Cervical chondrosis: first symptoms and treatment methods


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The Cervical chondrosis is today considered a very common disease and the number of patients is second only to lumbar osteochondrosis. The disease is associated with a gradual destruction of the intervertebral discs. As a rule, such a violation is much more common in older age, but it is possible for younger people.

The Cervical chondrosis develops slowly and is accompanied by a set of symptoms, which in some cases appear at a more severe stage of development of destruction. It should be noted that low back pain — a pretty dangerous disease that can easily go in hernia.

Chondrosis neck: the main symptoms of

The cervical Osteochondrosis can occur in different ways. It is customary to distinguish two forms of the disease.

In the first case, the symptoms appear following a sharp, negative turn of the head. Sharp pain includes not only cervical spine, but extends also to the head, chest and shoulders. Even the slightest movement of neck, head, chest, or hands causes severe muscle tension, and, as a consequence, a sharp, shooting pain. The person experiences stiffness in the movements. This condition can last for several days.

In the second form of development of chondrosis of the cervical spine begins slowly, almost imperceptibly. First, the neck muscles are numb, there is a dull constant pain, disorders of sensitivity. The muscles of the neck, chest and shoulders are very tense and with the development of the disease begin to go numb. And although the pain is not so sharp, however, it is constant and makes human life the discomfort disrupts sleep, causes headaches.


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In the absence of timely treatment of cervical chondrosis may cause pinching of nerve roots and blood vessels that bring blood to the brain. Quite often developing hernia. That is why when you have any symptoms, you must seek professional help.

Cervical chondrosis: treatment

Low back pain — it is the destruction of intervertebral disks and, unfortunately, even with timely treatment to repair damaged tissue is not possible. However, the process can be slowed down or even stopped, which will improve the condition of the body and will protect from serious consequences.

It Is understood that the treatment of degenerative disc disease should be long-term and systematic. In order to relieve pain and inflammation, non-steroidal prescribed drugs — in most cases, it is ointments and creams. In some cases, effective and antispasmodics, and drugs that stimulate tissue regeneration. But these drugs may be selected only by the attending physician. Unfortunately, the destruction process they don't stop — just remove the symptoms.

In the treatment of chondrosis use a variety of techniques. For example, is effective electrophoresis, manual therapy, acupuncture with subcutaneous administration of drugs. Assign as vacuum therapy, magnetic therapy, physiotherapeutic procedures.

Osteochondrosis also recommended regular massages, during which you can remove muscle tension improve the blood flow and the condition of the tissues. But the procedure should be carried out by an experienced specialist.

Very useful and special therapeutic exercises that should be done regularly. Moreover, the exercises can be used as prevention of disease and as adjuvant during treatment.

The Cervical chondrosis is much more likely to be diagnosed among those people who lead a sedentary lifestyle or most of the working time sitting. In this case it is necessary at least every two hours to make a short break for a walk or a short gymnastics — so you can relax your muscles and prevent progress of the disease.

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