Cod with onions and carrots in the oven: cooking recipes


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Cod Meat is incredibly useful for the human body as it contains vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty amino acids. In addition, it has a great taste and contains minimal amount of calories. For this reason, it is recommended by all nutritionists. Cod with onions and carrots in the oven – this is the best and a very safe way of cooking this wonderful fish.

General cooking principles

Cod – is a big fish, who is usually cooked whole. Often use fillets or steaks. This approach gives a possibility to cook cod in the oven with vegetables, onion, cheese, cream, etc.

An Experienced mistress is recommended to cook the cod in foil or sleeve, as pure and its meat is a little dry. Vegetables and onion enrich the flavor of the fish, giving it juiciness. For cooking fish suitable for all varieties of onions: leek, green shallots, onion. For more juiciness preferably pre-marinated meat. In this case, the fish will have time to soak up the smell of spices and will acquire a new taste.squid with onions and carrots in the oven

Cod is usually sold frozen, so before cooking it must be thawed at room temperature or in the refrigerator. If you decided to cook cod with onions and carrots in the oven, it is perfect as a side dish boiled rice or potatoes.

Codfish with vegetables

How to cook cod with onions and carrots in the oven? There are many recipes, all of them quite simple, so to make a tasty dish, even an inexperienced person. For cooking fish with vegetables we need:


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  1. Fillet of cod & ndash; 0.8 kg.
  2. Salt.
  3. Thyme.
  4. Leeks (only the white part).
  5. Five potatoes.
  6. Five carrots.
  7. Beer – 260 ml.
  8. Sour Cream – 260 ml.
  9. White pepper.
  10. Celery Stalks.
  11. Ten cherry tomatoes.
  12. Tarragon.

My leek and cut it into thin rings. Foil formed plates and arrange the onion on the bottom of them. Wash cod fillet, dry it with a paper towel and a little potseluem, adding white pepper and tarragon.cod in the oven with carrots and onions

Clean and wash carrots, then cut it in cubes. Grind the celery stalks. Tomatoes also wash and cut into halves. Potatoes peeled and shred into slices. When all the vegetables are prepared, they can be a bit of salt. Next spread the onions on the potatoes, fillets, celery, carrots. For every so-called plate of foil to pour a little beer, and then top coat the vegetables with the sour cream. Top season with all branches of thyme and cover with foil. Cod with onions and carrots in the oven bake about forty minutes at a temperature of 170 degrees Celsius.

Fish with onions and carrots

Codfish with onions and carrots in the oven is incredibly delicious. Just two is enough to get a wonderful dish.


  1. Kilo cod.
  2. Carrots-5 pieces
  3. Salt.
  4. Black Pepper.
  5. Four bulbs.
  6. Mayonnaise – 90

This dish is prepared quickly and easily. Preparation should start with the preparation of vegetables. They need to clean and wash, then chop onion shinkuem, carrots and shred on a grater, which is used for cooking Korean salads.

My Cod and carve, removing the fins, tail and head. Cut the fillet portions and put it on a baking sheet, greased. On top of the fish sprinkle with salt and add seasonings. Next, spread a layer of onions, * brush it with mayonnaise, then put the carrots and add mayonnaise again.squid under the carrots and onions in the oven

Now we send the cod with carrots and onions in the oven. During the first ten minutes, bake the fish at 200 degrees, then reduce temperature to 180 degrees and cook for another twenty minutes. The finished fish is served with potatoes and rice.

Cod with cauliflower

The Cod with onions and carrots in the oven you can prepare with the addition of cauliflower.


  1. Kg.
  2. A Small head of cabbage (color).
  3. Cheese – 220 g.
  4. Vegetable Oil.
  5. Egg.
  6. Onion – 1/2 kg.
  7. Tomato paste – 60
  8. Milk – 170 g.
  9. Carrots-350 g.

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees. Coarsely grated peeled carrots and finely chop onions. Then fry in vegetable oil, the prepared vegetables until slightly Golden hue. Fried is ready put in a container for baking with high sides.

