What is a three-dimensional collage? How to make it?


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What is this mysterious three-dimensional collage? Why it is so loved by those who has ever tried to do? Very simple! This is a terrific pastime and unique result! Moreover, to manufacture such articles is better along with your child. And who is better able children to evaluate the ability to Tinker in the company of mom, using glue, paper and a bunch of scraps?!

What materials will you need

three-dimensional things from paperThe Bulk of an application paper require for their manufacture materials that are likely to have in each house.

  1. Colored paper. If you have children, then there are a few crumpled packs of paper. And you can endlessly remind her neatly folded - nothing helps… But we'll fit in and such.
  2. Scissors. Ideally we need a large paper and small. They conveniently cut small parts. But if necessary, you can do one.
  3. Glue. For the manufacture of appliques of paper we will approach the conventional stationery glue. If you plan a DIY option, made from cloth, – then it is better to choose glue for fabric. For Example, The "Moment".
  4. Filler. It can be cutting threads or wool.
  5. Cardboard or thick paper.

Three-dimensional collage. Equipment manufacturing

three-dimensional collageTalk about the sequence in which the manufacture of such an application. Select the basis on which to strengthen our application - it can be cardboard or dense landscape sheet. If you are not satisfied with the color of the ground, it is possible to offer your child in advance to stick on a sheet of colored paper or the evening before to paint a watercolor or gouache. If the child chose the painting, then carefully wash the baby, the surrounding objects, and dry painted paper.

Then cut out of the workpiece. For example, we decided to make a field of dandelions. Take a few paper napkins. We need bright yellow and white napkins. You need to fold every napkin from the initial state in which it was in the box, two or three times, and then in the center of the stapler pin. Cut out the circle with a jagged, like a serrated edge. Then very carefully raise successively to the center of the layers of the napkin. We got a charming head of a dandelion. Do both yellow and “old” - white - flowers.

Then, from the green colored paper cut out the stalks and curly leaves for our dandelions. It remains only to stick them on our billet, and three-dimensional collage is ready!

What can be done in this technique?

Appliques DIYUsing a technique called "bulk application", you can make great gifts for all the relatives and friends. In addition, you can lime a huge amount of unnecessary scraps of fabric and remnants of colored paper in order to make the application. Paper crafts and scraps, you will enjoy grandparents, aunts and uncles. Most importantly – what will you do them with your child. The gifts made with their own hands is much more valuable than those who have simply been store-bought, because they invested part of the soul!

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