How to open a Bank account abroad?


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Some ten years ago, the Russians were able to open accounts abroad only with the permission of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, or living in another country. Times have changed, now a private person can freely choose any Bank in the countries recognized by the Central Bank is trustworthy.

Before opening a foreign Bank account, you need to find out all about its features. First, there is an excellent chance to entrust your money to one of the world's most reliable banks, and not be confined to Russian financial institutions. Second, savings will be protected from the devaluation of the national currency. You need to consider that the interest on the accounts in comparison with Russian banks abroad are much lower. Tax service of the Russian Federation will not be able to control the deposits, but at the request of the foreign banks are still required to provide all necessary data.

Before you can open a Bank account, you need to understand that it can be used only for costs or savings. For example, American banks are more beneficial for costs. The account opening procedure can take up to three months, all this time the organization will take to identify the client.

How to open a Bank accountThere are only two ways how to open a Bank account. The first is the personal presence of the client with a full package of documents in the Bank office. The second method is to transfer all authority for the account opening firm-the intermediary. In this case, the customer only needs to provide samples of their signature, to appear in person is not necessary.

There is a third way to open a Bank account – over the Internet. But it is acceptable only for those who live in the country. To non-residents this option is not suitable. Today, many foreign banks are exercising caution to foreign customers, there are even some that have Russia in the black list, respectively, the Russian citizens are in such financial institutions do not have the ability to open an account.

How to open a foreign Bank accountBefore you open a U.S. Bank account, in most cases, you should have SSN, ID. You will also need to fill out a profile, answering standard questions about whether there is a property, open accounts in other banks, what is the composition of family, place of work, etc. may Also be asked to provide a receipt, on which was listed the address of residence of the customer.

A foreign financial institution impose any restrictions that I should know before you open a Bank account. For example, to not pay monthly for the service account, you need to keep the balance of a certain amount of money or belong to a specific social group.

How to open an account in an American BankSome entrepreneurs interested in the question about how to open a Bank account, with the intention of concealing income from the tax service of the Russian Federation. It is possible to forget at once, as many companies began to increased the fight against money laundering. They suspected look for clients that they often come in large amount from the CIS countries. Person or have to explain how he got such income, or the Bank simply makes a blacklist and strikes from some of its customers.

Open a foreign Bank account is easy, just need to go through a specific registration procedure. It will be easier for those who have a small amount of money because a profitable business can experience some problems.

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