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Such cakes as cupcakes, prepare, perhaps, in almost every house. This is not surprising. Because to make such a dessert can be based on a variety of products, and preparing it is quite simple. In addition, there are lots of options for toppings for such food products. Today we offer you to learn how to cook muffins with currants. We will look at some of the most successful recipes.muffins with currants

Muffins with black currant

These cupcakes turn out very tender and airy. Cook them simply and quickly. Even if you have no special culinary experience, then this recipe you will be able to master without any problems.


To make muffins, the recipe of which we are considering, we need foods from the following list: butter or margarine-100 grams, flour – 190 grams, baking powder – one sachet, sugar-200 grams milk-120 ml, two eggs, a Cup of black currants for the filling. Also, you can sprinkle the finished product with vanilla or powdered sugar. Bake better muffins with currants in silicone molds. So they will be easier to get.cheesecake cupcakes with currants


Butter are advised to take out from the fridge to start cooking it softened. To melt it is not necessary. So, beat the softened butter with the sugar. Then add eggs and warm milk. Mix thoroughly. In a separate bowl combine the sifted flour and baking powder. Then, these bulk ingredients are introduced into the dough. Black currant pour a couple tablespoons of flour. Then the berries are sent to the dough. Stir gently to avoid damage to the currant. Silicone molds lubricated with oil and two-thirds fill the resulting test. To bake our cupcakes with currants will be in the oven for about half an hour at 180 degrees. The finished product should be cool. Then they can be removed from the molds and optionally sprinkle with vanilla or powdered sugar.

Cheese muffins with currants and poppy seeds

If you have a little ricotta, you can pamper yourself and your home with delicious cakes baked from this recipe. These cupcakes will turn out very fragrant, tasty and tender. For their preparation you will need ingredients such as 170 grams of cottage cheese, one egg, four tablespoons of flour, teaspoon of baking powder, a handful of black currants, three tablespoons of poppy seeds, 50 ml of milk 30 grams of sugar, a tablespoon of sunflower oil and vanilla essence. As for berries, they can be used as frozen and fresh. From the specified quantity of products you get six cupcakes. If you want to receive more food products, you can easily calculate how much you need of ingredients.


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The brewing Process

Made cheesecake muffins with currants and poppy seeds very easily and quickly. To begin to combine the sugar and egg in a large bowl. Then add curd and mix well. Enter the remaining ingredients. Stir. Add berries, mix and spread on the baking molds. To bake our delicious cupcakes are about 40 minutes. Bon appetit!muffins with currants in silicone molds

Sour cream Muffins with currants

We Offer you another recipe quick to prepare and tasty dessert. To make the cupcakes, we will of the following products: 250 grams of sugar and flour, 50 grams butter, 200 grams of sour cream, a packet of baking powder, half Cup of black currants, three eggs, a packet of vanillin.

Moving on to the cooking. Combine sugar, vanilla and eggs. Whisk. Add sour cream and softened butter. Mix well. Enter the sifted flour and baking powder. Knead the dough. Berries pour a small amount of flour. Add the currants to the dough, which is then spread on moulds. Muffins with currants should bake about 20 minutes in preheated oven.

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