Art or sport? What is the controversy?


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People are constantly sharing opinions. The way of the world. They say that it is for everybody. To bring the border views on certain issues, it is necessary to explain what is meant by one or another definition, concept, fact. After all, everyone sees something different!what is the controversyIn serious cases, to correct views or just exchange opinions apply dispute, discussion, controversy. How do they differ from each other? In some cases, resort to one or another kind of relationship? Let's deal.

Dispute with special conditions

For starters, what is the controversy. This will help dictionaries. Sensible publications unique. They characterize the controversy as a dispute, in which opponents or the sides convincingly and in detail Express their point of view. This is not just a transfer of phrases. It is a series of serious speeches, which are carefully prepared, are the actual materials that have logic. Such, for example, the scientific controversy. Such a dispute can take years, so as to clarify the truth you need to collect and consider the data set, extract the sequence, which then captured in a theory, and so on.

It is Clear that the purpose of the controversy is not just to convince the interlocutor. No. As a result of the efforts of two or more parties should be born such an opinion, which will consider all the views and thoughts that is closer to the truth of the participants of this event. It turns out that argue that such controversy, it is necessary to consider many views and opinions, to study tactics and strategy, to understand the origins of its occurrence.the controversy debate polemics


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A Little history

The Art of controversy was known in Ancient Greece. Such a great philosopher like Zeno, even classified its types. He believed that the dispute can be conducted with different purposes. If one wanted to convince the opponent, it is called tactic open palm. When the goal is to beat the opponent, it's a clenched fist. It is clear that methods such discussions. It is significant that in ancient times were investigated with different tactics. About what the controversy was known in Ancient China. Although the methods of the people of China in General was very different from the Greek. Nevertheless, the Chinese believed that the art of debate should be taught, preventing opponents fell to scandals.

Modern views and rules

Currently, the art of controversy is given much attention. We can say that the lack of understanding of the methods of warfare and specific rules is considered bad manners. In educational institutions be sure to explain what the controversy is. This is accepted in the scientific world, economic schools, places of training future journalists, workers of culture and art. Begin, with whom and in what cases it is possible to argue. There are very specific conditions. So, it is impossible to argue on a topic in which people are incompetent. It is quite logical. polemicsFor the conduct of the controversy need a thorough knowledge of the subject, ability to convey convincingly to the listener, accessible, understandable.

Personal attitude to the controversy

Perhaps the most important in the art of the dispute is the ability to control their emotions. One of the first rules is governed by the “correct” controversy, is as follows: not to engage in a discussion with people who evince a dislike to the speaker or to the subject under discussion. And this is understandable. This conversation will remind a scandal, even if you pass at the highest cultural level. In addition, there are cases when the opponent enters into a dispute, not wanting to hear a different opinion. His goal - to convey to the General public. To oppose this is to pour water on his mill. To do so is not always rational. You need to start to deal with the position of the opponent. The art of debate is a huge skill. He must consciously learn to skilfully apply in life.

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