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You will soon take an interview? Then you need to prepare questions. For the interview you should come up with something tricky. Of course, it is possible for a person to ask and General information, but it will not be as interesting as answers to trivial questions. If you are afraid to take such a bold interview, can mix complex issues simple.

From the past What would you change in your life?

interesting questions

Asking such a question for an interview, people want to hear the honest answer. He can tell about the person much more than she wants. A simple question about change will help to identify all the weaknesses of a man sitting in front of you. There are no perfect people and people make mistakes.

Of Course, it's hard to say how that would've been life if the person did everything perfectly the first time. But then he would not have become what it is. And even though this is valuable experience that gives everyone the destiny, people are intensively delve into the experience. Some are contemplating the change more often, others less. But they do it all. And if people openly say that if he was returned 10 years ago, he would chose the wrong Institute, the weak side of the individual – education.

Favorite web site

interview questions

Think about questions for the interview? Ask the person about his favorite web site. Why do you need this information? Today it is difficult to find a person who gets knowledge from books. Most modern people are accustomed to read news on the Internet. The site on which they sit most often, can tell a lot about them.

If a person prefers to watch educational videos, it is likely that he is an inquisitive person. And if the girl free time studying information about what nail Polish are celebrities, it means that the lady is very near. Also always interesting to know where people live. Some can't imagine a day without "Facebook" or "Instagram" and others want to know everything that happens in the world. The Internet gives a lot of information and interesting to know that there selects your interlocutor.


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Spirit animal

interesting questions

Want to know more about the person? Ask the right questions for the interview. When you meet an interesting person, not necessarily to find out where the person eats and when he lost his first tooth. Is little said about him as a person. Another thing-philosophical questions.

For Example, you can find out what animal your partner considers his totem. Do not be afraid, if he chooses a wolf. This animal is terrible it seems at first glance. The fact of the matter it is freedom-loving, ambitious and family at the same time.

If a person chooses rabbit, it seems nice at first. Rabbits are beautiful, but they are cowardly and promiscuous ties. In General, you need to pay attention not only to the appearance of your pet, but also for its more detailed description.

Describe the case that something you learned

What interesting questions we should ask? To judge a person only by his actions. But not the last role is played by the experience that he brings from life's accidents. It is this experience you can learn.

What is the situation or its outcome influenced the development of personality? Based on the response, you will be able to understand how a person relates to life and how he is able to survive the difficulties. For example, your partner may say that he really hurt his best friend's betrayal, and then he stopped trusting people. That shows the answer? Right, sitting in front of you the person is vindictive and can forgive people's mistakes and weaknesses.

Or people you can say that a car splashed him from a puddle when he stood at the crosswalk, and now he's not getting too close to the road. Yes, this is not the Frank story, but you can assume that the person sitting in front of you, a good sense of humor and he can laugh at himself.

The Best day in the last 5 years

ask the interview question

When you write interesting questions for the interview, you should ask about something personal. But to be interested in family life is indecent. So you can upgrade a sincere question. Find out what day over the past 5 years was the best for the person sitting in front of you.

The Source can tell that it was his graduation. Then you can conclude that the life of the person with whom you are talking to, not eventful. And also you can hear in response: "last year I went to Paris and walked around the quiet narrow streets". This answer says that man receives the joy of traveling and visiting new places.

How can you decipher the answer, if a person says that the best day of his life was the anniversary of his father? So, your partner puts his family first and he is always happy to spend time with people close to their free time.

What will be written in your epigram?

Right to ask a question in an interview can be difficult. But you have to make it so that the listener does not have prepared answers for all the questions. Then you will be ableto obtain the most honest answers. Of course some philosophical reasoning will look disconnected and shot down, but they will be sincere.

You can ask the person what would be the inscription he wanted to see on his tombstone. Yes, the question sounds like something not very good, but the answer is much you can tell about a person. People rarely think what they want to obtain at the end of life. But those short phrases that composed the epigram, summed up human existence.

You can ask the person to write these lines and then learn, than a person in my life proud of and to aspire to.

What you will share with the children in 80 years?

