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Many villagers contain in their farm cattle. Here the milk-seller. Buy it villagers, townspeople and villagers. In summer and spring, the milk yield increases, it should be processed into products with longer shelf life: butter and cream. For this purpose, rural residents use electric separator for milk (or manual). This will be discussed in this article.

Separators domestic

They are designed for separation of milk in the house. What is the process? In translation from Latin "separation" - is the separation, the separation of liquids of different densities. In this case, separation means the separation of particles from the lungs difficult. The first are cream and fat, the second – water or skim milk. So get the cream and butter.

Separator household electrical

Milk is a perishable product. It is often necessary in processing to extend shelf life and the production of new dairy products. This is used for household electric separator.

Types of separators

These home appliances vary in performance, capacity, power and many other parameters. But the main difference is that the separators are manual and electric. In our country successfully used both. They slightly differ in value. But the electric separator, which price is not a determining selection criterion is much easier to use.

Principle of operation

For starters, the unit would need to include: the drum starts to rotate. In a bowl, poured the milk through the tap and the float chamber is fed to the drum. It's distribution on the plates.


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Separator electric

Thanks to the action of centrifugal force the cream come to the center as lighter, rise up and go to the emergency Department for cream. Skimmed milk is heavier. It peels off and is discharged through the respective gap to the receiver. Of pollution mechanical origin are periodically removed enough parts to wash with water.

How to choose the right electric separator?

When buying a household appliance you should familiarize yourself with the specifications. Special attention should be paid to price level, product volume, membership of milk from cows or goats. It is very important, how many revolutions per minute does a drum and the material from which made the inner details.

On the speed of rotation of the drum for the processing of cow's milk could hardly be more straightforward. It is almost all of the devices within eight to twelve thousand revolutions per minute. But many people prefer goat's milk for processing which need high speed separator.

Separator electric milk

Buying an electric milk separator, it is very important to pay attention to the material of construction of internal parts of the instrument. They come in metal, stainless steel or aluminum, plastic and nylon. More practical are items made of stainless steel, they are not oxidized, easy to clean, not difficult for them to care - about it is spoken by almost all reviews.

If you prefer the aluminum parts, it should be remembered: acidic and alkaline cleaning agents is not for them. The most impractical are the nylon parts. Now, having useful information when buying an electric separator, you can avoid many mistakes and to buy the device for use for many years.

When choosing a separator we should not neglect the customer reviews about the product. One like devices with metal housing, and others – with plastic. Someone leaves a positive review on a high-speed household appliance, and someone comfortable with the average number of revolutions per minute and so on.

Separator butter churn electric appliances

These devices are most often made from metal, although there are plastic. Electric separator consists of a beaker with a tight lid, an impeller, which is connected to the motor and mixes the liquid inside, for which the tank is filled with milk, and well-settled cream.

For the mixing process, close the lid and turn the unit to the network. At the end of the process is separated from the liquid fat globules, which while beating, gradually begin to lose the shell and coalesce each other, forming a clot oil. The liquid is then discharged and the resulting mass is spread on a cloth to remove excess liquid.

Separator electric household butter churn

After a shutdown separator for household electrical be sure to disassemble, clean with hot water and wiped dry with. It is important to know that during operation of the separator in a liquid filled tank, its not inverted and not tilted at a large angle. For example, tilt up to 45°. Otherwise, the liquid from the tank can get into the motor and a short circuit occurs, despite the fact that modern electric separator is equipped with a security system.

Separator manual home

For the device operation manual principle of operation it is necessary to apply muscular strength. Capacity unwinds hands specialhandle, which passes through the drive on her rotation. Manual separators mainly include bowls of small size: only 5.5 liters. Milk constantly, up to 14 times, polivaetsya in the bowl. It's uncomfortable. Therefore, many owners acquire the devices with a 12-litre bowl. However, such separators are difficult, especially if the bowl is made of metal. And they are much more expensive.

It May seem that in the age of high technology, this outdated approach to milk processing. Why people use handheld devices? Yes, because the separators manual work without electrical network. When shortages of electricity, and in rural areas is common, hand separator more than ever. Consumer reviews have noted that at home it is easier to fix. It costs less than the electric separator, the price of which is higher by about a thousand rubles.

Separator electric price

The Manual process up to eighty liters of milk in one hour. Their weight is small, about three pounds. Thanks to its compact design and small volume, they are easily transported, even without the use of vehicles.

Technical characteristics of the separator ESB-02

An electric Separator for milk processing this brand has a capacity of 80 watts. Its drum rotates at a speed of 11 thousand rpm. Separator recycles 80 liters of milk per hour. Just after 1-2 minutes it goes into work mode and running continuously for 30 minutes. Then the device you want to disable for ten minutes and then continue.

The separator is small in size and weighing up to three pounds. The ratio of cream and skim milk varies: the lowest – 1:4, the high – 1:10. In the milk container holds 12 litres of product. However, separators of other brands and manufacturers may have other specifications, depending on which and the prices are different.

So, this device can be bought for 3153 ruble, electric separator “fireworks” - 4341 ruble «Rotor SP 003-01” for 2677 rubles. This list can be continued indefinitely, as manufacturers of separators very much. But the separators listed in the article, buyers respond positively, saying about their durability and convenience.

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