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Now become increasingly popular, the designs and applications of handprints. The guys in awe of what is possible from the prints of their palms to make beautiful crafts. However, if you use paint, children will be stained themselves all around the going to be colored, so it is better to choose another option when you need to trace with a pencil the outline of their hands on colored paper and cut blanks to assemble the decoration.

applications of palms

Materials and tools

To make beautiful appliques made of palms, you will need the following:

  • Colored paper of any quality and texture (normal for children's creativity, corrugated, suitable even for the napkins);
  • Pencil;
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pattern;
  • The basis for the application (paper or colored cardboard).

These crafts are easy to make not only houses, but also in terms of organized groups, for example, in a kindergarten.


To make different applications from children's handprints, it is better to find samples of the image that you want to do. Hack is:

  1. Trace around their hands on colored sheets. If the paper is thin, it is possible to cheat once and a sheet folded into several layers.
  2. Cut the workpiece in the desired quantity.applique from children's handprints
  3. Take the base out of cardboard and draw on it the outline of the object that will perform (flower, sunshine, etc.), or print a favorite picture. It is easy to complement the relief of handprints.
  4. Apply glue on palms and apply in layers according to the form of the drawn circuit. Her hands can be glued, completely covering the surface of the workpiece with glue, or only part of them (leaving the fingers free).

This technology perform not only the application of the handprints in the form of a panel, but also the decor, which can migrate and take up. To do this, enough to stick her hands not on a piece of cardboard, and one on another lap. As part of the framework is easy to use a rod, stick, tape.


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applique tree of handprints

Applications "Colored palms"

A Very bright decision is easy to make using paper of different colors. Each child can cut blanks from sheets of one color or several. Ideas with colorful handprints are different. From the blanks enough to lay out the panels, placing her hands on a white background, or use as flowers on the meadow. Original version — to make an unusual decoration in the form of cheerful suns.

applique colored palms

To make this hack work:

  1. Take a disposable plate (plastic or paper) and paint it in yellow.
  2. Draw or glue made out of colored paper eyes, smile, nose.
  3. Take the paper yellow and orange colors and draw on her palms 5 pieces on each sheet.
  4. Cut the workpiece.
  5. Apply glue to the inner contour of the plates and glue the palm, evenly distributing them around the perimeter of the circle.

This hack is good to attach a loop hanger, gluing on the reverse side or by using a hole in the material of the plate.

Applique "Tree of handprints"

This option is perfect for a collective of children's creativity. The tree can be performed in the green paper, and colored leaves. The second method is a good idea for autumn crafts. A simple tree is easy to make using a stick from a Popsicle, which layers are glued hands (as pictured above). Usually this hack is carried out in a panel. The work is as follows:

  1. Take a large sheet, e.g. of paper or cardboard. Draw in the center of the tree trunk and branches. Paint the workpiece brown gouache, felt-tip pens.
  2. Give the children colored paper yellow, orange, red (for autumn crafts).
  3. Explain how to trace their hands. Have the children draw one or more blanks (depending on size of tree and number of children performing work).
  4. Cut out her hands.
  5. Glue the parts in the appropriate places painted wood frame.applique tree of handprints

If the work is done at home, such a tree can be done as a family crafts, sticking her hands all home: both children and adults. The hack, performed collectively in the group, each palm is often signed (name of child). Students when you run can write wishes on each palm. So, beautiful panels will turn into chocolate.

As you can see, the applications of palms to make a very simple, and executed murals and other decorations look very nice.

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