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Agent James bond became a hero to several generations of readers and viewers. Because the actors are “007: the coordinates of “Skyfall” tried to meet expectations of a large number of people.

Daniel Craig — agent James bond

The Role of the legendary agent, desirable for many. In the entire history of the bond films on this role tried on several actors. And the youngest of them — British actor Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig was born in Chester, UK. Parents divorced early, and the future actor stayed with his mother, a schoolteacher. She encouraged the interest of his son to art. Craig loved to read and spent lots of time on Rugby. He discovered the theater and became interested in this world so that he began to go on stage in school productions. Small performances for students and parents gave Craig the necessary experience, which helped him to enter the troupe of the National youth theatre.

actors "007: Coordinates Skayfoll"

In sixteen years, Craig left the house and began to tour to different countries. They visited and Roshi. Like many actors “007: the coordinates of “Skyfall”, Daniel after working in the theatre started with small roles in movies. He played minor characters and making acting so little that sometimes we had to sleep on the benches. But luck smiled on the actor, he played in the movie “Lara Croft: tomb raider”.

Playing in a film with Angelina Jolie, Craig drew the attention of filmmakers and viewers. This painting became an important stepping stone to one of the most important projects in the career of the English artist.


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Chosen a new actor for the role of James bond. To play this character wanted 200 artists, among whom were already famous, already loved by professionals. Because competition for Craig was considerable. He was diligently preparing for the role: read everything written about the bond books and watched all the movies and with a responsible approach to personal physical fitness. Craig got the part in “Casino Royale”.

The actor fell not only glory, but also criticism. Some fans of the series thought that blonde and blue-eyed Craig is not suited to the role of their favorite hero. However, the new film “quantum of solace” many are forced to accept. Now little one bond is associated with someone other than Craig.

Daniel successful not only on set but also in your personal life. In 2011, he married actress Rachel Weisz.

Javier Bardem — Silva

Few actors are “007: the coordinates of “Skyfall” had such creative and famous family, what have Javier Bardem. His mother, grandfather and grandmother were actors, while uncle — a film Director. Brother and sister Javier also began to act in films. Parents of the future actor divorced when he was only two years, and the mother decided to move to Madrid. Her career has allowed Javier to experience the world of movie before many. In four years he got a role in the TV series, and in six years has already starred in a feature film.

"007: Coordinates Skayfoll" actors

However, Bardem was more interested in painting, which he studied in school. Because after the first roles was a break for fourteen years. The painting didn't bring Javier's nothing but fun. To earn a livelihood, he again tried his hand at acting and this time, lingered in front of the cameras for a long time.

One of the first films which brought fame to Bardem, - "Ham ham". When I was shooting this picture the young actor met with Penelope Cruz. After the movie they parted ways, they met again only on the set of ‘Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona». The Bardem and Cruz began an affair that lasted three years. Then they got married. The couple had a daughter and a son.

During the filming of the bond film of Bardem was awarded a personal star on the walk of fame. When laying was attended by actors “007: the coordinates of “Skyfall”.

Rafe Fiennes-Gareth Mallory

The New bond movie managed to cause a stir among the audience even before he started shooting. Before creating a “007: the coordinates of “Skyfall” the actors are diligently preparing for filming. Among the most industrious stood out Rafe Fiennes, who is always responsible to each his work.

the actors of the movie "007: Coordinates Skayfoll"

An English actor born in the family of the writer and the photographer. Work his parents had brought a small income, because my father had yet to repair the house. Ibid Fiennes and lived with his family. When the repair was finished, they had to move. Due to the frequent change of schools, friends, future actor was not. It is more time to books than to socializing with peers who were considered uninteresting.

Like many actors of the film “007: the coordinates of “Skyfall”, Rafe Fiennes began his career on the stage. He often appeared in productions of classic plays and showed his best side. This allowed him to try his hand in the movie. It so happened that almost all the important and high-profile role of the actor associated with the film adaptations of religious works. The first success was the film based on the novel by Emily Bronte "Wuthering heights". Heathcliff in his performance like even the most demanding fans of Gothic history.

The worldglory Fiennes received for his starring role in the film "Schindler's List». After that his name began to appear on the pages of not only the British and American press, but in Newspapers and magazines in many other countries.

Teenagers from different ends of the earth have learned the name of the English actor and loved him after Fiennes starred in the film adaptation of the novels of John. K. Rowling "Harry Potter”. The Englishman played the main antagonist — the dark magician Volan de mort.

