The disease is chorea: symptoms and treatment of disease


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The Disease chorea (the second name - Huntington's disease) refers to the serious diseases of the nervous system. To provoke the disease can many factors: poor blood flow to brain, intake of hard drugs, complications of encephalitis and sore throat, stress, atherosclerosis. But not only external factors can cause this disease – a genetic predisposition is also a cause of the disease. It should be noted that this disease affects equally both men and women.disease chorea


It Should be noted that the disease chorea manifests itself not immediately, but the symptoms are difficult to confuse with other diseases of the nervous system. As a rule, in the first stage of disease the person experiences difficulty in moving the muscles as if you do not listen: it is difficult to stand, raise your hands. The patient is depressed, it becomes whiny and irritable. Then there are involuntary contraction of the facial muscles: the man grimaces, lip smacks. In moments of excitement begins to slowly waving hands. Memory is deteriorating. In the later stages there is a complete or partial dementia, the person starts to stalk paranoid thoughts and obsessions. There is a tendency to suicide.Huntington's disease

Diagnosis and stage of disease

The Disease chorea has several forms: rheumatic and non-rheumatic patients. Rheumatic chorea most often affects children aged three to six years and pregnant women. Non-rheumatic form chorea appears in young people under the age of 25–30 years. Senile chorea in the elderly after age 60. Diagnosed Huntington's disease (photo presented in the article) using DNA analysis and positive emission tomography. Also, the doctor may prescribe a blood test to determine the number of leukocytes and detection of streptococcal infection. A blood test can help you determine the right treatment.


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Chorea Disease treatment

Unfortunately, scientists have not yet managed to find a cure to completely cure this insidious disease. Treatment is symptomatic and supportive in nature. As a rule, appointed by sedatives, neuroleptic medications. In severe forms of the disease can be prescribed tranquilizers that relieve depression and make the person more manageable. In rheumatic chorea, the patient is better to put on the account in a dispensary.inherited diseases of the nervous system

Hereditary disease

If one of the parents is ill with chorea, the chance of inheriting the disease the child is 50%. Therefore, people suffering from this disease it is not recommended to plan the birth of children. Also in women who have had this disease during pregnancy, the chance of having a healthy baby is dramatically reduced, resulting to plan a second pregnancy should not. Hereditary diseases of the nervous system, which include chorea, it is very difficult to treat, but in strict compliance with doctor's recommendations, you can extend the patient's life for years to come. Stay healthy!

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