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This fun children's cartoon today is incredibly popular. It would love to see how boys and girls and their parents. Desperate rescuers – Marshall, Zuma, Skye, Rider, Rock, Everest – caught the fancy of many viewers. Small birthday unusually vivid and tasty cake fondant “omega”. If desired, the meal can be cooked with his own hands.

figure of omega

Cake fondant “omega”: tools and materials

This master class is dedicated to the creation of the figure of the Rider. Other puppies can be done on the same principle, slightly changing only the colour of the postmark and some details. To make a cake for children “omega”, you should use:

  • Rolling pin;
  • Mat;
  • Stack a ball on the end;
  • Scalpel
  • Knife;
  • Toothpick;
  • Candy gel;
  • Water for wetting fingers;
  • Powdered sugar.

Main material

Mastic is the main material constituting each figurine “Puppy patrol”. It is best to use the paste created on the basis of dry milk or powdered sugar. This material dries very quickly, unlike the mastic, made from gelatin, it is well takes the desired shape and all the bends repeats almost perfectly. This postmark experienced bakers suggest to create three-dimensional figures “Puppy patrol”.

cake for kids paw patrol

In the process, the material will have to paint it in different colors. For vileplume figures of Rider require mastic blue, yellow, brown, white and black shades. Accordingly, the figures of the other characters are created from material of other colors.


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Dyes use of gel liquid, easy to mix with cement. After drying the pieces on its surface does not remain divorces.

How to make cake fondant “omega”: sculpt the head of a Driver

Molding and mastic figures similar to the same process using polymer clay or plasticine. Therefore it is possible should be trained in advance to sculpt a cartoon character.

First, it is necessary to roll a ball of black mastic – this is the head of the puppy. Of the ball is smaller, cobbled together from the yellow mass, you should make a triangle and glue it to the front, like a beak. Attach top two yellow circle eyes. Next, form the mouth of the dog: lower triangle to attach a piece of mastic. In the center put a small black ball – it will be the nose. White unpainted putty create two round eyes, pressed stack in the center using gel dye put two black dots.

Sculpt the body of a puppy

The Next stage of making cake fondant “omega” is the manufacture of the body figures.

Blue mastic rolled oval, and then – a small circle of brown. Both pieces attach to each other, and you roll hands on the table so that the pieces stuck together along the seam – so get the body of the puppy. Further, from the dark brown mastic should roll a little sausage, on top to it is attached a ball of yellow and also rolled along the table, connecting both parts. You need to create four of these blanks, they turn their front and back paws “rescuer”. Top center inserted toothpicks, necessary in order to attach them to the body.

how to make cake fondant paw patrol

Parts, decorate figure

With the help of toothpick legs attach to the torso. A bead of black mastic roll, pressed it round the stack, the lower part is smeared with gel and glued at the top and front of the body of the dog. In the center of the ball stick a toothpick in it to attach the head. The connection is pre-lubricated with gel.

On the chest of the puppy glued a strip of white paste, attached it with the stack. Using the stack, cut a Pentagon badge and stick it on the breast of the figure on top is attached a circle of blue mastic. The side attached to the badge on his chest holding the medal in star shape is attached above the eyes brows. From a ball of blue mass it is necessary to form the cap, above the visor to attach the strip of yellow. Do the ears separately and attach to the side of the head. Black mastic creates a ponytail and joins back to the body. At the final stage of the create backpack and attach to the back of the puppy. It is created of black mastic, decorated with brand symbols.

In the process of creating figurines of the character necessary to monitor the proportions of a hero – the head of the Rider must be large, as in the cartoon, the tail – thick and short, ears – long.

Make the cake

After the figure of a Rider is ready, you can proceed to make a dessert. If you wish, you can sculpt figurines of all the main characters of the cartoon, but many Housewives believe that the beautiful decoration of the cake may even be one of them. Especially will delight the small birthday dessert, from the surface to which it will look mastic character, which are his favorite.

cake fondant paw patrol


Use a round and high cake, made using a recipe selected by the owner in accordance with its taste. The surface must be big enough so it could fit the whole created decor. On top of the cake should be covered with a dark green paste, imitating the lawn. The coating should not be smooth, it is necessary to achieve the effect of velvet.

This is applied over the stitched grained confectionery powder green. The top of the cake covered with cream tinted with green dye. The edges of the clearing, placed the ornaments in different colors. You can buy them prepared in a specialty store.

Flowers are individually attached to the surface of the cake using a pastry gel. Lubricated only the reverse side of the flower center. The flower is tightly glued to the surface of the cake and slightly press down with hands. You can “sit” cake butterflies, ladybirds and other jewelry in its sole discretion.

Figures of cartoon characters also are mounted on the gel. They lubricate the soles of the feet. In case of considerable massiveness of the figures they are attached to the surface of the cake, using toothpicks or wooden skewers, which should be carefully inserted into the center of each paw.

Cake fondant “omega” ready. Its not the most simple confection, but the efforts of the home pastry chef will be repaid with interest, because gratitude is a joyful gleam in the eyes of the little birthday.


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