Fried rabbit in a frying pan: the most delicious recipes


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The Rabbit – diet, tender and very tasty meat. Because it is quite expensive, can afford it often on holidays. And ways to cook it quite a lot. The same roasted rabbit in a frying pan can be supplemented with a lot of different products, but loneliness is eaten instantly. The main thing-to fry correctly and with imagination.roasted rabbit in a pan


When is rabbit fried in the pan, all the recipes are without exception advised not to be lazy and brine the bird for at least two hours and preferably overnight. The animal has its own smell and not everyone will have “nose”. In addition, when roasting rabbit is somewhat harsh, and marinating is intended to prevent this from happening. If you were going to roast a rabbit, it would be sufficient simply to soak in water with the addition of herbs, in serum or milk, and so the situation will save only the marinades for fried rabbit. Pickling the whole carcass recommended, but if you want to shorten the time of exposure, it can and chopped.

The easiest way – to endure rabbit in wine, white or red. However, a more elegant taste obtained when using one of the following marinades.

  1. Chopped carrots, root parsley and onion, pour the Cup of three-percent vinegar, complemented by two Lavrushka, salt, ground pepper, half spoon sugar and herbs. The mixture is slowly boiled for five minutes and cooled.
  2. Connects olive oil with half the amount of Dijon mustard, black pepper and salt. A carcass coated with the mixture and Packed in the package.
  3. Half a liter of buttermilk are combined with paprika, garlic powder (teaspoon) Italian seasoning (two tablespoons), and Cayenne pepper (two small spoon).

Any marinade can be enriched with juniper berries, fennel, rosemary, thyme or Basil-they are perfectly emphasizes the taste of the rabbit.roasted rabbit in a pan all recipes


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Simple and tasty: roasted rabbit in a pan with onions

Pickled carcass obrushivaetsya towels, portioned chopped (not finely) and fry in a well heated pan in vegetable oil. When forming a wonderful color to the meat added onions, cut into fairly thick rings, and carrots, crumbled thick strips or slices. RUB the root is not worth it. The products are fried while stirring for another five minutes, then the capacity is covered with a lid, and roast the rabbit in the pan left another forty minutes. If Luke quite a lot of water to fill do not need – fluid and it will be enough. Season do not have – fragrant enough from the marinade.rabbit fried in the pan recipe

Meat plus mushrooms

Delicious rabbit roast in the pan, the recipe of which includes the chanterelles. With mushrooms won't be the same, although this dish has a right to exist. Two chopped onions and some green feathers are roasted until soft, then added the squares yellow bell pepper, diced tomato and finely chopped with a knife, four slices of garlic. Ready roast is set aside, and in the other pan fried whole fresh chanterelles (a quarter kilo or more). They go to the second zazharki, and instead laid the pieces of marinated rabbit meat. After the formation of a crust on it osypaetsya chopped dill, pour a little broth, and the meat comes almost ready. At this stage the rabbit placed on top of the vegetables, all poured a quarter Cup of white wine, and dish zagotavlivali in the full Assembly.roasted rabbit in a pan with onions

Unusual: rabbit in breadcrumbs

From the carcass are back and back legs, which at first quickly fried in pork fat, then move around in the pan, pour the mixture of broth with red wine, passerovannym onion and Bay leaf. As such, the rabbit is brought to softness. The cooled pieces paniruetsya in flour, Macau in a little beaten egg and rolled off in the breadcrumbs. Fry until crisp; garnish to offer fried potatoes with mushrooms and fresh vegetables.

The force be with you!

An Interesting taste and amazing softness has fried the rabbit in a pan filled with fat. The incisions and large chunks of rabbit meat are inserted wedges of the product they are sun fried and filled with gravy, which includes beef broth, sour cream and the juice released during roasting of the rabbit – all in arbitrary proportions. Twenty minutes later, the sauce is drained, filtered; it is mixed dried flour. The gravy is kept on the fire until boiling and returned to the pan with the rabbit. After another boiling, the fire can be turned off.marinades for fried rabbit

Sour apples

General approach to cooking is similar to the previous recipe with the exception of spehovanie. Just in the sauce in the first stage, except the broth, with sour cream, add the apples, purified from the skin and bones. They can be finely chopped and can be rubbed. If the rabbit is fried in a pan cooked with fruit, it acquires a delicate and unusual taste. Especially recommended this methodcooking, if you had a very young animal: apples give the meat extra soft. If you don't like thick gravy, apples can replace them with juice, but squeezed before cooking. Interesting flavor nuance acquires dish, which used dried apples; for more elegance you can connect them even with prunes – will truly noble taste.

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