LG TV 42LA643V. Owner reviews, specifications, adjustment procedure


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Nominally LG 42LA643V belongs to television devices of the average level, but he lacks this one important options - Smart TV. And all other relevant multi-media technology centers mid-range in this case is. It is this decision from the eminent South Korean manufacturer and will be discussed in this article.

lg 42la643v

In some cases, optimally a TV to use? Equipment

High degree of flexibility on the background of direct competitors can be released LG 42LA643V. The reviews really focus on his performance. But there is one significant caveat - is the absence in the software of the device such option as Smart TV. If a special need is not present, even as the main TV device will look quite well considered decision. Moreover, it can be placed in the living room, the kitchen, cafe or restaurant, in shopping Mall or supermarket. All the necessary specifications for any such application he has. A picking list in this case consists of:

  • A Television device with a single holder.

  • The Power cord.

  • The control Panel. For organizing the power supply in the list of delivery the manufacturer has included a set of batteries.

  • A Complete guide to building and customizing in hard copy.

  • The Pass with the extended warranty obligations of the manufacturer.

Only one remark can be put forward to the previously given list is the lack of a vertical installation. But now it is a natural and even in the case of buying the most expensive TV it will have to be purchased separately.


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Characteristics. Picture. Sound

Based on LG 42LA643V lies a typical matrix of the middle level and very large format by current standards of 42 inches. It is made by technology TN+Film. Its maximum corresponds to a resolution of 1920x1080 or 1080p. The angles of her make up 178° horizontal and exactly the same vertically. Weight is 12.4 kg. Excellent sound features of LG 42LA643V. Characteristics distinguish the presence of two speakers with a nominal sound power of 10 watts. In sum, it allows to count on 20 watts. Among other important features of the device include the availability of 3D technology.

lg 42la643v reviews

Product order settings. The Assembly

A Very simple and intuitive procedure settings can boast of a television device mid-range LG 42LA643V. It consists of 3 basic steps:

  1. Extract from the shipping cartons and assembled.

  2. The connection in full.

  3. Setting software considered a multimedia center.

The First step is simple. For its implementation need only according to the enclosed instructions to assemble are considering in this material, a multimedia center.


The Actual mount operation LG 42LA643V consists of 2 important stages. One of them is the organization of power supply of the device. And the second input connection of the signal cable. In the first stage, the plug of the power cord connected to a wall outlet AC power. On the second cable with the TV signal to the ANT IN.

As the same source signal may be a conventional antenna, and a set of satellite equipment and system cable provider. If necessary, the expansion slots necessary to install a plug-in decoding. This component is sold separately. The important point is before buying a mandatory to ensure that the decoding module is intended for open television broadcasts in your area.

lg 42la643v characteristics

Configuring the software

To Properly configure the software you need at the final stage of such a universal multimedia device like the LG TV 42LA643V. Reviews at this point to the importance of the source selection. The main feature here is that after logging in the menu “settings” and select the sub-item "Channels" you need to activate the operation “Auto”. After that, you will be prompted as to what is the source of the signal. And here already it is necessary to choose whether the local antenna, or cable equipment or satellite set. Then the search operation is carried out automatically. In the end don't forget to save the received search result on the list of channels.

lg TV 42la643v reviews

Cost. Reviews. Results

Now this TV can be purchased at a price in 17000-19000 rubles. Minus one and it is very significant - is the lack of support for Smart TV. The advantages include the same picture quality, affordable price, an impressive variety of connection methods and acceptable specifications. All the benefits of LG 42LA643V more than cover the lack of Smart TV. In a pinch you can always buy a mini-PC and eliminate even this only drawback.

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