Wash the fish fillets under water and dry it with paper towels. Cut it into small pieces and spread a layer of vegetables. Top the dish with salt and add pepper. Send the form to fifteen minutes in the oven.

And do there time, prepare cabbage, deconstructing it into separate florets. My vegetable and boil for ten minutes, then drain off the broth and finely chop the cabbage. squid with onions and carrots in the oven recipes with photos

In a separate container mix egg and milk, add salt and tomato paste. Beat mass until smooth. Remove fillets from oven and spread on top of the cabbage, filling it with an even layer of egg mixture. Then pour the grated cheese. Then send the form into the oven for another thirty minutes. Once on top turn Golden, the fish is ready, on the table it can be served as a separate meal.

Codfish with vegetables and sauce

Can be prepared in the oven, cod with carrots and onions, with the addition of sauce. This fish turns out very juicy and tasty.


  1. Bang & ndash; 0.7 kg.
  2. Ground Pepper.
  3. Two onions.
  4. A teaspoon of sugar.
  5. Cream-230 ml.
  6. Flour – 30 g.
  7. Sunflower Oil.
  8. Dill.
  9. Tomato juice – 230 ml.

The cleaned Onion and cut it into rings, carrots and shred on a grater (use a grater for Korean carrot). Thawed cod carve, slicing into steaks. The fish pepper and salt, and then dip them in flour. In a hot pan fry the steaks in vegetable oil until Golden brown.

Clean the pan should fry onion. When it is ready, remove it to a plate and spread carrots. It should be slightly toasted. For cooking we will need a deep form. Grease the bottom with butter and lay the fish, then fried vegetables.squid with onions and carrots baked in the oven recipe with photo

In a separate container mix the cream and tomato juice, not forgetting to add the sugar, salt and black pepper. This sauce is poured on top of the dish and send the form in the oven. Fish is baked for half an hour. The finished dish sprinkle with chopped dill. Serve it with a salad or side dish.

Fish in foil

There are many ways of preparing cod with onions and carrots baked in the oven. Recipes with photos allow you to understand all the nuances of the process. Very tasty fish baked in foil. For its preparation we need:

  1. Bang & ndash; 0.4 kg.
  2. Two carrots.
  3. White and black pepper.
  4. Salt.
  5. Two onions.
  6. Parsley.
  7. Lemon Juice – 30 ml.

Carcass wash and cut cod into serving pieces, separating the fillet from the ridge. Clean the onion and shred it in half rings and carrots grate. Preheat the oven. squid with onions and carrots in the oven easy recipe

Prepare the foil, spread it on the fillets, covering them with a layer of carrots and onions. A mixture of peppers, grind them in a mortar, and greens finely chop. Sprinkle the fish on top with parsley, salt it, pepper it, sprinkle with lemon juice. Then fasten the edges of the foil and put the package in a form or on a baking sheet. Bake fish in preheated oven at 180 degrees. Preparation takes about half an hour. The finished dish is cut into portions and serve with boiled or roasted vegetables.

Codfish with onions and carrots in the oven

How delicious to cook fish? Steak oven baked with lemon and vegetables will satisfy even those who are indifferent to fish. For preparation will need:

  1. Steaks cod – 4 PCs.
  2. Potato Chips – 20 g.
  3. Two carrots.
  4. Two onions.
  5. Parsley.
  6. Cheese – 120 g.
  7. Liquid Honey-tablespoon.
  8. White Wine-120 ml.
  9. Spices for fish.
  10. Lemon.
  11. Pepper.
  12. Salt.

Fish steak defrost, wash and dry. Each piece is well rubbed with spices and pepper, a little salt. On top of the fish sprinkle with lemon juice.

Bow Clean and shinkuem semicircles. My carrots and finely grate. Lemon cut into thin slices, and then divide into two halves. Fry separately in olive oil carrots and onions, adding honey and lemon. Then fill up with wine and seasoned with all the pepper and turmeric. Mix all ingredients and simmer on very low heat.

Take a deep form, greased it with oil and put on the bottom of the prepared steaks. On top of the fish cover with a layer of roasted vegetables with lemon. Sent the dish for ten minutes in the oven.

And the...

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