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Car – not just a means of transportation but often a loyal friend. In any case, perceive it, many motorists. It is not surprising that they often have a desire to extend the life of your “friend”, stretching longer without an engine overhaul.

Often for this purpose is selected any Additive in the engine “SUPROTEC». Reviews of these compositions are rather contradictory, which creates additional difficulties when buying. So how are things really? In General, this article focuses specifically on this subject.

additive SUPROTEC engine reviews

What is it?

Different manufacturers understand by this term certain chemical compounds that, in theory, can greatly facilitate life to motorists. So, it is reported about the "diamond dust”, “graphene fillers” and other “miraculous” the compounds that are supposedly able to extend the life of even a quite old engine (metalloprotease supplements). The developers claim that they are able to cover the inside of the engine with a protective layer that will protect them from further wear and tear.

In addition, there are cleaning compositions. Such additive in the engine “SUPROTEC" (reviews about this category pretty well) allows you to clean the engine from dirt accumulated during the years of operation.

What they say the buyers?

They are Divided into three groups. The opinions of each are as follows:

  • Additives useful as increase engine life, reduce oil consumption, etc.

  • Supplements – the same a placebo. The whole effect is purely psychological.

  • These drivers think that the addition of additives only harm, and the benefits they can bring in principle.

Let's deal with the opinions of each party. Maybe this will help you decide with regards to the additives.

SUPROTEC additive usage instructions

Positive feedback

This category like any additive in the engine “SUPROTEC”. Reviews indicate that they can be extremely helpful in cases where the engine's going to refuse, but to hold on to the service really need. Many drivers of this group admit that they always carry in my trunk a bottle of this mixture, which is held in extreme cases. They say that a serviceable engine to fill the additive will not.


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The Most enthusiastic users are often owners of older cars with «killed» engines. These motorists argue that the only good additive to the engine “SUPROTEC”, which we consider helps to save them a lot of money, delaying the need to repair some old «Toyota» 80 s release.

Other drivers also speak about the additives in the engine strictly positive. They start adding them immediately after buying the car, believing that such measures allow us to greatly extend the life of the whole machine before the first serious failure. In principle, their beliefs are far from groundless. Usually the first major is required after 100 of thousands of kilometers passed, as at this time, the engines often begin “have” oil.

Many mechanics claim that the machines, the owners of which used high-quality additives, special maintenance does not need, and their engine and after two hundred thousand miles continues sparingly poured into it oil.

additive SUPROTEC engine manual

Some conclusions on their conditions of use

After Reviewing the opinions of those who like additive “SUPROTEC” for auto, it is possible to draw the following important conclusions:

  • Never, under any conditions, the additive will not improve "engine parameters" several times. This is from the most fantastic fiction.

  • Speaking about the new engine, which just passed the run-in and half-dead unit, which is thirty years old, they in any case need to be different (!) funds.

  • Important! No additive will not increase engine power, and you must clearly understand. But in some cases they are extremely beneficial effect on efficiency, ease of launch, and on the longevity of certain components.

  • Even the best additive in the oil “SUPROTEC" (reviews of which we considered) practically does not affect the durability of the bearings, but it is able to significantly increase the lifespan of tspg and GRM.

  • For each specific task requires a certain category of additives. Tools «all in one" does not exist in nature.

  • You Need to make sure that you use the additive will not reduce the effectiveness or even nullify the effect of the same compounds that already exist in the composition of the engine oil.

  • To Confirm or refute the effect of supplements only in the well-equipped garage with a set of diagnostic equipment.

Negative reviews of the supporters of ingredients

But even they notice that they are not always good shows, even high-quality additive for engine “SUPROTEC”. Manual – that's the reason. More precisely, its complete disregard. So, in most cases, do not add any additives in mineral oil. Carefullyread the manufacturer's instructions!

Any normal company is making to its products, the depth and quality of leadership, which is fully (!) list all kinds of oils, where the additive to add is never worth it. For example, the product TopTec, which already contains some "molybdenum-tungsten anti-friction additive" in its mixture of chemicals into something gelatinous. Engine “killed” almost immediately, though in itself the oil is more than decent quality and attractive characteristics.

As you can see, in this case the blame for the negative consequences completely lies with the motorists who, according to the old Russian habit, not too carefully read the instructions and prefer to act “random”.

There is another reason, which can be trouble. It is a commonplace fakes: don't buy additives the stalls, tempted by their low price. In the best case, you simply will not feel the effect. In the worst… Motorists with the experience can remember one story about how bought “cheaper” Supplement is completely removed the motor from burning out, turning the oil into a black mass of the consistency of tar.

additive SUPROTEC instructionIn General, the right technology is as follows: bought high-quality, proprietary additive for engine “SUPROTEC”. Manual be read from cover to cover. The motor is operated in the recommended mode. The result: increased service life of the engine and the savings on capital repair money.

