits of uninvited guests. They seriously considered the possibility of their mass invasion and were preparing for it. Fortunately, the invasion never took place.

Among the grey found such an interesting type, as the long-nosed grey. The growth of these beings is about 2.4 m. These aliens have a genetic structure similar to insects. They have no external genitals. In relation to people these aliens are very aggressive. Think of the band with Orion, the main purpose of which is the alleged capture of humanity and its enslavement.

types of extraterrestrials on earth

Another type of – grey with Colors Reticuli. Many victims of kidnappings and witnesses described the small robot-like creatures. Others noted that this is a short, stocky aliens in dark overalls. Their faces are wide, depending on the lighting they are dark blue or dark gray shade. They have deep-set beady eyes, wide mouths and upturned noses. Other types referred to by witnesses who do not look human.


According to some, the group from Sirius, like gray, was involved in the kidnapping. The growth of these creatures is about two meters. They have blond hair, close-cropped. Their eyes blue, with the following feature: vertical pupils, like cats. These creatures supposedly are part of the group, which arrived from Orion, to take our planet under control.

Humanoids dressed in black

There are some types of UFOs, aliens of which can easily be taken for people because their appearance is virtually indistinguishable from a human. Humanoids dressed in black, for example, are very similar to us. It would seem that they should not cause terror among the witnesses. However, these humanoids dressed in special black garments, so their appearance is intimidating. The aliens belonging to this race were discovered in almost all regions of our planet. Most often,eyewitnesses watchedas they come out of his ship, falls in front of everyone on the ground. People from different countries reported that representatives of this race appeared in a team to carry out repairs on the ship.

There were cases when the black aliens were to contact us. However, the tone of their communication, according to witnesses, was demanding and daring. They owned it well enough, but the manner of speaking of these humanoids reminiscent of the slang, characteristic of the criminal environment. Aliens always wore black suits, and on his head they had black armbands.

Witnesses while chatting with them felt fear as these creatures threatened them and demanded not to tell anyone about their visit. Aliens in the conversation were interested in the profession and the lives of their interlocutors. Various small household items was very interesting, what surprised the witnesses. Some even considered that these aliens are the hermits who have long lived in isolation from civilization. Others suggested that the security workers living on military bases of the fourth Reich.

Nordic Aliens

The Representatives of this race very similar to humans. Their appearance has the traits that are inherent to the Nordic race:

  • High growth;
  • Blond hair
  • Pleasant look.

appearance of the aliens

The Nordic type Aliens normally avoid people, however, according to the witnesses, they have friendly and peaceful nature. These aliens have mostly been men, however, there were women who possessed amazing beauty. American T. the Bathroom provided information about one such alien named Aura. He said that at night met her in the wilderness. Alien flying on a space ship that landed in 1952. Aura bowed the Bathroom base on our planet, "the Sanctuary of thought." The purpose of this community was to be peace on Earth.

Types of aliens visiting the Earth are numerous. We told only about the main races. Aliens scare you? Try to find out if they are.

Dangerous aliens

Describing different types of aliens, photos, which, unfortunately, little can be concluded, that among them there are peaceful and hostile. Therefore, one cannot argue that the aliens are good or bad. The types of aliens, hostile to humanity (reptoid, long-nosed grey humanoid, the group from Sirius, etc.), are threatening us with violence. They predict the coming catastrophe on our planet. On the contrary, a peaceful species of aliens talking about peace and goodness. There are aliens, which aims to create colonies on Earth. According to a fairly common version, aliens with earthlings want to change and improve their gene pool. To this end, the aliens secretly kidnapped representatives of the human race and conduct tests on them. So there are hybrids that create aliens. Species, races and varieties are hybrids, probably numerous. At least, descriptions of them vary greatly.


Almost all types of aliens on Earth are more interested in the biology of humans. However, not all of them are the kidnappers. What types of aliens take on their ships people for research? Many of the victims claim that gray. Victims of kidnapping or just observers often talk about how certain types of aliens performed medical experiments on the reproductive organs of people. Some say that they were forced to engage in sexual relations with aliens. Others showed newborns or embryos resulting from contact between aliens and humans.

types of aliens visiting earth

What are the intentions of pursuing different types of aliens? Why would they create hybrids? Some believe that they want to get a "superior race", combining the best qualities of the alien and human. Space you wish to prevent your escape or to rescue people. It is not excluded that the friendly species of aliens are going to relocate to a distant planet of a group of people. The fact that the human society, they believe, goes to destruction.

Now you know what are the different types of aliens. Photos and images of aliens are going to help you to correctly classify the possible meeting. And it should not be deleted - you need to be ready for anything.

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