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Israel is located in the southwestern part of Asia. This small in size country is of great interest in the society. In the North – mountains in the South – desert, adjacent to developed cities-a desert expanse. The country has a rich historical past, there are many ancient historical monuments, religious shrines and attractions of Israel.

Climate of Israel

This state will not leave anyone indifferent-neither the connoisseur of antiquity, nor the Amateur diving. Delighted will be the one who come just to sunbathe on local beaches or watch sights of Israel. Every year tourists come here from all over the world, because here it is possible to see the ancient cities with their ruins, to visit the coast of the two seas, to see the monuments and plus this is healthier for the local peat Spa.

Israel's Climate is subtropical. In summer there falls very little rain, so in the hottest time of the year significantly noticeable lack of fresh water. Snow falls once a year, but mount Hermon is covered with them all winter. This time of year, the temperature is relatively low, but the temperature of sea water almost never drops below 18 degrees.

The best time to travel to the country can be called the period from October to April. Although January is usually quite a rainy month, so it can be deleted. In summer there are unlikely to be able to relax due to the high temperature.

As we have said, most of the tourists come to the country to see the famous sights of Israel. These include the following:

the Most famous and oldest city in the country – Jerusalem. There are shrines of three religions. Christians are interested in Church of St. Anne, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Sorrowful way, Jews – mount Zion and the Wailing Wall, Muslims will visit Kipat asela and the al-Aqsa mosque. The city list is very long, but it is better to see with your own eyes.


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sights of Israel

- the Ancient settlement of Jaffa, which today has grown to the size of a full city. If you believe the legend, here was Noah, Perseus and many other well-known lichnosti. Even if we compare it with the tale, its shops, museums and bazaars can impress any visitor.

the largest port of the country – Haifa, with its famous Baha'i temple, the largest in Israel, the National Park and monastery of the Carmelite order.

- the Ancient capital of the crusaders of acre. Here and today you can see the buildings of those times that are well preserved thanks to the high walls of the city.

the Kingdom of diamonds, citrus orchards and, of course, tourists – Netanya. In addition, the city is famous for its clean beaches and museums.

the City was built by Herod – Caesarea. This place is called Paradise for archaeologists and other lovers of antiquity. Here to our day perfectly preserved whole streets with ancient buildings.

Sanatorium of IsraelSpeaking about the sights of Israel, we can not say about the Dead sea. Its name it received because of the high concentration in the salt water. So to survive here, only a few species of bacteria. And the density of water is so high that it is impossible to drown. Well-known for the healing properties of mud from the Dead sea. Here even built a sanatorium Israel, where patients arrive with asthma and people who have problems with joints and skin. Also, these salt and mud are widely used in cosmetology.

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