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The font Size – size of the string, which is letter. It includes the height of the tallest character (string), external elements (lower or upper tick marks) and shoulders. The latter are designed to the letters located next to each other lines of “overlap” each other. In other words, the gaps on all sides of the site, which is a printed text.

Few of the regular users of portable computer or laptop can immediately understand what was going on. To put it in more understandable words, the font size-the font size. Its unit of measure – typographic point (PT). They are converted to millimeters in the system of bits. 1 PT = 0,376 mm. that is, if the person is typing 10 size, his height will be of 3.76 mm.font size is

Format of fonts in Microsoft Word

When working with text editors Microsoft you need to be aware what the font (font size) in Word, and how to handle it. This is because it defines the overall appearance of the document, i.e. his face.

In order to properly make a particular page you want to configure or, as expressed by the programmers to format the font. This process combines as piecemeal changes and character by character. This:

  • Underline;
  • Wide;
  • Color;
  • Select a particular font;
  • Mark;
  • The font size (point size);
  • Kerning;
  • Offset;
  • Special effects;
  • Indexing.

Fonts are alphabetical characters and character sets, which, in turn, are connected stylistic and compositional settings. To create them, graphic designers thanks to the necessary software.the size of the font point size

Characteristics of the font

Before you begin to master the concept of "font" (font size) in Word, you need to get acquainted with the basic characteristics of the text.

  • Register. Is configured in the context menu of “Font”. Allows you to quickly change uppercase and lowercase letters. There are 5 types of registers:
  1. “As in the sentence". Is the default. Every sentence starts with a capital letter, followed by lowercase.
  2. “All lower case”. All of the text applied to this register, printed in lowercase letters.
  3. “All caps". All characters – capital.
  4. “to Start with a capital". In folk tales and fairy tales there are examples of this case: each word begins with a capital letter.
  5. "Change case". Words in the text start with lowercase.
  • Underline. Use underlining of words or the entire text to highlight any aspects. The default is one continuous line, but in the settings you can set how wavy, dotted, double line, and others.
  • Width. Is tuned for x-height combined with wide. There are three types: wide, normal, narrow. In Word the second type is selected by default.
  • Color. The color of the text on the screen and when printing. For a standard text editor is set to "Auto" (black).
  • Headset. Connection fonts with one picture, but different size and style. The name of the headset, as a rule, corresponds to the name of the developer. In older versions of Word default Times New Roman in a newer (2007) – Calibri.
  • Font style. Change the look of any font from a single headset. There are three types: underline, italic, and bold. Latest style popularly referred to as “bold”, however, this option is incorrect. Possible combinations of faces can be used simultaneously or separately.
  • Font Size. This is the font size defined by the height of letter or symbol. Each item has its own name. For example, eight millimeter – «petite», and six-millimeter – “Nonparel ' ”. The title clearly shows that the names of the pins went from French words.
  • Kerning. The so-called increase or decrease the size of the character height.
  • Offset. The placement of the text on horizontal lines. An example is the ordinary verse of “ladder” where each line has its indent than the previous.
  • Special Effects or animation parameters. Text selection in certain styles that have graphic effects (3D, shadow, volume).
  • Indexing. The use of Superscript or subscript sign. These symbols are also called upper and lower index. The most important single mathematical, chemical and physical formulas, where it is necessary to set the degree or valence. It should be remembered that the font (font size) in Word changes for those items.font size in word

Font Size

As mentioned above, the size is measured in typographic points. You should know that the different font types, but same size visually look different.


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Most office documents, font size 11-12 points, control, diploma and course works we use 14-point font.

If the text was already typed and want to change its size, select the fragment and in the context menu to select the desired item.14 font size

3 the font size – it's Brilliant. Itso small that in use, except that, in the indexing. Normal Superscript and subscript characters are not printed in this size, and for superindex (index index) is ideal.


The same small print as the diamond. Its size – 4 PT (DIDOT only 1.5 mm). In official publications like books, magazines or Newspapers, he almost never used.

In the nineteenth century, diamond was the name of the font in 3 points. He became famous due to the fact that in 1855, it was printed “Fable” Krylova. At the time this book was the least existed for the entire life of pre-revolutionary Russia.


5 the font size – this is a gem. The first use of this size was recorded in 1627. In mm its height is not more of 1.88 mm. the Name is somewhat obsolete, among programmers and print production it is not used.

Nonparel '

Is the font size 6 PT. This font is used to label references, symbols pictures, bibliography, small tables, and text of reference. With the French name translates as "incomparable".

The Minion

7 the font size – “cute”. Mignon is also referred to as “monjon” and “Colonel”. It is used in small dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias. To meet this font and in news notes. Its size is approximately 2.5 mm.


The petite Size is 8 PT. It is one of the most common. Often used as a basic size for text in Newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, and handbooks. In publications where the main font is slightly more petite used for captions, footnotes, formulas, tables, and annotations.


The Size of Borges often used for printing Newspapers. The size of the font (point size in other words) is 9 PT or mm. 3,38 Since 1970 and to this day it is used for a set of books. Borges recommended for use in such publications, where the line in length no more than 5 squares.font size is the font size


Font size 10 – body. They very often print book texts. The name comes from the Italian word, first used was with the release of "Corpus" of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I.


Has a size of 12 point (4.2 mm). The name comes from the publication, which was first used this PT, – “obligations”, written by Cicero. In 1465 the book was published. In Russia, however, Cicero has long been considered (till 1917) font size 11 points.font size in word


14 – font size of this size (in PT) is the most famous among PC users, it is called "Mittel". Used for a set of official documents, books for pupils in secondary schools. According to the rules of ESKD, the font is a required font size of the named publications.

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