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Sam Neill (Sam Neill), a popular new Zealand actor, widely known for the films "Jurassic Park", "Across the horizon", "In the mouth of madness" and other action films. Is a three-time nominee for the award "Golden globe". Acting officer of the British Empire. Owns the largest winery "Two plots", located in the new Zealand province of Otago.

Sam Neill


The Actor seeks to come out on top in the difficult task to create fine wines and receive a special prize at the autumn competition, which is organized annually by the Association of new Zealand winemakers. While it was not possible – too little free time left between shots. Have all important task of creating a wine blend and a unique bouquet that can bring victory, to instruct the assistants. Although Sam Neill is surrounded by competent wine makers with sufficient experience, he still fully trusts only himself. Nevertheless, the results of which are noted experts on his wine farm, hopefully on one of the first places.

Sam Neill, biography

The Actor was born 14 September 1947 in Northern Ireland, Omagh. Father, Dermot Neill was a career officer, a graduate of the prestigious military training center, mother Priscilla was a housewife. Family owned small enterprise in the sending of alcoholic drinks in New Zealand. The company was called "'neill and Co.".

In 1954 the family changed residence, moved from Ireland to New Zealand. Sam Neill began to attend an Anglican boarding school for boys College Christ in Cristesti. Then the teenager entered the Victoria University, where after graduation he received a bachelor of arts, including English literature.


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After the finals Sam Neill decided to devote himself to cinema and becoming an actor. A few obscure roles in films new Zealand production brought disappointment to the young man. Nobody knew who Sam Neill is, for most filmmakers, his name was unknown. Frustrated, the actor decided not to appear and went to work in the editing room. He figured to glue separate pieces of film, this occupation does not require special talent. Of course, with this approach the editor of it did not happen. In the future the o'neill helped the case.

Sam Neill

Early success

He was unexpectedly invited to a major role in the movie "Sleeping dogs" Director Roger Donaldson. Dramatic action-Thriller became a challenge for the thirty years of the actor. Neill Sam brilliantly coped with the task perfectly playing the main character of Smith. Now a talented performer of dramatic roles, knew the whole of New Zealand, Directors and producers. Now'neill Sam did not have time to respond to invitation to appear in a particular film project.

In 1979 the actor took part in the creation of the Australian film "My brilliant career", where his partner was to star Judy Davis, winner of numerous awards and prizes, twice nominated for "Oscar".

The Film was a success, received several awards and has become a classic of Australian cinema.

Then Sam Neill played the title role in the Hollywood Thriller "the omen 3: the final battle".

Sam Neill filmography

"James bond"

In 1985, when the "bond" was in full swing, his candidacy was considered for the role of James bond in the next series of "Sparks from eyes". Neill Sam was supposed to replace Roger Moore. But the result of long reflections Director John Glen chose to give the role to Timothy Dalton.

In the early 80-ies of the Sam Neill became famous among movie-goers in the UK, starring in "Ivanhoe", and "Reilly - king of spies." In the last role he was nominated for a Golden globe.

Ten years Later, Neill has starred in several films in Hollywood, among which were :

  • "Hunt for Red October (1990).
  • "Sirens" (1994).
  • "Dead calm" (1988).
  • "Piano" (1994).
  • "Jurassic Park" (1993).
  • "the Dish" (2000).
  • "After horizon" (1998).
  • "Jurassic Park 3" (2001).

Sam Neill biography


Sam Neill was becoming more and more famous actor and he may have sometimes to refuse to participate in a particular film project. So the actor declined the offer to star in the role of half-elf Elrond in "the Lord of the rings", Peter Jackson. Just at that time'neill starred in the penultimate of the series "Jurassic Park" and was limited in time.

In 2011, he received an invitation to a major role in the mystical movie JJ Abrams called "Alcatraz."

Due to its charismatic appearance Sam Neill mostly played positive characters. However, in the movie "Daybreakers" actor is successfully created the image of a villain and proved his ability to transform and anti-heroes.

Sam Neill

Personal life

Family life have'neill was not successful. He married new Zealand actress Lisa harrow, but the marriage lasted only a few months. After Liz gave birth to a son, the couple divorced.

The Following attempt to create a family was the marriage of the actor on the make-up artist Noriko Watanabe. The couple had a daughter, which they calledElena.

Sam Neill sam neill

Sam Neill, filmography

During his career, the actor starred in more than a hundred films of different genres. Below is a sample list of films with his participation.

  • "the Landslide" (1975), the role of Erika.
  • "Sleeping dogs" (1977), the role of Smith.
  • "the Journalist" (1979), Rex.
  • "Out of reach" (1979), Mike.
  • "Lucinda Brayford" (1980), the role of Tony Duff.
  • "Possessed by a demon" (1981), the role of the Brand.
  • "the Far country" (1981), Marian.
  • "Alien blood" (1984), the role of Bergman.
  • "Armed robbery" (1985), the role of captain Starlight.
  • "Restless heart" (1985), Lazarus.
  • "Strong medicine" (1986), the role of Vince Lord.
  • "the Good wife" (1987), Neville Gifford.
  • "Force of faith" (1988), the role of Oscar.
  • "Dead calm" (1988), John Ingram.
  • Fever (1991), the role of Elliott.
  • "memoirs of an invisible man" (1992), Jenkins David.
  • "rainbow Warrior" (1993), the role of Alan Galbraith.
  • "the Hostage" (1993), John Rennie.
  • The"Theatre of memories" (1993), the role of David Eberline.
  • "Sirens" (1994), Norman Lindsay.
  • "country life" (1994), the role of Dr. max Askey.
  • "the jungle Book" (1993), the role of Colonel Geoffrey Brydon.
  • The"Royal mercy" (1994), king Charles II.
  • "After horizon" (1997), doctor William Weir.
  • "the horse Whisperer" (1998), Robert Macklin.
  • "the Magic pudding" (2001), Sam Sawnoff.

Currently, Sam Neill is preparing to shoot two new films in the Hollywood Studio "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer" and "Columbia pictures". Seventy-year-old actor is full of energy and creative energy that allows him to play for several hours without a break. Sam Neill, filmography which is already quite extensive, does not want to stop there and continues to spend days and nights on the set.

As a rule, the film company of Hollywood, are not considered with time and make their films without rules, often the process continues day and night. The Director and actors usually try to comply with trade obligations and to complete the survey as soon as possible. But it is never done at the expense of quality. Artistic value of the paintings is supposed to be sacrosanct. Sam Neill is one of those who strongly follow this rule.

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