What kind of ground clearance is "Ford Fusion" and how to increase it?


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Of Course, the main obstacle or challenge for imported cars in Russia is their operation in deep pits, potholes and potholes. Not every crossover will withstand such tests, not to mention passenger cars. However, there are in the world, this “car”, which firmly takes any Russian pit - "Ford Fusion" of American manufacturing. In fact, it is the “high” car in its class. Depending on the modification "Ford Fusion" of clearance of this car is 160 (1.4-litre) or 180 (1.6 litre version) millimeters. However, sometimes even such suspension for Russian roads is not enough. So today we will look at ways that you can increase ground clearance.

clearance Ford fusion"Ford Fusion" however, like all other imported vehicles, mostly equipped with a special polyurethane or rubber inserts that allow you to raise the car at least 5-10 inches. All this stuff with springs “homemade” and extension of the shock absorbers will not give you a normal result, since in any case the car will lose control and will not shake worse than horse carriages. Think – no wonder that the manufacturer has made this size of springs and struts. That's why to change the technical values suspension is highly undesirable. And spacers that are installed between the body and the supporting stand of the car, have absolutely no effect on the car in the technical parts and not shift the center of gravity. However, with the last statement is debatable. If you incorrectly install the rubber spacers, the car will ride with a displaced center of gravity.


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How to install data spacers on the front suspension?

The Process of installation is not very difficult and time won't take more than 20-30 minutes. The very sequence of stages is as follows:

  1. Removing the front struts shock absorbers.
  2. Relief of the Central nuts of the uprights.
  3. The Contraction of the spring by means of ties.
  4. The dismantling of the upper Cup and disassembly of the rack.
  5. Removal of 3 short bolts (full-time).
  6. Installation kit reducers and Assembly of all parts in reverse order.Ford fusion clearance

If you have any difficulty...

Sometimes it happens that the arrangements do not fall exactly (usually this happens with the details of domestic production). In this case, to increase clearance ("Ford Fusion"), you need to handle inserts with a file until then, until they fall into place. In this case, the increase of clearance may take up to several hours.

Clearance "Ford Fusion": install reducers on the rear part of the suspension is

increase clearance of Ford fusionHere, too, everything happens in stages, only the other way:

  • Removed the rear seat backrest.
  • Weakened the Central nut of the strut.
  • Understands strut, tightened both springs.
  • On Top of the spring spacer is installed.
  • Mounted back to front, stretched the Central nut and going back seat.

During the installation of this device is also recommended to make the diagnosis buffer of the rebound, the strut and the rubber boot.

At this stage, the answer to the question, how to increase ground clearance "Ford Fusion" can be considered to be received.

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