Cole Turner: history of the most complex and unique character of "Enchanted"


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The Series “Enchanted” is considered to be a cult. His popularity came in the late 90s-early 2000-ies, but until now he has kept a lot of fans around the world and many TV channels are happy to launch it into the ether every couple of years. Such glory and success of the project in the first place obliged the actors and the characters they embodied. Themselves witch sisters already discussed millions of times, but there are other excellent characters that deserve special attention, in particular – Cole Turner.

Cole Turner

The War within

This is the most versatile, interesting, unusual and underrated character “Enchanted”. According to many fans, inept hero “leaked”, did not give him a decent storyline completion and generally spoiled as they could. But all this is poetry, after all, how many people-so many opinions. Anyway, more odious, difficult and unusual character in the series could not be found. What is so “hooked” spectators Cole Turner? Actor-handsome Julian McMahon doesn't count. The whole story of this character in the series focused on deep internal struggle. Is it possible to answer unequivocally that he won in this battle? Only if a detailed analysis of the hero's journey and try to make sense of it.

Cole Turner real name

Introduction and origin of conflict

In the North American state of California January 19, 1885 was born a son of a politician of Benjamin Coleridge the demoness Turner and Elizabeth Turner. The half-human-half-demon Cole Turner, whose real name is Balthazar, lost his father at the age of three. Naturally, growing up among the demons, Cole and he fully plunged into its second dark essence. Having mastered the profession of lawyer, for many years he used it to cover up evil. This information viewers will learn from the story further.

Cole Turner for the first time early in the third season as a district attorney. He meets sisters Halliwell and trying to get to them in confidence. Witches don't know, but Cole is entrusted with the task from the Triad to kill the Charmed ones. Trying to fall in love with younger sister Phoebe, the half-demon did not notice how in love with himself. He couldn't do the job, opened the beloved, and defended her sisters, betrayed by his superiors and killed a Triad, openly going to the good side. In fact, his internal conflict started when in love the human side for the first time in a century began to prevail over the ruthless and cruel demon.


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Cole Turner actor

Love, struggle, obsession

At First, Phoebe fought for Cole, supported, deceived the sisters, who had not taken her man. For the first time, Cole Turner, loved and was loved. Before the demon was not even friends, and now there is something worth fighting for, first and foremost, with his inner evil. In the end, the sisters even helped Cole get rid of the dark entity. That's just the story was such that Turner's deception forced to take the dark forces defeated the Master, and he became the Source of Evil.

At this stage, surrendered to Phoebe. Desperate girl, though married to a demon, but in the end are unable to help him and killed his beloved. Once in a demonic purgatory, Cole Turner was able to survive there and come back only due to one force-love. But he came quite different: not a demon, not a Master, but something completely different and immortal. However, our hero remained the same Cole. He wanted to be with Phoebe and tried to be good for her.

After Receiving repeated failure, Turner, who had no longer anything that he could cling to, was crazy. The former demon has created an alternate universe to be with a girl who craved more than anything. But there Cole became mortal, and the sisters killed him a second time.

End of history

It Seemed that the demon can be forgotten, but in season 7, Cole returned. In that moment, when Piper was in a coma, she was able to help out our hero. Cole Turner was imprisoned in an alternate reality where there is no escape into the material world. All these years he was looking after sisters, invisibly protected them and even helped Phoebe find happiness with Drake. And he was doomed to an eternal existence without love…

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