Individualism is what is the concept? What are the principles of individualism?


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In pre-capitalist society, people had no idea of what individualism is. It was one of those words that were under the ban of censorship, and religion, all people conform to the system and the opinion of some individuals has never been. To Express their thoughts about each of the people could only with the advent of the Renaissance, when man became the center of philosophy. Then people realized that individualism – this is the path to self-improvement, the ability to exist independently, in harmony with itself. Today this philosophical position is more than common throughout the world, because to it we are starting right now.

What does this term mean?

“dry” understanding of individualism – it is a form of ideology that emphasizes the freedom of the individual from society and from the system, which gives you the opportunity to bring to the fore personal interests, and to exercise their right, not the public desires. To make it clear that this represents, consider the main features of individualism:

  • The Primacy of personal goals and desires. As a rule, they are contrary to public or group. The individualist will always give preference to our own needs.
  • Independence in actions and deeds. Even if the person is an integral part of the group (group at the University, staff, etc.), he may act independently, based on their own beliefs, and thus the likelihood that its activities will be successful is very large.individualism is a

What keeps this world?

Now pay attention to the fact that it represents the main principle of individualism, without which this philosophical current could not exist. So, individualism is based on the fact that everyone can, and should, live in full accordance with their desires – physical and mental. Every action should be based on his dream, needs, passions and so on. This applies to both leisure and work. In other words, the individualist will always choose a profession that will bring him only pleasure and benefit, and not irritation, it will be with the maximum benefit and impact to spend free time, all his undertakings will be of a somewhat selfish nature. However, there is one very important rule-it should not interfere with the individualism of other, nearby people.methodological individualism


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The Ideals and idols

Throughout the history of mankind were formed by various values of individualism, which has progressed and changed, but survived. We can say that in comparison with the society of the 19th century, now this system of philosophy is much more prevalent from the social point of view – people have more freedoms and rights. On the basis of what our society has become so why we have reached this point of development? It's enough to look in retrospective and to pay attention to famous ancestors. In the ancient world an individualist was the mythical Achilles from the Iliad. Despite the fact that he fought for power, he had all his own judgment and acted as he saw fit. In the era of the Middle ages individuals were called rebels and considered the main danger the companies – enough to remember Jeanne D’Arc. Since the Renaissance, we see that individualism – mostly literature. Daniel Defoe, Jack London, Dostoevsky, all the poets of the Silver age and many others. The main value in the life of the aforementioned persons had the opportunity to make their own decisions and make your life different from others.collectivism and individualism


A Very important role itself is played by the culture of individualism, which, in fact, keeps this world. Due to the fact that over the centuries our society is becoming like a herd managed by one shepherd, it is improving.

principle of individualism This is manifested in the home (improving housing conditions, inventions in engineering) and traditions (for example, modern people will not be laughed at because not celebrated the day of the vernal equinox, or entrance door are not coated with tar, if he cheated on his wife). The development of a culture of individualism gives an opportunity to “break” many artists and writers. Our cultural society is beginning to emerge from a full-minded individuals who can find a compromise with each other without leaving their own principles.

In comparison with the opposite term

For contrast, let's compare collectivism and individualism and to determine why some people like one thing, others-another. Teamwork – the tendency of the individual to function and think in a large society. As a rule, in such cases, people are independent from each other or from the head of the group. The first team that gets people – a family. If it is large (lots of kids, or grandparents, aunts, uncles), then the child grows with the collective Outlook. In the future, it is important for the opinions of others, heseeks to get a job in a company with a large staff, looking for many friends. If a child in a family, it is developing an individualistic Outlook, which we mentioned above.the values of individualism

Methodological individualism

This term is referred to as the theoretical position. It is assumed that an adequate sociological evaluation of a phenomenon or object must apply to the individual, that is, to man. Here we have in mind is the human factor, the intermittency and irregularity. In other words, if in the past century the prisoners were held court on the basis of written laws, sometimes very cruel, without the right to Amnesty, today any crime is considered through different prisms, finding the reasonable and humane compromise. The principle of methodological individualism lies in the fact that the appeal to a kind of “human intelligence” (it does not matter, this person is alive who ask for advice, or a deity) can be done as a simple citizen of the world, and a government representative. Each of them must seek the most reasonable solution of any question, weighing all the circumstances.

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