Placebo or reality?

As we said, the second category of owners believes that the additives in the engine – nothing more than a myth, which is cultivated by their producers. A bit strange, since the same compounds used by virtually all companies engaged in the production of motor oils. Of course, they'll include them into the product (mentioned above "tungsten"), but the point remains the same…

In principle, this is the most sensible category of users. They believe that it is better to spend the money on something more "tangible" and therefore poured into the engine of extremely high quality, expensive varieties of oils. And certainly they will not fill in something questionable, bought at the near collapse.

However, their point of view also has the right to life. The fact that such motorists are skeptical about additives, because I don't believe neither their producers nor reviews «colleagues». However, it is no wonder someone manages to write that after pouring the additives into the engine “even the transmission was working much better, no hesitation”. Of course, in this case we are clearly dealing with the self.

It Should be noted that the same additive for engine “SUPROTEC”, the price of which varies from one and a half thousand roubles up to seven or eight thousand, it is successfully exported to many foreign countries. In Japan, for example. You can say a lot about the theoretical efficiency of such funds, but they are unlikely to have such worldwide fame without any reason.

Opponents additives

The Most numerous group among car enthusiasts are those who, for one reason or another do not accept the use of additives at all. As a rule, they consider them a waste of money. On what is this opinion based? Most often, a bad experience using them (remember not reading the instructions?). A great role is also played by the reviews of friends and acquaintances.

Finally, ardent opponents of additives in oil and fuel are the owners of new cars who simply do not need “this shamanism”. Note that there is some truth in this point of view: any additive for engine “SUPROTEC” (the price of which we already considered) can only be used upon reaching mileage of 50 thousand kilometers. Early in their use is not only completely unnecessary, but also simply bad for the car, which has simply not finished running.

Finally, it is often a negative experience based on a completely improper actions of motorists: what are the stories about how additives for engine embedded in the variator! No wonder that after such bullied the device long maintained.

Range of additives “SUPROTEC”

As we already said, this producer has the widest range of products, so every buyer can find the ones that he really needs. Funds are available not only for petrol but also “SUPROTEC” for diesel. Given the sad quality of domestic diesel fuel, the latter is very important. With the help of additives “SUPROTEC” for auto it is possible to significantly alleviate the plight of the engine, which forced her to “eat”.

Important! Do not expect that the Supplement mystical way will make summer diesel fuel in his winter variety. If you decide to check it out, then be prepared to get out of the gas tank, in what turned into diesel fuel. Simply put, “SUPROTEC” for diesel can only improve certain characteristics of the fuel, but to expect something supernatural it is not necessary.

However, let's fully enumerate the types of additives that can be found on the shelves of our stores.

additive to the oil price SUPROTEC

“Asset Plus”

Available this automotive additive “SUPROTEC” for diesel and petrol engines. Add it directly in engine oil. The manufacturer reports that the additive can be used not only for passenger cars and small trucks. It is important to note that shall be added only in the engine of the car has managed to pass no less than 50 thousand kilometers. The advantages of this Supplement are as follows:

  • Significantly reduced oil consumption even on older engines.

  • The Manufacturer promises an improvement of the indicators of pressure and compression.

  • Rising some of the characteristics of the engine. In particular, the company like guarantees and increase in power, but we already talked about the fact that such a miracle to expect in any case not worth it.

More importantly, this composition can be used as a preventive measure, warning it wear. Note that the treatment should be carried out in three stages. If the car has managed to pass 200 thousand kilometers or more, will have to do it four times. The composition is sold in a jar 90ml. It is enough for cars with the amount of oil in system up to five liters.

By the Way, how much is “SUPROTEC active Plus”? At the moment the recommended price of one bottle is about one and a half thousand rubles, but it all depends on the specific dealer.

“Asset of Gasoline”

Unlike the previous composition, this is meant for gasoline engines, including those that operate on natural gas. Use in small trucks. Like last time, the mileage shall be not less than 50 thousand kilometers.

Here is a brief instruction for use. First, this operation is carried out in two steps. Secondly, the first time it should fill in the working oil, which the engine has passed not less than a thousand kilometers. It was only the second time it poured in new oil.

How to properly use additive in oil “SUPROTEC”? Reviews indicate that the bottle need to shake evenly stirring. Pour the additive into the neck of the engine, and this should be done only after he had already sufficiently warm. After the introduction of additives need to have the engine worked approximately seven minutes. Finally, a short ride of approximately half an hour.

What is the effect from application of this mixture? This:

  • Approximately one and a half times increased operating life of the engine.

  • Significantly reduced the amount they consumed oil.

