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The Ombre (a French word meaning “shadow”) – this is a kind of new fashion trend. This technique can be found everywhere: in accessories, in clothing, interior. The hairdressing experts also decided not to lag behind and offered to create the Ombre effect on the hair.Ombre hair

Stripe white, stripe black

The Ombre on the hair – coloring in several colors, which is very smooth and evenly stretched on all length of the strands. After this procedure your hair will look as if burned by the sun. The main feature of Ombre is that there are two contrasting colors should literally “flow” of each other. Clear boundaries should not stay. To create the Ombre effect on the hair, usually do color transition from dark shades to light or Vice versa. Although it could be more daring combinations (e.g., from a Burgundy shade to straw).

Three's company

Today it is fashionable to use two colors, but three. Selected third color is applied, or in the center of the length of the hair, or purely horizontal. The color of the third “participant” such a process can both be more natural, and quite distinct from the tone coloring. For example, the most daring ladies can choose for the roots of a Golden color, which neatly goes into the red, and then purple. Another unusual variant – discolored “top”, which is gradually transformed into ashen, and closer to the ends - in burning black.

Your perfect color

To create an Ombre effect on the hair, you need to go somewhat unconventional way. You can feel free to experiment, opting for a ton, which is very different from your natural color. If you adhere to more conservative views, only to dream a bit with your image by choosing the closest shades to your natural hair color.Ombre effect on hair photo


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How to do the Ombre?

For this procedure you will need:

- paint 2 or 3 colors (choose amount depending on the desired result);

- several containers for mixing (for each color);

comb (with frequent denticles);



Start from the roots need coloring, gradually approaching the top. In principle, you can do it without foil, if smoothly to reach the line, where it will begin a new color. However, after painting each strand must wrap. After about an hour remove foil and look at the result. If the tone did not suit you, it is possible to apply paint. Thus you will achieve the hair lightening a few shades.

– avoid the creation of clear boundaries. Lures that hair coloring in this way – rather a creative process. There cannot be two identical coloring Ombre. Effect on the hair (photo demonstrates a very good example of such a coloring) will always be completely to make Ombre

This popular trend has long been popular with many Hollywood stars, that is not surprising. The Ombre effect on the hair makes the image more interesting and fresh. Don't be afraid to experiment and let their creative impulses. Ombre is suitable to almost all women, regardless of the density or the structure of the hair.

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