Fiennes with interest belonged to the Russian classics, so I accepted the offer to come to Russia to participate in the film adaptation of the play by Turgenev “a month in the country”. Shooting allowed Fiennes not only to better know a new country, but also to get acquainted with the Russian language.

Judy Dench —

British actress owes much to his favorite poet is Shakespeare. Even when she went to the theatre with his father, who worked there as a doctor, Judy fell in love with that fascinating world and setting works of the legendary Englishman. The first role, Judy also was on the plays of Shakespeare. She first appeared on the stage of the theater "old Vic" in the role of Ophelia. This was followed by other suggestions. Bright and talented girl has aroused the interest of theater first, and then journalists. Success on stage attracted the attention of filmmakers.

"007: Coordinates Skayfoll" actors and roles

In the film “007: the coordinates of “Skyfall” actors and roles correspond to each other. But the people who worked with Judy Dench, said she was much friendlier and kinder than her character M. the Role in “bond” brought Dan glory. But the prize “Oscar” she received the role of Queen Elizabeth in the film "Shakespeare in Love”.

Naomi Harris-Eve Moneypenny

Talking about his life before the shooting in the “Agent 007: the coordinates of “Skyfall”, the actors admitted that there were moments when their life was all in the worst way, but they were able to overcome all difficulties. A striking example of the power of the spirit was Naomi Harris.

James bond "007: Coordinates Skayfoll" actors

The Actress was born in a poor family and was raised by her mother. She soon fell in love with the theatre and enrolled in acting school for children. Lessons there so inspired Naomi that she has decided to try his hand at auditions. And then she was able to get a role in a children's series. If the career of the little Actresses went well, the school girl feel uncomfortable. Her humiliated. Because she was so excited to graduate and go to College at the University of Cambridge. But there Naomi was not easier, because it studied children from rich families, and could not find friends.

However, acting career, Harris has developed. Her first role in the film “28 days later" has attracted attention to it. One of the most important roles in his career Naomi was the witch TIA Dalma from the film “pirates of the Caribbean”. If the first two movies she was just a supporting character with a mysterious history, a third film was almost completely focused on this character.

Ben whishaw - Q

English actor Ben whishaw quite early decided to connect his life with theatre. After school he continued his education at the Royal Academy of dramatic art. While still a student, whishaw received his first role. He acted on stage and appeared in small roles. Already at the age of 23 he was popular among fans of the theatre. Did not stay to the world of fame.

"007: Coordinates Skayfoll" actors

Whishaw played the lead role in the film adaptation of the novel "perfume: the Story of a murder". After that, the actor has not just donned in the costumes of past centuries, appearing in the images of kings or the characters of the famous works.

Ben whishaw in his spare time he likes to chat with his twin brother, to travel or just relax at home in the company of cats. The actor became famous not only for its game but also the ability to sing.

Albert Finney - Kincaid

The Central character of the film was, of course, James bond. “Agent 007: the coordinates of “Skyfall”, which the actors carefully chosen, continued the famous series. Because each role in the movie was an honor. Even the heroes of the second plan was played by a famous artists, among them albert Finney.

Finney's early career coincided with the heyday of cinema in England. He became famous for playing young, serious British fit time. Along the way, albert also appeared on the theatrical stage. The actor played in many movies that are considered classics. But since then, he began to appear on the screen less and less.

Helen McCrory — Claire Dovar

British actress Helen McCrory — one of the Queens of the second plan. Not many films in her career, where she would play a major role. But almost all the films where she has appeared have become famous. Role in “bond” was not her first adaptation. Prior to that, she appeared in the film based on the novel «Anna Karenina».

To “007: the coordinates of “Skyfall” Helen managed to meet one of my colleagues Rafe Fiennes. Together they starred in the film adaptation of the book series ‘Harry Potter”.

Berenis Marlo — Severin

What is the film about the legendary agent complete without beautiful girls falling in love with the main character? In this part of the “bond” one of the fans, James played Berenice Marlowe.

To “007: the coordinates of “Skyfall” Berenice little appeared on the screens. She was more famous as a fashion model. First, the French conquered his native Paris, and soon began to appear in publications around the world. The role of Severin attracted to the young actress attention. For many of the beauties that have played bond girls, the film about the agent was the start of a career.

In the film “Agent 007: the coordinates of “Skyfall” actors and roles correspond to each other. Because this part of the “bond” like even the most finicky fans of the series.

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