Questions and answers for interviews very often are prepared in advance. Impromptu is rare. People are afraid to show his companion his ugly side of the personality, so skillfully to camouflage them. But to break through this armor is still possible. Even prepared in advance answers to complex questions sometimes put the person in a deadlock.

What would you tell kids in 80 years? Some of the interviewee's personality begin to go into philosophy and say that we should tell the descendants about the role of love and family in the life of every person. They can teach their children to distinguish the true values from the false. And some may laugh at this question. After all, parents transmit their knowledge to children all my life. So people can laugh it off: "I would advise not to salt the marinade kebab, as salt takes away from the meat of the water, and it becomes dry."

If you were a crayon, what color?

interview questions and answers

What questions to ask in an interview? To draw a psychological portrait of a man, not necessarily directly ask him about his favorite color. You can disguise the issue. For example, you can ask about how the pencil would like to be a man, if he gets a chance in the next life.

Most people will describe to you a pencil of your favorite color, razor-sharp, and, of course, new. This suggests that people are young at heart and ready for new discoveries. And there are people who say that their sharpening of the stylus was not too spicy. It speaks of omotenashi life. But if the pencil is not new, half worn, it is clear that the strength and desire to live in humans not so much.

Do You think the talent exist or is it a myth?

A child Questions for the interview can also be not too simple. It is always interesting to look at how guys think. So you can ask quite complex questions and help your child to find the answer if necessary.

What children can tell us about talent? Children will be given the information in their head laid parents or teachers. Although older students will be able to form your opinion on this matter. And what will give the answer to this question? You will learn how a person has high or low self-esteem and attitude to work.

If the child says that the talent always plays a crucial role in art, it is unlikely that this person, when they grow up, many will achieve. But the man who says that the development of talent and to dot at the need to work long and hard will go far.

Do You believe in fate?

what questions to ask at the interview

Not all the questions during the interview can be answered unequivocally. If you are curious if a man believes in fate, I can hear incoherent mumbling. Some people can't decide what they believe. Yes, questions about God are irrelevant, but that's about the omnipotent of the universe, a Providence or fate, you can ask.

You can also ask the opinion of the person about the clear purpose and its existence. Many people believe that he came to this planet to fulfill some mission that they were predestined. Others believe this theory is complete nonsense and assure others that the man - himself a blacksmith of his own happiness. Always interesting to hear the opinion of the person on this account.

What vices do you feel the condescension?

Want to conduct an interview with the substitution of questions? So, you need to prepare in advance an interesting replacement. Come up with something original, preferably those questions which the interlocutor does not wait from you.

For example, you can ask him to be lenient with the flaws. All people are not perfect and all sin. The righteous on earth. Someone indifferent to food, some to women, and someone who likes to pozloslovit. But few are accustomed to openly talk about their vices. But if directly to ask about this the person?

Most Likely, if he's not ready to hear such a question, you get a rather interesting answer. Can a man say that he could forgive his friends tardiness, laziness or profanity. What does that say about the person? It is quite obvious that your interviewee is late himself, lazy and foul-mouthed.

What freedom?

interview with the substitution of questions

Your inquiry was interesting, you can come up with a theme interview. The issues in this case, you should select appropriate. For example, you can talk about human rights or human in General. One of the logical questions will be about the meaning of freedom.

Butask the person sitting in front of you, not a word definition from the textbook, and his personal opinion on this matter. After all, the freedom of each is different. One is to walk in late to a mom, a wife, a husband or a baby did not bother, and others freedom – able to work without being attached to a particular place to travel and do what you want.

To understand the mind of the person, you need to ask him about simple things. Such definitions will help you understand the essence of the person that you ask questions.

Your motto

Want to listen to what the man live? Ask his motto. Yes, few people really think about this question, but everyone in the Bank is the phrase known to people who like more than others.

One person you can tell that he was impressed by the statement of Steve jobs: "you need to work not 12 hours, and the head". Another interviewee may say, "life should be lived so that was something to remember." These are the expressions that is written somewhere in the subcortex of the memory, and determine the way of life of man, his true way of thinking and values. But the issues such a plan should be set not spontaneously, but give a person consider it. Difficult to remember the phrase that defines all life.

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