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The Activities of any business entity is impossible without the existence of a certain governance structure. There is a large variety of shapes to make a scheme for the enterprise management. This is due to different fields of activity of economic entities, production volumes and geographic location. Depending on the nature of the set of internal relations, there are two forms of governance structure.

The First type of guideline sector organization, called hierarchical, is based on the principles of subordination of the different levels, the exercise of administrative functions. Each sector of such a governance structure correspond to certain levels of duties and its specific features. The hierarchical type may be represented by one of the three forms of organization. These include:

1. Linear management structure. In this form of organization of each of the managers supervises the work of subordinate units on their own. This scheme is very simple and quite effective in the case where the list of tasks is limited.

2. The functional structure. It is a certain type of command, when units of the lower level managed technical, planning, financial and other sectors. Administrative guidance in this form is the most qualified. Operational structure of the organization has its drawbacks. The most basic of them is the inconsistency of received tasks. In addition, the units to which are certain questions that can not always determine their order. Currently, this scheme is rarely used.


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3. A mixed management structure. It combines aspects of both linear and functional diagrams. In this form of management, managers monitor and approve the decisions that resulted from the work of their subordinate units. However, if the list of issues is extensive, this scheme the enterprise will not apply. A large variety of tasks makes the job of the head is quite complicated. To avoid this, the scheme simplified. This division of the functional type lead standing below on the subordination of the divisions on the questions entering into their competence.

What structure of management will be most effective for certain companies, determined by taking into account the scale and nature of production and the type of business entity. The most convenient scheme of the management in a small organization is Department-free. In this form each sector of the production process is under supervision of the master. It is led by the Director. The larger the company introduced the position of senior master, which is responsible for managing multiple sites.

If the company has a large scale, the most effective form of management structure is the craft. The head of this primary production level is directly guided by the masters, obeying the Director.

There is a Cabinet and the scheme of the management structure. It is used in their work, especially large enterprises. The business entity is divided into corps. Those, in turn, are broken up into workshops in them. Can have businesses and mixed governance structures.

The Second type of management is the most modern. Organic or adhocracies control scheme has the ability of easy adaptation to changing conditions due to changing external and internal factors of the organization. For example, the organizational structure of the store in today's market needs to clearly define the objectives, the solution of which is managed by a specific employee, taking into account the objective of the company. The scheme of management of trade companies should respond to all changes in market conditions.

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