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Ouzo is a tool that protects people from electric shock. In addition, it is designed to protect apartment or house from fire which may occur upon ignition of an electrical wiring. Wiring diagram, GFCI without ground must be properly drafted, otherwise it will only bring harm.

Factors that affect the correct connection, RCD

  1. Understanding of the working principle. Depends on the connection method for certain conditions.
  2. For a specific network should be selected ouzo.
  3. RCD turns off the network during emergency situations when the leakage current reaches a predetermined limit value.

Connection ouzo and the machine: the scheme without ground

To household power selected certain protection devices and their connections. Wiring diagram for RCD without grounding involves the installation of devices on an individual line or shared by all the wiring, after the main circuit breaker and meter. Preferably, when the device is located as close as possible to the power source.wiring diagram for RCD without grounding

Typically is installed at the input of the RCD with a large amount (not less than 100 mA). It is mainly used as a fire-fighting agent. After it must be installed an RCD on a separate line with a cut-off current not exceeding 30 mA. They provide protection. When tripped, you can easily find on which section of the leakage current. Other stations will operate normally. Despite the costly method of connection, all positive factors are obvious.

For simple wiring with a small amount of branching can be set at the entrance of the RCD is 30 mA, which perform the functions of protection of person and as fire.

Protective devices are connected mainly in the areas of greatest risk. They are installed for kitchen, where most electric devices, as well as for bathrooms and other high humidity areas.


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Important! Wiring diagram, GFCI without ground installation required along with each unit of the circuit breaker, since the devices do not protect from short circuit and increasing the current above normal. The switch is sold separately, but you can buy the differential relay, combining the functions of both devices.

Do Not connect wires to those terminals of the device. On error, it can fail.

Wiring Diagram single phase, GFCI without ground mounted instead of the three-phase device, but in this case you use only one phase.connection diagram single-phase RCD without grounding

How does the RCD in the absence of ground

When the damaged wire insulation or weaken the mounting of current-carrying contacts of the devices, there are leakage currents, leading to heating of the wiring or arcing, resulting in a risk of fire. In case of accidental touch man bare phase wires, it can get electrocuted, the passage of which through the body into the ground creates a danger to life.

Wiring Diagram for RCD without grounding in the apartment or in the house provides a continuous measurement at the inputs and outputs of the protective devices. When the difference between them exceeds a predetermined limit, and produces an open circuit. Usually in the protected object is the ground. But it may not be.

In the old houses of the Soviet construction of the RCD are applied in circuits where there is no protective conductor PE (ground). From the main three phase house network wiring to the housing is connected the phase wire and zero, which is combined with a protective conductor and is denoted by PEN. In the housing three-phase network with 3 phases and PEN-conductor.

A System incorporating a working N and PE protective conductors are called TN-C. From the city air line in the house introduced a cable with 4 wires (3 phases and neutral). Each apartment is supplied single-phase power with an intermediate shield. Zero wire combines the functions of protective and conductor.wiring diagram for RCD in single-phase networks without grounding

Wiring Diagram for RCD in single-phase networks without grounding is characterized in that in the breakdown and in contact phases on the case the protection does not work. In connection with the missing ground, the current cutoff to occur is not, but the device will appear a potential threat to life.

When touching conductive parts of the housing of the appliance for the passage of current creates an electrical circuit to the earth through the body.
When the leakage current is below the threshold the device does not work, the current would be safe for life. If you exceed the limit, the RCD will rapidly disconnect the line from touching the hull. If it has ground shutdown circuit may occur before the human touch to the case once there is a breakdown of insulation.

Details on the connection of differential protection to three-phase networks

In accordance with the EMP, the installation of the RCD in three-phase networks TN-C is forbidden. If the end user want to protect earthing PE conductor must be connected to the PEN conductor in front of the RCD. Then the system TN-C is converted to the system TN-C-S.

In any case, the RCD need to connect to enhance electrical safety, but this should be done according to the rules.


The Differential relay is selected with power onone notch higher than that connected with him in one line circuit breaker. The latter is designed to work with overload for a few seconds or minutes. Ouzo has the same power for such loads are not designed and can fail. Low-power devices used at a current not exceeding 10 A, and powerful - is above 40.

The tension in the apartment 220V selectable two-pole machine, if 380 In - four-pole.

An Important feature of the RCD is the leakage current. His value depends on, to use the apparatus as a fire or for protecting from shock.

Devices have different speed of operation. If you need a high-speed camera, select selective. There are 2 class - S and G, where the last highest speed.

