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Nature constantly surprises us with rare and interesting plants and animals. Among the unusual fauna many of the inhabitants of the waters. One of them is transparent fish. This is one of the rare species, which knows not everyone.

Sea "glass"

In order to survive, fish are forced to be masked. Stripes and spots on the fins and body, different color scales and a variety of appendages to help them blend in with the background that surrounds them. But there is one very extravagant and the easiest way to become invisible in water. It's become transparent, as if dissolving in his element. Loss coloring marine animal enough to lose the reflecting surface, for example, the mirror scales.

Salpa Maggiore transparent fish

It is a well-known fact is that lowered into the water glass is almost imperceptible to the human eye. This method of masking has chosen for itself, and the various fish that live in the seas and in fresh water. Moreover, these species often have no family ties with each other. “Glass” meet and fish among aquarium.

New Zealand miracle

Fisherman Stewart Fraser near the Karikari Peninsula, stumbled upon an unusual creature. At first he took it for a crumpled plastic bag, which slowly glided over the surface of the water. Only after looking closely, Stuart realized that it was a living organism. Until that time, the fisherman is not met in the marine waters of anything like this and at first hesitated to take the animal in hand.

transparent fish

However, man's curiosity prevailed over fear. From the water they were extracted very strange and completely transparent fish. Her body was covered with a shaky jelly-like scales. That is why transparent fish was more like Medusa. Have amazing sea animal was almost invisible and all the internal organs, except for one small teardrop shape, painted red. Fraser took a few pictures of the amazing fish and released her back into their native element.


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A New kind of inhabitants of the pond?

Pictures of the amazing creatures Stuart Fraser showed Sex Caste, who served as Director of the National marine aquarium. After studying the photos, he determined that this creature is nothing like a Salpa Maggiore-transparent fish. This species is superficially similar to jellyfish, but nevertheless has a close relationship with marine vertebrates.

Salpa Maggiore-transparent fish (see photo below). However, it has a heart and gills. In addition, inside this fish, there are special filters. They passed through her body water, collecting food in the form of phytoplankton and algae.

Salpa Maggiore transparent fish photo

Salpa Maggiore – transparent fish, traveling in large groups. The peculiarity of this species is that specimens of this creature have no floor. They are able to produce offspring, forming a mass shoals.

Salpa Maggiore-transparent fish (photo confirms its unusual appearance), and it looks like a creature from a horror movie. However, the fear of it not worth it. It is absolutely harmless creature, feeding on planktona. The transparent body is only a cloak that can protect the fish from attacks by the marine predators that, as she live in the surface layers of the water.

Information about fish Salpa Maggiore there are very few. Scientists attribute it to one of the subspecies Salz, numbering about thirty species. Furthermore, it is known that these marine invertebrates prefer to live in the cold waters of the southern ocean.

Translucent fish Salpa Maggiore has a barrel shape. On the water it is moved by pumping fluid through his body. The jelly fish body is covered with a transparent scale through which are visible the annular muscles and the intestines. On the surface of the unusual creatures you can see two holes of the siphons. One of them is the mouth, leading to extensive throat, and the second locally. The openings of the siphons are located at opposite ends of the transparent body of the fish. On the ventral side of the animal is the heart.

Amazing inhabitant of the water in the lake

A strange creature found not only in the seas and oceans. For example, there are transparent fish in the lake. This animal, having no swim bladder and scales. In addition, thirty-five percent of his body is a fat. This fish lives at great depths in the Baikal lake. Its species are viviparous.

How is transparent fish of lake Baikal? The golomyanka. The name comes from the Russian word ‘golomer” meaning “open sea". It amazingly accurately conveys the existing features of the etiology of this type of fish.

The Golomyanka has refined bone of the skull. She is especially well developed dorsal, pectoral and anal fins. The golomyanka is very prolific. One individual is capable of producing almost two thousand fry. Reproduction occurs by gynogenesis, which is typical only for this type.

transparent fish called

Transparent fish of lake Baikal is able to withstand a lot of pressure, equal to one hundred twenty five bars. Therefore, the only place of its habitat is the bottom of a deep pond.

