Soup of saury: a recipe


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All the known benefits and nutritional value of fish. It is especially advantageous to this ocean side highlighted species of fish. One such valuable and visible representatives is sayra.

It is composed of easily digested proteins, saturated and unsaturated fats, complex and simple carbohydrates. The calorie content of the product per hundred grams is about two hundred calories. In the saury contains vitamin a in large amounts, Niacin, vitamin C and D. in addition, this fish is full of lots of useful trace elements (fluoride, iron, chromium, etc.).

soup of canned Pacific saury

Canned tuna

To Get to the kitchen fresh ocean fish from the nearest supermarket – the task is quite complicated. But cook soup from canned Pacific saury – quite doable. It is proved that this fish at thermal treatment not loses many of its beneficial properties and vitamin content. Canned saury – a useful product for the body, from which it is possible to prepare a lot of appetizers and salads. But especially Housewives prized entrees.

Soups Pacific saury prepared quickly, not forced to spend much time at the stove. In addition, canned fish is inexpensive, making lunch for the whole family and available budget. The first meals of Pacific saury produces fragrant, delicious and hearty. About the benefits once again have to will not mention.

fish soup with saury

Soup Recipe from canned Pacific saury

To prepare a classic recipe you will need the following ingredients:

  • Canned saury – 400 g
  • Small carrot.
  • Three or four large potatoes.
  • One onion.
  • Optionally, you can add in the fish soup of saury rice, millet or pearl barley (2 tbsp).
  • Salt.
  • Fresh greens.
  • Bay leaf.
  • A few peas allspice.


As we make a soup from canned Pacific saury, therefore, to engage in butchering and preparing fish is not necessary. The first step – vegetables. Potatoes must be cleaned and cut into rather large squares. Carrots can be cut into thin slices or grind through a coarse grater. Onions peeled and cut into very small cubes.


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In a small pot, the capacity of which not more than two and a half liters, pour 1.5 to 2.0 l of water. Send back the potatoes. At the beginning of cooking you can add a pinch of salt, a few peas of fragrant pepper. To make the soup of saury has turned out fragrant, add in the cooking time of the potatoes in the broth a few large Bay leaves.

soup of canned fish Saira

Vegetable zazharku

Almost none of the soup is not complete without roast vegetables. Soup of canned fish (saury) is no exception. While boiled potatoes are frying onions and carrots. Because carrots are roasted longer, it is recommended to send in the pan a little before the bow.

Try to prepare the vegetables to roast on a minimal amount of oil. If the recipe is taken canned saury in oil, in soup and so will abound. If desired, in the vegetable sauté, you can enter a couple of tablespoons of homemade tomato paste. Pasta can be replaced with a pair of juicy tomatoes, cut into very small cubes.


To the soup of saury was more hearty and nutritious, many hostesses also add cereals. It may be rice, barley or millet. Remember, if the soup is added the barley, it should pre-soak and rinse thoroughly under cold running water. Cereals are added to the soup along with vegetable zazharkoy.

soup of saury recipe

Canned food

After 15-20 minutes, when the potato is cooked, and the grits are soft, add canned fish. As a rule, fish in the Bank is in the form of large pieces. Before sending it to the soup place the fish in a bowl and mash with a fork. The juice (oil) from banks also added to the broth, it will give extra flavor and taste. For feed you can leave a few whole pieces of fish, removing cartilage.

Try the soup of saury. If necessary, add more salt. Cook for about five minutes, turn off heat, cover with a lid and leave “walk”.

Serves soup saury with fresh greens. In each plate put a piece of fish. You can also add a small piece of butter.


  • Soup of saury will be less calories and diet, if you don't add fish oil from the jar and not to brown vegetables.
  • Get more thick and rich fish soup, if you add fried tomato paste, based on starch.
  • For food you can use completely different types of cereals: rice, millet, barley, bulgur or millet.
  • Fans of culinary experiments and unusual flow suggest in the last stage of cooking add to the boiling soup resultando egg. The end result is tasty and very beautiful strands in the broth.
  • For originality of flavor and create a creamy consistency you can add cheese. Before sending it to the soup, it is recommended to hold in the freezer for a few minutes and RUB on a small grater. how to cook soup with saury

How to choose the right canned food

As we know, the taste of the dish depends on the quality of raw ingredients. Choose canned saury, by adhering to a few important tips:

  • Bank of the fish should be smooth, without chips, dents, and other imperfections.
  • Carefully read what is in the cans. Raw materials can serve as fish and fish waste. The difference of raw materials is clear and the choice in favor of the fish is obvious.
  • Marked with the date of manufacture should be a laser engraved, not printed label.
  • Stamped on the jar the letter “R” indicates that the production was used only high-quality and fresh fish, not waste.
  • When the Bank is open, not in a hurry to add fish to the soup. Smell it and look carefully at the color of the fish meat. No inclusions, dark spots, spots on the fish pieces and unpleasant aroma coming from the banks, should not be.

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