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The Atmosphere – “air-coat” of the Earth, as it is called, and life on our planet without her would be impossible. Those outer worlds where the atmosphere is not, can not boast of living organisms. This "coat" of air weighs 5 billion tons, and from it we take away the oxygen, and plants breathe carbon dioxide. Passing through it, neytralizuya a devastating hail of debris from outer space and the ozone balloon – our salvation from ultraviolet and other radiation. So what is the atmosphere? Let's talk more about it.

what is the atmosphere

Atmosphere – this gas envelope of a celestial body, stars or planets. Which is the atmosphere gas is held by gravity, so it is quite difficult to determine where the end of its layer. Because gas is a formless substance. Therefore, the atmosphere is considered to be the area in which the gas and the planet rotate as a single unit.


The Atmosphere that surrounds our planet, multi-layered. It is like the egg which surrounds the yolk protein. Layers, or parts of the atmosphere have different thickness, and are at different distances. Let's take a look at them.

The Troposphere. This is a “weather kitchen”. Its thickness is approximately 15 km non-stop all moves warm and cold air flows are mixed, thus forming a cloud, fog, clouds.

part of the atmosphere

The stratosphere. In this layer, with a thickness of 25–30 km, in the upper part, accumulates ozone. This layer of gas whose thickness is very small, for the Earth is vital. But the ozone layer is constantly being destroyed due to the receipt in the atmosphere of different undesirable chemical substances.


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The Mesosphere. The ball starts from a height of 50–55 km, about 80 km above the earth. In this place with increasing elevation rises and the temperature.

The Thermosphere, or nanospheres – a bottomless expanse of ionized gas. In these places the air under the action of rays from space very tenuous, has a higher electrical conductivity. It is in these high atmospheric layers there are auroras.

Chemical composition

Answering the question of what is the atmosphere, it is impossible not to take into account its composition. So, it consists of a mixture of 10 different gases, among which the greatest amount of nitrogen (78%), followed by oxygen (21%). Remains 1%, and here the key role is given to the argon, a small percentage of carbon dioxide, neon and helium. gas atmosphereGas atmosphere – it is an inert chemical elements and reactions with other chemicals, they do not come. And a tiny, tiny fraction of the atmosphere is accounted for sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, ozone (a gas similar to oxygen) and water vapor.

In addition to these substances in the atmosphere contained foreign materials: particles of smoke, gaseous pollution, dust, salt and volcanic ash.


Along with the question of what is the atmosphere of the Earth, relevant also to the problem of pollution of our “air coats”. The main sources of pollution are enterprises of the fuel and energy sector, manufacturing industry, modern transportation. From all harmful substances, 80% are emissions of sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons, oxides of carbon, solids, and nitrogen. Often people do not realize what the atmosphere is and how important she is to the life of our planet. We've learned that the air just is, and tend to use the air envelope as it pleases.

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