  • The Manufacturer reports that the fuel consumption is also reduced, sometimes up to 7 %.

  • It Becomes much easier to start the car in cold time of the year.

  • Many drivers claim that after using this tool even the old engines are much less noisy and vibrate.

  • Significantly increases the resistance of the motor to wear even with intensive use.

  • All engine parts which are made of rubber, when using the mixture did not suffer.

So how much is “Asset SUPROTEC Gasoline"? As in the previous case, the usual retail price is not more than one and a half thousand, making the Supplement very beneficial and costly acquisition.

SUPROTEC for auto

“Asset of Diesel”

As you might guess that the additive in the engine oil "Asset SUPROTEC Diesel" are solely for the protection of engines operating on diesel fuel. It can be used for preventive treatment and cleaning of power plants like cars and trucks medium-duty trucks. Use (order of use) does not differ from that for the petrol variants, about which we wrote above. In General, effects after its use is absolutely identical to those mentioned in the previous paragraph.

How much is this additive to the oil is “SUPROTEC”? The price of this kind starts from 1550 rubles. Slightly more than additive for petrol engines, but the difference is utterly insignificant.


This additive is used for the treatment of engines of passenger cars, the volume of which varies from one to five liters. Used only for motors that have already moved away from the 200 thousand kilometers or more. Not recommended for boosted engines. In the latter case, you need a series of “ASSET”.

If you decided to pour the additive in the engine that departed 50 thousand kilometers, the processing in this case is carried out in three stages. Accordingly, if the mileage from 200 thousand and more, you will need four of these approaches. The operation is performed exactly the same as in the previous cases. What else distinguishes a tool such as additive “SUPROTEC”? Price! Reviews say that it costs only 850 rubles, which is two times more profitable for the previous suggestions!

engine additive SUPROTEC

»Universal 100”

Almost all the same, what we just talked about. The only difference is that this additive can handle engines up to 2.4 liters. As in the previous case, it is not recommended to fill in boosted engines. Allother things the same “SUPROTEC-additive”. Instructions for use does not differ from that which has already been described by us.

The"Max-200 Sporttek"

As you can tell from the title, is intended for prophylactic treatment of racing car. Immediately, we note that the price of the part — from 4.5 thousand rubles. However, for the owners do sports cars such amount is unlikely to be particularly noticeable.

How to use such an unusual additive “SUPROTEC”? Manual

  • First, processing is conducted before the start of the race. Pour follows from the calculation of ten to fifteen milliliters of composition per liter of oil. After this is run, then the oil and oil filter change.

  • The Second stage, as the last event held before the races. The consumption of the drug is slightly less — from seven to ten milliliters per liter of oil. After that, the car can be operated without restrictions until the planned replacement of the lubricating composition.

Basically, the manufacturer makes no restrictions on the use of additives in sport in conventional cars. It should only be noted that from time to time, you should pass a couple of kilometers to limit the revs of the engine, as otherwise there may be a gradual thickening of the oil. Motorists who have tested this Supplement have noted a significant improvement in the dynamics of the car on acceleration.

how much is SUPROTEC

“flush the engine»

The Integrated product dual action. This engine additive “SUPROTEC” not only protects the engine from wear factors, but also effectively cleans the parts. This formulation contains a proprietary blend of “ActiveShield OilSystem” as well as cleaning agent “SUPROTEC”.

The Manufacturer recommends using this additive for old engines, which were operated in emergency mode. After that, it is best to completely replace the oil and repeat the procedure. Generally, experienced motorists recommend this additive in the following cases:

  • Long operation with frequent refills on various stations with questionable fuel quality.

  • If it is not possible to change the oil on time and will be a long trip (in principle, it should not be done).

  • In the case of operating the engine with low compression and in the case of the faulty fuel equipment.

  • If you have suspicions as used motor oil.

When to use?

The Processing is carried out in two stages, the first should be approximately two hundred kilometers before the scheduled oil change. After replacing the vehicle is operated in the same mode, and then the procedure was repeated (again for a hundred or two hundred kilometers).

The manufacturer says that this composition is intended for the following purposes:

  • Improving the circulation of the lubricating composition, reduce friction between engine parts.

  • Restore the mobility of the oil ring.

  • Prepare the engine for use other additives “SUPROTEC”.

And in this case how much is “SUPROTEC”? Additive to clean the engine available in stores at a price of just 450 rubles!

additive to the oil SUPROTEC reviews

So how to treat these structures?

In General, with caution. We reiterate that you should carefully read the instructions and recommendations of manufacturer. Many motorists have seen the hard way how the components of the engine oil and the wrong additives can react with each other. In addition, new engines (up to 50 thousand mileage), their use is generally contraindicated.

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