Syrup "Orvirem" for children. Manual and indications for use


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This medication is designed to counter the child's body from viral diseases. If your child is sick with influenza, then the appropriate remedy is the syrup “Orvirem” for children. The manual shows that this drug can be used also for the prevention of influenza disease during the epidemic. Rimantadine is the main substance of the drug that prevents viruses from multiplying and destroys them at the cellular level. Its toxic effects in this syrup many times lower, as it, in addition to fighting viruses, it has a detoxification effect and adsorbent. This formulation includes 60% sugar. The former name of the medication (up to 2008) is ‘Allgire”.

Syrup “Orvirem” for children. Usage instructions

orvirem syrup for kids price

The Drug is prescribed for the disease influenza And SARS. It is also used as a tool for prevention in individuals older than 1 year. When influenza In it also helps, as it has detoxification effect. The medicine is available in the form of syrup pinkish color. The taste is sweet, slightly bitter. One dose is equal to one teaspoon is equal to 5 ml. and depending on the age of the patient changing the dosage. During treatment of influenza A, you should apply the medicine 3 times, in the preventive purposes rather than 1 time. The maximum effect can be achieved, if, within 7 hours after observing the first signs of the disease, take the drug “Orvirem”.

For children manual contains contraindications. You should not take the drug in case of intolerance of its components and the sensitivity to them, acute liver disease, epilepsy, kidney diseases, and babies under one year. There is usually well tolerated, although adverse reactions are nausea, bloating, headache and dizziness, allergies, sleep disorders.

orvirem syrup for kids

Treatment and prevention

How to use the flu remedy “Orvirem”? Syrup for children should be given after the baby ate. If the age of the baby from one year to three years, shown 2 teaspoons in the morning, afternoon and evening. The second and third day are identical. You should also give 2 teaspoons, only twice a day. On the fourth day, the same dose is used once per day. If the age of the child 3-7 years, assigned to three tablespoons three times a day. The next 2-3 days, the same dosage, but twice a day. On the fourth day you need to give 2 teaspoons 1 time. Be sure to drink water.

How to start prevention of flu, taking the syrup “Orvirem”? For children, the manual advises to use two tablespoons of syrup 1 time per day. Prophylactic course is no more than two weeks. Most importantly, that the daily rate did not exceed 5 mg per kilogram of body weight of the child. The drug is well tolerated the child's body.

Reviews of effectiveness

orvirem for children manual

According to mom, which gave the syrup to children with influenza, use of this medication reduces the symptoms of the disease, making it easier for the disease. Recovery occurs fairly quickly.

Some parents noted the negative impact of drugs on the liver and is recommended for prevention to strengthen the body, provide exercise. When in contact with patients should be applied to prevent tool "Orvirem" (syrup for children). The price is available to everyone. It ranges from 180 to 235 rubles depending on the volume of the bottle.

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