Where to go in Lipetsk with the child, girl or family?


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Lipetsk-a city with a great history. It dates back to the glorious conquests of Peter the great. In 1703 year, the place of confluence of the river Lipovka into the Voronezh river, construction began on the city for workers and managers. The appearance in the South of the country's factories for military purposes, it was necessary to state on the eve of the Northern war. And by 1781 the city of Lipetsk received his personal coat of arms. It shows the lime-tree, embodying the family tree.

Monuments musicians

The town has a very unusual monuments that are worth seeing by both adults and children. Where to go in Lipetsk, to see something unusual? For example, on the Plekhanov street is an impressive monument of the Bremen town musicians. Of course, no relation to the city itself, these fairy tale characters do not have. But to see the famous group – it will be fun for kids and fun meeting for their parents. There is also a monument to the group «Beatles». It is located on Lenin street. Apparently, the residents of the city are good for music, just set such monuments. With Beatles and Burdens can be photographed absolutely for free.

where to go in LipetskWhere to go in Lipetsk? Places in town a lot. You should start with the center. Cathedral square, in modern times it is possible to tell, ex. Although original 1791 the Cathedral. History buffs will be interested to see the monument and, perhaps, to visit the service. In General, the city center is full of architectural and historical monuments. Here next to each other built at different times, and it is possible to trace the course of history in stone.


For fans of evening walks in pairs or family has a popular café “Legend”. The audience in it solid, and have the opportunity to just relax, eat out and listen to music. You can reach it very easily. In Lipetsk extremely helpful people who will help with the selection of a route.

The Park

Young people also do not think, where to go in Lipetsk. They can find their place of relaxation and fun in the Park «Youth». To the Park public transport, which will bring to stop “Youth Park”.


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Lipetsk where to go at nightOf Course, in the city of many entertainment centers where you can go with the whole family. There will be fun for the child. Photo with fantastic heroes, visits to children's dining, area attractions and movie theaters.


Where to go in Lipeck the whole family? To the zoo. Comes to children, you can introduce them to the interesting world of animals.

where to go with kids in Lipetsk

The Zoo is very beautiful, many flower beds, and, of course, a variety of cafes.

Here you can be photographed with the animals, a pony ride and feed the Hippo. Such experience will remain with the child for life. And adults will not be bored at the zoo.

where to go in Lipeck on the weekendTo See how the raccoon washes in water or black swans swim in pairs – the spectacle is worth it to go with the whole family is here. On the name plates attached to the cells, you will find detailed information about the animal, where is it, what are its characteristics, etc.

Vorgolskoe rocks

Don't forget about the suburbs. Those are the places where to go in Lipeck on the weekend not only possible, but necessary. Famous Vorgolskoe rocks – and the spectacle, a place of rest at the same time. Not far from ELCA you can see these rocks as in the adventure films. Unique place and so is the nature. The diversity of vegetation and wildlife, a Grand steep rocky slopes and hanging bridges over wild rivers. Here it is possible to go for solitary walks with the girl, and with children. Impressions remain in memory for a long time.

The Museum of lace

There, in Yelets, you can visit the unique Museum of lace. It is considered that the famous lace of the North, Vologda. And towards the South of the country also make them. But they are original and different from the frosty patterns of the Vologda lace. Right here you can buy a souvenir to decorate their own clothing or home.

The Museum of folk art and crafts

In the Lipetsk Museum of folk art. Here are the works of folk artists both past and present. You can dress in vintage outfits and take pictures. Collection of dolls will captivate children. And for teenagers, perhaps interesting would be the School of crafts. Here you can try working on the loom, to embroider, to mold on the Potter's wheel. The Museum is located in the heart of the city, and to reach it will not be easy.

Adult intellectuals will be interested in the Museum of Ivan Bunin. And high school students should visit it for General education. A small Museum created in one of the gymnasiums, allows you to immerse yourself in that era, to breathe the same air with the old.

Drama and puppet theatres (Lipetsk)

Where to go in the evening? In dramatic theatre. Apparently not released from other old buildings, but retained the soul and the atmosphere of creativity, it supports the classical tradition productions. Many in the repertoire of plays by Chekhov, Ostrovsky. A talented troupe of actors captivate the audience with the classic game andmodern productions.

where can I go in LipetskChildren can be reduced to a puppet theatre. Builded as the old mansion, it's pretty spacious inside, but with a petite and very cozy soft room. The atmosphere creates the effect of the home environment. In the lobby, a large green area. Actors and Directors of all his works demonstrate a reverent attitude to small audiences.

Museum of nature

And a unique place in Lipetsk-the Museum of nature. Here in all the diversity represented by all the flora and fauna of the region. All of this is not in the form of exhibits and in the form of wildlife. The noise of leaves, the chirping of the birds and aromas of flowers – which can be the best vacation for the whole family?

Safari Park

Kudykina Gora-a popular place for tourists and residents of Lipetsk. Here is a very interesting place to go for a family Safari Park. In the vast area of the meadow graze the most unexpected animals. Here you can see the usual goats, and exotic kangaroo. Peacocks, ostriches, yaks, and camels, all of them peacefully walking in the open. Inside the paddock, you can ride on the wagon and get a closer look at the animals.


Stylized Scythian wooden fortress the building is the City of artists, where you can see works of folk artists, see their work and buy something for memory. In winter there is the residence of Santa Claus and held a festive new year's celebrations. Here is where to go with kids in Lipetsk!

Near the fortress, a monument to Three Heroes of the epic. In a spoon Ilya Muromets according to legend, supposed to put a coin for luck.


So the question is, where do you go for in Lipetsk, it is decidable. Sights and interesting places in and around the city abound.

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