Feed on fish, usinga passive way. Golomyanka literally float in the water with their pectoral fins. While their mouth is constantly open and able to instantly catch passing food in the form of benthic amphipods, epishura of macrohectopus, and other food.

I Think that fat golomyanka were used in ancient times as lamp oil. Played a major role this transparent fish in Chinese and Mongolian medicine. During the war she was caught in order to recover wounded soldiers.

Transparent perch

“Glass” fish occur among fairly well-known species. There are among the representatives of the perch family. Ambassidae – is one of the subspecies of fish data, otherwise known as glass Asian. For these aquatic vertebrates characteristically tall and short, somewhat thickened laterally body. In the neck they have some concavity. Transparent tissue of these fish allows you to see the skeleton and sparkly film that covered the gills and internal organs.

transparent fish of lake Baikal

Braids on the unpaired fins has a transparent fish, the name of which is a glass angel. Members of this family do not have scales on the body. However, the most extravagant appearance has bellelay perch. Head over to this fish hangs a huge disc-shaped excrescence, resembling a hump.

Aquarium perch

Most frequently for home purchase Parambassis ranga. This Indian glass perch. This fish got an unjustified reputation as a difficult and capricious in maintenance. This opinion was formed based on assumptions about what she prefers to live in brackish waters. Of course, some representatives of this family do live in the seas. However, the Indian glass perch – a resident of oblong freshwater reservoirs. This fish prefers slightly acidic and soft water. Under these conditions, it will easily take root in the aquarium and does not give its owner any trouble.

However, it should be borne in mind that the Indian glass perch like to eat natural food and refuse flakes. Besides keep in the home aquarium it is advisable flock consisting of a dozen or more fish. The fact that single individuals living in small groups become very fearful and oppressed. In addition, they have deteriorating appetite.

Glass catfish

This is another transparent fish for the aquarium. Despite its name, recognize its close relatives of catfish that live in our waters, it is impossible. The body of these fish is compressed laterally and not vertically. This is because the Asian glass catfish do not lie on the bottom. They actively move in the water and live in flocks. The transparent tissues allow you to see threads of the edges and the thin spine of these amazing fishes. At first glance it seems that the abdomen with internal organs in these individuals absent. But it is not. They all shifted to the head and similar to the continuation of the gills.

how is the fish transparent

Glass catfish can be not only Asian. Found and African species of these fish, belonging to the family silovyh. Externally there is an incredible similarity with their Asian namesakes. However, they are not so transparent and are distinguished by the longitudinal black bands that stretch across the sides of your body. Another distinctive feature of this family is remarkably well-developed adipose fin, and four, and not two pairs of antennae on the head.

Transparent tetras

Decorate the home aquarium and a small fish of the family Characidae. Its body is painted with a small palette of colors. As a rule, only individual pigmented areas, barely visible in the faded background of the body. These spots are a kind of identification marks. They break out only in those moments when the light hits them from a certain angle. These suddenly appearing spot, playing with rainbow colors, look great in a little darkened aquarium. However, this collection is completely transparent and fish. In their body to the light you can see one just swimming bladder. Nevertheless, there are some fish and decoration. It is presented in red at the base of the tail, and a thin strip of green stretched along the body. To contain such a fish is easy even for beginners as it is quite undemanding to aquarium conditions.

Charax Conde

This is a relatively large fish as close as possible to the ideal of “glass”. Her high body diamond shape has a slight Golden hue.

transparent fish for aquarium

The Transparency of the fish not used for disguises from enemies. The fact that the hyrax is itself a predator. In order to wait for passing prey, this fish is able to spend long hours in wait. Transparent body makes it invisible in water. While the hyrax hanging absolutely motionless in the thickets of aquatic vegetation, head down.

Pristella Ridley

On the anal and dorsal fins of this fish are stained yellow and black. Its tail has a reddish tinge. But, despite this coloring, pristella still refer to the transparent fish. “Glass” is its body. Only in the abdomen you can see the stomach and intestines of fish, and gills located behind the Gillcaps.

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