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The restaurant "Brighton" is located in the eponymous hotel in the capital. It is known for its cozy atmosphere. Here you can spend a good time or celebrate an event.

Place Description

This place is very popular not only among guests but also local residents. This restaurant in the center of Moscow has a high level of service. And incredible cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent, even the most experienced culinary gourmet. If you are planning an important event, featuring three Banquet halls, which are decorated each in a separate and unique style.

Brighton restaurant


In the restaurant you can celebrate different events: a wedding, children's party, anniversary, corporate party, reunion and other celebrations. Pastel interior, unique lighting solutions and nice live music will leave unforgettable memories for your guests. A restaurant "Brighton" is a great place where you can try delicious dishes of European cuisine.

a restaurant in Central Moscow

Address and contacts of the institution

In the center of Moscow there is a restaurant called "Brighton": Petrovsko-Razumovsky proezd, 29 - address of the institution. The nearest metro stations are nearby from the hotel – «Dynamo» and «Airport». To clarify the details of the menu, book a table for the evening or arrange a Banquet in the restaurant, you can contact us by phone: +7-495-665-75-85. The school opens at 10am, closes at midnight. Even if you have an urgent event or business meeting, you can count on the restaurant “Brighton”. Menu it will not leave indifferent even the most refined gourmet.


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restaurant Brighton Petrovsko-Razumovsky proezd


“Brighton” there are several halls for events. They have different capacities and conditions of the lease:

  1. Banquet hall “European”. Can take from 20 to 60 persons. It can be closed when the event cost from 90 thousand and above. The rent of the hall is 120 thousand, including managerial services. Without closure can accommodate at the table up to 20 persons.
  2. “Russian” hall. Designed for 20-50 people. The cost and conditions of rent of this room is similar to the previous.
  3. A Summer terrace. Its capacity ranges from 30 to 80 people. The rental price net of closing is from 120 000 rubles.

restaurant Brighton menu


A restaurant in Central Moscow under the name of "Brighton" provides services to its guests for conducting different kinds of events. If you have chosen for your event this place, it should be remembered that the cost of the Banquet menu for one person is from 3000 rubles. Maintenance will be charged interest – 10% of the total amount of the check.

You are Allowed to bring your own alcohol cork fee will be charged in the amount of 500 rubles per person. Booking any hall makes the first payment of 30% of the total order. The remaining funds are paid after the event.

the Brighton restaurant reviews

The Bonuses from places

If you choose to hold your wedding Banquet restaurant "Brighton", then remember that you there are some great bonuses:

  • Night in standard room or Junior Suite free of charge. Or you can spend the night in the Suite with 50% discount.
  • In the case of the festival dedicated to calico wedding, given a discount of 20% on hotel bookings.
  • The same bonus is available from Sunday to Thursday.

the Brighton restaurant in Moscow

Additional data

When holding events in the restaurant «Preston» free offers such textile package: tablecloth champagne color, brown skirts made of flax, napaloni for the tables, bows and chair covers grey mouse color. Loud music plays in the halls before closing, and the outside – 11pm. Near the restaurant there is a guarded Parking for 15 places.

The Tables in the hall can be rectangular or round. If you go to a restaurant with kids, then your service special high chairs, children's menu and play sets. When calculating accept credit cards. The restaurant menu includes dishes of Russian and European cuisine (Italian in particular). On weekdays, the restaurant "Brighton" invites you to a business lunch from 12 to 16 hours.

Brighton restaurant

Additional equipment rent and services

If you are planning to hold an event in "Brighton", you should know that can easily bring its equipment for free and take advantage of the donated plasma panels. But the projector screen can be rented for 3 thousand a night. Sound equipment will cost 7 thousand. A restaurant "Brighton" in Moscow are equipped with a dimming system, cannon confetti, air conditioned. There is free Wi-Fi, a dance floor, a wardrobe and a dressing room for the speakers. By arrangement we can organize a karaoke.

the Brighton restaurant in Moscow

Hotel "Brighton" and its infrastructure

The Eponymous restaurant located in the hotel. It is situated near Petrovsky Park. It features an indoor pool, a sauna, Internet access. Necessary free transportation to the nearby metro stations. Rooms of superior categories are air conditioning, a flat-screen satellite TV, telephone, Slippers and bathrobes in the bathrooms. In addition to the pool and sauna, the hotel offers a Playground for the game of tennis. And in Spa it offers massage and beauty services.

What our visitors about the restaurant "Brighton"?

Responses about this online casino in the Internet you can see different. It all depends on what purpose people visit the restaurant that he ordered. If we talk about weddings, in General, people are satisfied, despite some disadvantages. The positive side is called delicious food, especially the Breakfast, nice and comfortable room with pleasant interior, a bonus system for providing wedding rooms young. But note a number of shortcomings of the restaurant: small portions of salads and other snacks, trick staff, which, for example, may not be issued at the end of the event remaining upon alcohol.

a restaurant in Central Moscow

The Nuances in the work of an institution will always be present. But for the restaurant's ‘Brighton”, located in the eponymous hotel, which is considered one of the best in Moscow in terms of price and quality, the advantages noted is still more than the minuses. Another negative moment in the work of the institutions called savings on the preparation of business Lunches. Visitors say that the products that use them, are not fresh. In addition, often cheap ingredients that are significantly different from those used for the main menu of the restaurant.

Great atmosphere, beautiful and cozy rooms, delicious cuisine – it is not indifferent to the guests, which is carried out in this institution. And here is very popular with the hotel guests and just those inhabitants of the capital who want a tasty lunch, to take a date or business meeting. In the center of Moscow restaurant "Brighton" is a great choice for any occasion.


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