What are women's gold bracelets?


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Gold – a noble metal, which gives a person confidence and also serves as material for creating jewelry. The metal since ancient times been a sign of wealth and opulence. The crown with precious stones, rings, icons and much more – gold jewelry always looked nice and was the subject of envy.

A Very interesting form there are chains and bracelets, gold bracelets womens chain can vary greatly depending on the kind of weaving. Most often, the bracelets of gold worn on the right hand because the left hand wearing a watch. However, if no hours, no obstacles for finding the bracelet on his left hand will not be. At the same time, exceptional taste is the wearing of a bracelet and watch in one hand.


Gold bracelets women very elegant look for slim wrist. We can say that a woman or girl having such an advantage should not miss an opportunity to emphasize its beauty with the bracelet, especially if it is encrusted with bright stones. If such benefits are no, it is not necessary to take attention to the hands, it is better effectively to emphasize other virtues.


Weave bracelets can be different, as the materials from which they are made. The girls and without bangles adorns the youth, so they can choose jewelry made of silver and gold, even little children or bizarre forms. Because they have no status that would oblige to something more restrained and austere. It is for this reason gold bracelets female preferably with diamonds or other precious stones better to wear adult ladies. Otherwise, the Protectress of youth style can be considered weird.


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It is Worth noting that not only women are prone to purchase the bracelets, their owners often become men. Among men the most preferred are white gold.


As mentioned, weave bracelets can be different. Consider the most popular.


Making Love

Is Characterized by smooth rounded hinges connecting the edges. This type of weaving is refined, and therefore feminine. It is used in the weaving chains to wear pectoral crosses, bracelets, subtly accentuating the shape of the wrist, and a chain under the pendants. Making Love can be quite versatile, and elegant: even the simultaneous combination of several of the jewelry made in this style, does not violate the harmony of the female image.


Venetian weave 

The Product made in this way, a particularly durable and strong. Masters, skillfully brings to life the Venice of the netting, valued at all times. In fact – rectangles, connected with each other. The finished product is very similar to the twisted boxes.


Netting "Bismarck"

In the early last century jewelry, made with the help of this technology, particularly appreciated by lovers of strict dresses and suits. However, while using this technique, wove the chains on the neck. To date, gold bracelets for men and women made in the "Bismarck" are quite popular.

Anchor netting

It is often used to create bracelets. The chain corresponds to the name. This technique of weaving allows to obtain very durable and at the same time graceful decoration, which are able to effectively emphasize both the wrist and neck. However, the decoration in this style are not worth buying for adults, they are better suited for teenagers and youth.


Weaving serpentine

No less popular for the production of chains and bracelets. Gold bracelets for women, made by this technology, look very elegant and neat on the wrist. A thin line of gold in this case does not need any additions.


As you can see, bracelets can be made of different techniques of weaving, and there are the not all. But remember that the chosen band should match the style of the wardrobe.

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