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The Problem of split ends occurs in many women and even some men. Hair becomes difficult to comb, they bifurcate at the tips, begin to break and fall out. It is difficult to give the necessary form and make a hairstyle that you would like. This is influenced by the environment (sun or wind), and under the influence of chemicals. Also, the reason there may be a very tight ponytails and braids. As a result, there is a need to provide the hair the necessary nourishing substances.

In case of such problems it is necessary to drink at least 6 glasses of water a day, eat fish, olives, nuts and vegetable oil. It is also recommended to take capsules of fish oil.

The hair does not flogged, there are different treatment methods, including used: mask for split ends, as well as fluids for the hair.

Mask to restore hair may be different (oil-based, medicinal herbs, fish oil and many others), they provide your hair the necessary hydration and nutrition and recovery structure.

1) the Most popular remedy is burdock oil. The hair is not whipped, it must be rubbed into the scalp, then wrap your head with a plastic bag and wrap with a warm towel. An hour later, you must use shampoo to wash hair then rinse with warm water with lemon juice. This mask smoothes the structure of damaged hair. An effective tool is also fish oil, which can be used instead of burdock oil.


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2) the recipe for the mask on the basis of medicinal herbs. These include chamomile, St. John's wort, nettle, nasturtium, clover, and many others. To prepare the mask must be placed in a glass jar a tablespoon of herbs, pour 200 gr. vegetable oil. Then close the jar and infuse for 7 days, then drain, RUB into the hair and after an hour wash with shampoo.

3) So the hair does not flogged can be used mask using onion and honey. For its preparation you need to mix the honey with the grated onion and oil, then apply for an hour on hair and then rinse with water. Honey promotes healing of hair, and a bow to strengthen their roots.

4) you Can also use the mask, which includes egg yolk, honey, olive oil, henna and cognac. The mixture is also applied to the hair and after one hour washed with shampoo.

5) So the hair does not flogged, make a mask based on the horseradish and sour cream. Hell accelerates hair growth and improves blood flow to scalp, and the oil has a moisturizing effect and nourishes the hair. To prepare the mask you need to RUB on a grater horseradish root, then add in a tablespoon of sour cream and same amount of vegetable oil. After that, all mix and the resulting mass apply on hair. Then wrap your head with cellophane, wrap with a towel and after 30 minutes rinse with warm water.

For the treatment may also be used a fluid for the hair.  basically it comes in a gel form and is used as a cosmetic, which significantly improves the condition of hair, make them soft, shiny and manageable. The effect of the fluid for hair is that it nourishes damaged hair and makes them whole. It restores hair from within and protects it from harmful environmental influences. The hair after application of the fluid easy to comb. There are vibes for split ends, colored, permed hair etc hair it is recommended to use fluid with silk proteins. After applying the hair becomes more silky and improves its natural resistance.

Before applying fluid to the hair better go to the hairdresser to cut the hair ends. After application it is not rinsed, and dried either naturally or with a hair dryer.


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