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At a distance of over 1300 kilometers from Moscow and about 100-120 kilometers away from the Black and Azov seas freely stretched under the hot southern sun city of Krasnodar. The population increase rapidly, so the city is very attractive place for developers. Residential complex «Kalina-Park” is a vivid example.

"Park Kalina"


London — the unofficial capital of the Kuban, the largest economic and cultural center of the North Caucasus. Ranked first in the ranking of cities with growing business activity. In a complex environmental situation due to the large number of motor vehicles.


London — a major industrial center. The enterprises located in the city, runs about a third of the entire population. This is instrument-making, Metalworking, construction, clothing, furniture, food and other products.

Besides, Krasnodar is among the three leaders, along with Moscow and St. Petersburg, the pace and volume of construction of residential property. Such high rates are provided in the developer's residential complex «Kalina-Park” - “the trust’.


«Kalina-Park” is located in Prikubansky city district of Krasnodar city, one of the best areas from the point of view of the environmental situation. The developer has tried to create for its buyers of such housing, which would have pleased their clean air, tranquility and picturesque view. If we talk specifically about the address where is located the ‘Kalina-Park”, it is a Russian village in the Northern part of Krasnodar. In fact, this is the same city. The complex is located in the streets of General Petrov, Izmail and Komarov.


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LCD "Kalina-Park"

How to reach

Access to the residential complex «Kalina-Park” there is no difficulty or problem. For those who are accustomed to travel by their own vehicles, enough from downtown to go to the Rostov highway or street Russian. Then, you should turn to Jogging in the first embodiment or the Shady — the second. They will lead on the street Komarova directly to the residential complex. For travelling by public transport provided by taxis, a bus stop is right next to the complex. The road from the center takes no more than 15-20 minutes.

Complex "Kalina-Park"

Description and features

The Complex «Kalina-Park” project consists of seven houses of brick. Around are only low-rise residential buildings, so the buildings will be visible even from afar. All the permits can be seen on the official website of the developer.

LCD «Kalina-Park" (Krasnodar) for multiple queues. The deadline of the last scheduled for the end of 2017. The complex was designed in the class of “comfort”. The housing stock consists mainly of studios, one and two bedroom apartments. There are three, but in very limited quantities. The power demand is dominated by one-bedroom. All the apartments are designed with balconies or loggias. On the landing there are on average 7-9 apartments.

Residential complex "Kalina-Park"

Each section of a residential building equipped with freight Elevator. The complex will be equipped with its own gas boiler. Flats in «Kalina-Park" of the surrender by the developer in finishing the finish. This includes the following: installed plastic Windows, entrance metal door, radiators, metering devices of electricity and water. The walls are plastered with on the floor is screed on retraction of the cable.

The safety of the residents of the complex is guaranteed enclosed yard area which cannot be accessed by car. In addition, the outdoor area is equipped with surveillance cameras.

Infrastructure: internal and external

«Kalina-Park" (Krasnodar) the project developer is situated in one of the most favorable areas of the city — the village of Russian. It can quickly get to any point of the city, because here there are a lot of public transport.

The Territory will be equipped with everything necessary for children and adults. It envisages the construction of children playgrounds and sports playgrounds for children, walking alleys with comfortable benches along the way for parents. For owners of private vehicles will be built two open Parking and Parking for 201 cars.

With regard to the external infrastructure, as a “Kalina-Park” located within the city limits, it has the full right to dispose of the entire developed social infrastructure of Krasnodar. It's walking distance to a secondary school, kindergarten, pharmacy, shops. Also close to supermarkets and only in Krasnodar-hour fitness center.

"Kalina-Park" reviews

Feedback about the complex

«Kalina-Park” feedback from residents had time to collect in sufficient quantity. Have any new buildings theypositive and negative.

Positive more associated with smart choice by the developer location of the complex, away from industrial enterprises and from the polluted atmosphere of the city, near the lake and forest. Also pleases buyers of apartments that residential houses are not very tight, allowing the sun to penetrate the Windows of apartments, and tenants walk through the alleys.

Negative reviews due to the delay in construction. Some investors even go to court to recover liquidated damages under the contract of share participation. Some are not satisfied with the condition of the roads around the complex. But probably this problem will later be solved by the developer.

Apartments and cost

As already mentioned, the complex offers mainly apartments for small families: one bedroom and two bedroom. The first area is approximately 44 square meter, the cost is 36 thousand rubles for one square meter. One bedroom start from 58 square meters and over 72 square meters. Their cost per square meter at about the same level as that one.

To Purchase a living space in several ways: for cash and use of credit (mortgages). There are installment payments, shall be accepted for payment of maternity capital.

For those who want to live outdoors, but in urban areas or within the city itself, a better option than «Kalina-Park" not found. It is both life in the village, and the opportunity to use the entire infrastructure of the city. Moving to Krasnodar for permanent residence this apartment complex is a godsend. The cost of apartments in it are quite adequate, and the pleasure that the owner will experience here can be compared only with the pleasure of living in a suburban private house.

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