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No wonder many anglers purchase sonar call spontaneous. You can go fishing for decades, but once you see firsthand what fishing with the sounder from a boat, as soon as there is a desire to buy this wonderful device. It remains only to determine the model and make a purchase. But not everything is so simple! Before buying a fish finder you need to understand what purpose it will be used, directly depends on the price of the device.

fishing with the sounder from a boat

A Wide range of possibilities

The Fisherman is unlikely to be interested in the device and principle of operation of the sounder. But the functionality should be of interest.

  1. Study of the elevation of the reservoir bottom. Finding holes and grooves makes it more likely to catch a predator, which prefers to live at the maximum depth. Most devices allows you to see the density of the soil. With such capabilities, be adjusted to the snap-in, you can be sure that the lure will hide in deep mud.
  2. Detect schools of fish or large inhabitant of the pond. Such echo sounders for fishing from boats is especially popular, because the likelihood of the catch increases many times.
  3. The Ability to save maps elevation with reference to the location. Let the cost of these devices and records, but only one scan eliminates follow-up studies of the bottom of the reservoir.

sounders for fishing from a boat

The Right approach to the purchase

Before considering the functionality of the device, professionals recommend to pay attention to three important components.

  1. Screen Size and its resolution. the more these parameters, the more accurate will be the information. With a small screen on which nothing to disassemble, fishing with the sounder from a boat will be uninteresting. All conclusions will be built only by the imagination.
  2. Mounting and protection from moisture. Almost a hundred percent of cases, as practice shows, the cause of the failure of the new sounder is the human factor. Repair bring either a broken or recessed device. Accordingly, before entering the water you have to decide for themselves how the sounder is mounted on the side of the boat, that he was not afraid of falling and moisture.
  3. Signal strength and angle. the more powerful the signal, the more accurate data from the bottom of the reservoir, the greater the scan angle, the greater the area of visibility. These two indicators strongly affect the price of the device.

fish finder fishing boat reviews


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On the market a lot of manufacturers of specialized devices for fishing. In the post-Soviet space are the best sounders for fishing from a boat-Humminbird, Garmin and Lowrance. These manufacturers market a few decades, they know a lot about this narrow and specific direction. None of the fisherman will not be left without buying, because the list of models is very large, in your price range you can always pick up the Fishfinder according to your requirements.

It should be noted that cheap devices from unknown manufacturers and counterfeits. All they bribe in the first place the low price. However, partial failure and provision of false data can spoil the mood of fishing.

fish finders for fishing boats humminbird

The Power of simplicity

Let the shop suggest to fork out to buy the most expensive device, but it's worth thinking about whether the entire functionality of the device. Judging by the reviews of many avid fishermen, for whom fishing with the sounder from a boat are not new, the first device is to choose the easiest. Large screen, a strong attachment to the boat or belt protective cover from moisture and strong signal with a narrow angle of view – all of the essential functionality for a beginner. Not one year will be spent studying the work of the device. Someone the first device will last for decades. Some users claim that by making a list of requirements for the functionality of the sounder, a few years later decided on a second purchase of a device with great potential, but they are very happy that did not buy the most expensive device on the market, as there are so many features that never would have come in handy.

Cheap sonar and mapping

It is Clear that with an expensive device, once scanned the bottom topography of the reservoir, it is sufficient to set a geographic marker linked to GPS, and can continue for many years to spend time looking at great depths when fishing for huge predators. So dear sounders for fishing from a boat advertise beginners owners of cheap devices. There is only one question: why in school geography lessons teach cartography and land navigation? And it was thanks to a school course, you can save a considerable amount when you purchase the device. Simply download and print from the Internet the map of the pond with the satellite view in a reasonable scale, to find reference points and set markers. For clarity, ideally, be lined on the map grid. And that's all! Compass in hand, and you can begin scanning, and application depths on your map of the pond.

fish finders for fishing boats humminbird piranha

Quick scan

The frequent changes of the reservoir fishermen have again and again spend a lottime to search for the best places for casting gear. In such cases, will not prevent a good scan rate bottom. This feature, judging by the reviews of owners, and little attention is paid, but in vain. The higher scan speed and signal processing, the faster you can get data on the bottom of the pond, passing at high speed on the surface of the water, and start fishing. We are not talking about the sounders front scanning, which are installed on fishing vessels and yachts. They are too expensive and unlikely to be interested fans. Enough to pay attention to the sounders for fishing from a boat Humminbird Piranha MAX that have multiple beams scanning and excellent power. In addition, the buyer gets resistant to impact and moisture resistant case.

Fishing from the shore

Some sounders for fishing from a boat, which is quite rare to find on the pages of Newspapers and on the Internet, have one interesting feature, which allows you to use your device to scan the bottom of the pond from the shore. Any fisherman will not be difficult to tie to the float is a wireless sensor and produce a few casts to the desired distance. Pull the float to shore, anglers can receive the full information about the topography of the reservoir in place of casting gear. Such functionality can boast sounders for fishing from a boat "Garmin" series, "ECHO." This decision will allow, even in bad weather to be with their catch.

fish finders for fishing boats Garmin

Winter fishing

Of Course, fishing with the sounder from a boat is different from finding and catching fish in the winter. When buying the first thing to pay attention to the temperature range in which the device can operate the. Also important is the stability and performance of the sensor in frozen water. Of course, in the cold the battery capacity is also reduced, so you should think about a spare battery. Better to buy a device based on the signal power and not on the scan angle. It is easier to first find the right place for fishing and proceed to drilling, than to search for, making holes one after another.

The Miracle of domestic production

On the markets of the CIS countries can meet the sounder “Practices” of Russian origin. Many owners of this device, judging by the numerous reviews, at first acquaintance with the device embarrassing name and appearance. But it was only to see the performance characteristics of the sounder, and the interest increased rapidly. Among its advantages - high power and precision, full protection from drops and bumps, excellent frost resistance, the ability to work from batteries. Light weight, small size and extensive information screen has caused many buyers to give preference to Russian producers.

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