The structure of the machine can be Electromechanical or electronic. For the first no additional power required.

According to the marking it is possible to distinguish the type of leakage current: AC - AC And - any.

Errors during the installation and operation of the RCD

  1. Not allowed connection of the output neutral conductor, an RCD with outdoor area or electrical switchboard.
  2. Zero and the phase wire must connect through the protective device. If the neutral bypasses the RCD, it will work, but can produce false positives.
  3. If the plug in the socket a zero and the ground to one terminal, the RCD will continually trip when the load is connected.
  4. Do Not install jumper wires between the zero to several groups of consumers, if they are connected to separate protective devices.
  5. Phases are connected to terminals labelled "L" and zero to "N".
  6. Not allowed to include the device immediately after activation. First you need to find and fix the problem and then make the connection.

Connection ouzo without grounding in the apartment

Breakdown of the insulation in the absence of grounding leads to the appearance of the body of the instrument potential hazard to humans. A leak here will only happen after the touch. The entire leakage current will pass through the body until it reaches the threshold and the protective device will disconnect the circuit.

Connecting the RCD to sockets

If there is system TN-C the housing is sometimes connected to the neutral wire. Wiring diagram for RCD without grounding plug provides a neutral connection to the side terminal 3. Then at the break of the wire current from the device goes through it. Connecting should be done at the entrance to the apartment.wiring diagram for RCD without ground sockets

It is against the rules because of the increased likelihood of electric shock. When getting voltage to the neutral on the external network it will be on the buildings is grounded in this way of appliances. Another disadvantage of this method is the frequent triggering of the machine when connecting loads.

The connection cannot be done independently. If everything is done according to the standard, it is necessary to order the design changes of the power supply system in accordance with the requirements of the EMP. About fact, this should be a change of system TN-C-S in the following way:

  • Go inside the apartment from two-wire to three-wire network;
  • The transition from in-house four-wire to five-wire network;
  • The separation of the PEN conductor in the installation.

Features wiring to connect ouzo

When you are connecting the RCD in single-phase networks without grounding, wiring is three-wire cable, but the third conductor to ground terminals of the sockets and housings of the devices cannot be connected until the system is upgraded to TN-C-S or TN-S. When connected to the wire RE all conductive housings of the devices will be energized if the phase gets on one of them, and the ground will be missing. In addition, the summed capacitive and static currents of the appliances, creating the risk of injury to a person.connect RCD in single-phase networks without grounding

Having No experience of wiring and electrical equipment, it is easiest to buy an adapter with RCD at 30 mA and use it when connecting to the sockets of electrical appliances. This method of connection greatly increases the electrical safety.

For electrical appliances and outlets in the bathroom and other rooms with high humidity, you must install an RCD 10 mA.

Wiring Diagram for RCD in single-phase networks without grounding in a private house

The Home network may be the same as in the apartment, but here the owner more options.

The easiest way to install at the entrance of one common or several of the RCD on the main lines on the home network. For a complex network connects multiple levels of protective devices.wiring diagram for RCD in single-phase networks without grounding in a private house

Introductory RCD 300 mA it protects all the wiring from fire. In addition, it can work on the total leakage current from all lines, even if they leak within the normal range.

Universal RCD to discharge at 30 mA are installed behind the fire, and the following lines have to be the bathroom and children's room with IY = 10 mA.

How to connect a grounding in a private house

You Can make a ground loop and to convert the network in a TN-C-S. it is Not recommended to connect on his own re-grounding to the neutral wire. When hitthe voltage on the neutral from the external network, this grounding may be the one for all neighboring houses. When poorly performed it can limit and cause a fire. It is advisable to do a re-grounding in the place branch from the air line that minimizes the probability of a fire in the house.

Connection of the RCD in the country

At the cottage, the wiring diagram is simple and the loads are small. A suitable wiring diagram for RCD in single-phase network (photo below). Select RCD 30 mA (universal), protection from fire and electric shock.wiring diagram for RCD in single-phase network photo

Wiring Diagram for RCD without grounding in the country requires the installation of a main entry and a couple of machines for the lighting and sockets. If you are using a boiler, it is possible to connect a wall socket or a separate machine.


Wiring Diagram for RCD without grounding is a common method of protection. Grounding also serves the function of protection and it must be connected correctly. It is important to pay attention to extra protection for the bathroom and other rooms with high humidity. Ouzo is expensive, but safety is more important. In complex wiring schemes, it is advisable to install several levels of protection, with selective tripping of the RCD smaller denomination.

It is Important to understand that ouzo is the only type of device intended to protect people from electric current.

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